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I woke up to rain this morning, and a cool breeze billowing the curtains at my open windows. It’s a perfect day to tackle the final assignment in the introductory Find Your Eye course I’ve been taking:  to look through my  inspiration file and see what I can determine about my photographic style.

So, what can I learn from my own favorite photos?

What I see in my pictures is a reflection of my love of nature. There is, I think, a sense of solitude about them which is a reflection of my own nature. There is sky, water, trees, wildflowers, insects, birds, other small creatures.

There are images of the changing seasons.

I like details, texture, and color, from high contrast to subtle shadings.

There is man’s hand on the landscape, too, in buildings, fences, artifacts of various sorts. I’ve always been fascinated with shards and relics of the past. Again, it is often the details that capture my attention, the play of textures, or the way light and shadow define an angle.

What there is not…at least not much…is people. The people who appear in my photos seem usually to be a prop, a detail in a story, rather than the actual subject of the photo. Often they are strangers, in the distance, or out of focus. I am observing them, not interacting with them.

Nearly all of my photos are taken with natural light, and I do very little cropping or post-processing, except perhaps to straighten a horizon. One thing I have noticed through this class is that when I take a series of pictures of a subject, it is often the first image that makes the final cut. I’m not sure what that says about me or my photographic style!

I’ve really enjoyed this class, and am looking forward to continuing on to the next one.

9 thoughts on “Reflecting

  1. Very thoughtful and well-written piece along with wonderful pics. “Beach Snow” is my favorite – the composition, the shadows – everything! Also, really like “Net”.

    I am glad to have a fellow “non-people” photographer along!

  2. Another “non-people” photographer here. It was good to read your blog entry on the subject and looking at your images. The bird on the fence was my favorite. I enjoyed the connection with the other photographers in the FYE class very much as well.

  3. Beautiful! I especially love your spider web photo and the reflection in the mirror. I think that’s interesting you’re favorites are the first ones you usually take.

  4. You have a good eye and we share the same sentiments. The photo of the dunes is my favorite so far. Love the shadows and the patterns in the sand. Nice going!! The rear view mirror shot is a really neat composition too. Oh yeah…the light house is cool too. Not the normal perspective.
    Keep looking and keep seeing!!

  5. Waaaiiit a minute – is THIS why there are no photos of me as a kid? You always told me I didn’t show up in photographs! Now I find you were just pointing the camera the other way??? Aww, man! My therapist is sooo going to hear about this.

    Awesome photos, though, as always, and probably better off for not having me in them (especially that OTHER lighthouse pic – you know the one).

    And of course synesthesia girl was noticing all the pretty COLORS. 🙂

  6. Your photos have a zen like feeling; a moment of spiritual depth. You have found your voice with your camera. It is a wonderful journey that you are on. smiles: Sharon

  7. I love the sense of calm and peace I get from your photos. Beach snow? Just plain awesome! It’s very interesting that the first photo is the one that makes the cut, your eye must know what it wants and how to get it when you first point your camera! Very cool. I’m so glad that you’ve made good connections in this course, and I hope your love of photography has deepened.

  8. Your images are simply stunning!! I too love and photograph nature a lot! But, even though we both photograph nature, our styles are so different. You seem to get the bigger picture, which I admire and can’t seem to quite get. I do better with macro and close-up shots!! You have recognized your style and written about it so well. I’m looking forward to more of your photos in the next class!

  9. Your images just keep on giving! I was intigued by the image in the rear view mirror, thinking “how cool!” when (belatedly) I realized that the bark of the tree behind the mirror was the same as the trees in the reflected image. It’s as if the trees in the reflected image are reaching out for the bark of the real tree. Amazing! You have a great eye!

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