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Beside the trail yesterday: one tiny blossom

Why a blog? Because I’m taking a photography class called “Find Your Eye.” A class requirement is to keep a photojournal.

But why photography in the first place? What do I love about it? Why do I take pictures? I don’t know that I’ve ever thought about it before.

I began taking pictures as a child of 11, with a tiny plastic “spy” camera I ordered from a magazine. I don’t remember exactly what compelled me, but I had to have it. (No doubt the “spy” aspect was a large part of it.) That camera didn’t last long, but I still have the photos I took with it, black and white images that bring back to my memory in vivid color the best summer of my life.

Since then, I’ve used photography to try to capture the events, people, places, and things around me. I photograph things that interest and attract me in one way or another.

Photography helps me discover things I might not otherwise have noticed.

Just an ordinary dandelion. But see the surprise?

Sometimes it reveals details I didn’t even see with my naked eye.

The second surprise…who knew dandelions had all those cute curly bits?

My photography has always been very personal, to capture my own feelings about something rather than consciously to create “Art.” Few of my pictures are taken with any intention of sharing them with an audience, though I am always pleased when someone sees my photos and likes them.

Perhaps photography is my attempt to nail down and hold on to a fleeting moment in time. I know that I see things that stir me, and I want…no, I need to have my camera to save them for me.

I’m not satisfied that this answers the question, but I’m sure that I will be thinking more about it as this course goes on.


12 thoughts on “Why?

  1. I love that you not only purchased a spy camera, but STILL have the pictures of it! What a great detailed view of the dandelion! Love the curly bits.

  2. Your lovely macro of the dandelion is such a good illustration of how photography can help us appreciate the world around us. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog today — nice to meet you! Gina

  3. Hi, it’s so much fun reading other peoples thoughts about it. I also feel this is a first attempt and we will discover more of the why. Just by reading what the others wrote I have recognized some additional reasons I did not realize before. And I have never seen that detail in a dandelion before although I photograph them in springtime.

  4. Lovely pics and post! Do you know what kind of spider that is?

    • It’s a misumena vatia, also known as a Flower Spider or Crab Spider. They come in yellow or white, depending on the flower they call home. (Thank goodness for Google!)

  5. Thanks, everyone, for your lovely comments. I’m really enjoying the feedback!

  6. The photos and your thoughts are great. Your photos have a certain explorative quality about them… the idea of the hidden treasure when you look a little deeper. I love that.

  7. Seriously impressive macro of a dandelion! Somehow the details in the dandelions always escape my capture–you have inspired me to try again!

    Capturing the things that move us is a wonderful reason to pursue photography. Mine is almost the complete opposite–I am moved by something because I captured it on “film.”

  8. I love your statement: “My photography has always been very personal, to capture my own feelings about something rather than consciously to create ‘Art.'” I personally believe that our best work comes from our heart, when we are connected to our own feelings, and you are already doing that.

    I love the surprise your dandelion shows, isn’t it so fun how our cameras show us more of the world around us!

  9. This statement really touched me: “Photography helps me discover things I might not otherwise have noticed.”
    That is one of the best things about photography.
    You have a wonderful “eye”- love the macro shot.

  10. Your phrase “nail down and hold on to a fleeting moment” perfectly describes what I want to be able to do with my photography except that I also want to include journaling/documentation that describes why a particular photo is meaningful to me. I’ve scrapbooked for several years now but I am moving more and more toward a photojournal blog as a way to marry the two together.

  11. I love your images! So crisp and fresh! And the detail is remarkable. I enjoyed just letting my eye roam over them slowly to take in all the details.

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