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I’ve Been Liberated!


I recently participated in the Liberate Your Art postcard swap. This is another brainchild of the creative and talented Kat Sloma, whose Find Your Eye photography e-courses I’m taking.

The proposition was to have participants each make five postcards of their own artwork and send them to Kat, along with some postage and return address labels. She would sort and resend five different cards to each participant. Since the sign-up goal of 200 participants was reached and surpassed, we each received a bonus postcard from Kat herself.

Now, I’m more than a little shy about my artistic efforts. I take photographs, but don’t call myself a photographer. I paint a little, but don’t consider myself a painter. I write a bit, but don’t think of myself as a writer. And above all, I have never dared to call myself an artist. For me, just deciding to participate in an art swap was liberating. There’s an artist inside me that wants to come out of the closet!

Here’s the postcard I sent out into the world:

My postcard: Sunstruck

I heard back from four people who received my card, in Idaho, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Slovenia. Wow! My art has now been places I’m not likely to see in this lifetime!

For my “bravery,” here’s what I got back:

Palm trees framing a tiny fingernail moon in the desert sky, from Cindy Chilton, Phoenix, Arizona

This one from Marie Johansen cracked me up at the end of a rough day

Sadly, no contact information, but a nice inspirational quote from Mary Oliver, one of my favorite poets, on the back. If this was yours I’d love to hear from you!

Wonderful textures, beautiful blues, and touches of iridescence from Brigitte, The Netherlands

Vintage-looking Mexican cowboys from Donna Parker, a transplanted Canadian

The beautiful blue door from Kat was the icing on the cake, and very symbolic for me. Thanks, Kat, for helping me unlock that closet and let myself out!

16 thoughts on “I’ve Been Liberated!

  1. All are gorgeous! This was such fun.

  2. I still like yours best! Even though I am MORE than a little bit cracked. 🙂

  3. You should be proud of yourself for being so brave! Thanks for posting.

  4. Wow – I think I finally found you, if you are the same person… is it possible that you left comments on my blog several times? I could never get back to you, Blogger wouldn’t let me. I started to feel really bad. Now while I’m bloghopping I saw that beautiful card on someone else’s blog, reead your name, thought you could be it, and fortunately she had included a link – so I hope it’s you and I will make sure to bookmark this site in order to find you back. I love your photography!

    • Hi Carola,
      Yes, I’m that person. I’m glad we’re finally able to connect! I wasn’t trying to be mysterious, but I had trouble leaving comments too. I haven’t had a blog of my own until very recently. And thank you — I love your photography too!

  5. I am sooooo glad you took the plunge and liberated your art! You are an artist. You are. This is just the start of liberating that artist inside you. Thanks for sharing your story in the blog hop!

  6. The card with the Mary Oliver quote was from me–so glad to know it found a fellow fan! I saw your card on some other artist’s posts and it is just gorgeous. This was such a fun thing to take part in right?

    • Hi Donna! I’m so glad to hear from you! I loved your beautiful card and was sad that I couldn’t tell you so. (And thanks for your nice comment about mine.) Yes, this was so fun…I’d do it again in a heartbeat!
      Best, León

  7. How wonderful! I’ve just seen the card you sent out – I recognized it immediately! I love how you presented the cards – so beautiful!

  8. Hello… nice to meet you!
    These are fantastic, thank you for sharing.
    Enjoy your lovely collection of postcards.
    Such an incredible swap, loved it. ❤
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Such amazing cards!!! So great to see everyone sharing the art they recieved. Take care.

  10. I too participated in the Liberate Your Art swap. Just blog hopping from Long Island, NY!
    You got some loving postcards
    I love the way you did the post on your blog!!
    I am coming in late because of my chemo treatments and hurricane Irene!!
    Nice to meet you and your pics!

    Peace love photography

  11. You were so kind to show my card on your blog. I loved this project and would love to do another ! I have to subscribe to see all of your lovely work !

  12. Thanks for enjoying the photos of my bag!
    Yes, I think Kat did say she would do the swap again – at least I think I remember that! I’m just chafing at the bit because I enjoyed the cards I received so much !

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