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Retracing My Steps


I just wrote a whole post about how disappointed I was in the photos I took on Sunday, when I repeated Saturday’s camera-less photo walk with my camera.

Then I picked out a few pictures that were sort of tolerable, and started working with them, and decided that maybe I liked them more than I thought.

So here they are, to speak for themselves.

Doesn’t look like a promising start to a nature walk, does it?

But it does get better.

You can sit here . . .

. . . and gaze at the town on the other side of the river . . .

. . . or imagine who might live in this hole.

Here’s that mushroom I told you about . . .

. . . and some really beautiful birch trunks.

A lovely lookout point, another good spot to pause . . .

. . . to appreciate another view.

Edgy red

Leaf rainbow

Grass seed

Softly colored woods

. . . and a single dead leaf to close this chapter.

14 thoughts on “Retracing My Steps

  1. These are all great shots. Starting with the first few, I can understand why you could return again and again. Alot of opportunity for some graphic images.

  2. I like all the leaves! More pretty colors! 🙂

  3. Love these. I’m no pro by any stretch, but I can definitely share your first critique of your photos. I often have the same reaction to the images I bring home. It’s sometimes difficult to separate the expectation for what you were hoping to bring home, from what you actually brought home. Good to see I’m not the only one. Good job brother 🙂

  4. I really like these shots. Even in the ones filled with the city, there’s a calmness to them. Totally understand not liking photos when you first look at them. I try to always go back and re-evaluate my shots at a later date, as then my mind is fresh to see the photos as they are and not the way I saw them in my head. Great work here. 🙂

  5. I’m so glad you posted these follow up photos the the walk! Sometimes images sneak up on you. They might not match what you had in your head, that vivid memory, but as you look closer you see their beauty and potential. I especially love that bench and view. The image of the bench made me feel like I could be IN the picture, just sitting there – and then you provided me the view, awesome! You captured many wonderful, varied images on this day. I enjoyed the variety of them, and how they matched up with your words in the other post.

  6. This is a very nice series of photos indeed!

  7. I would say these shots speak loud and clear! There are so many things that I like about your re-created walk and the images that you captured.My absolute favorite is the dried leaf – love the focus and that spiral stem and the fact that it is such a tiny detail that you noticed and documented. Same with “Grass Seed”, “Edgy Red” and “Leaf Rainbow” – simply amazing details – capturing nature in a new way. And I’m glad you ignored your inner critic and shared these with us.

  8. I’m so glad you took us back with you to capture images of your walk! They are beautiful! My favorties are the birch trees, they look like zebas in the woods, and the rainbow leaves!! also loved your descriptive words under each photo!

  9. OH, fantastic! Thank you for taking us back. I have to say I love those birches! And, the leaves, too! Wonderful!

  10. I love that you went back and gave it a “shot”! So tenacious of you. I do see how that graffiti wall/power thing is totally mesmerizing – you could spend an hour right there capturing all the gritty details. The rainbow leaf is that perfect picture of summer to fall… I feel like I was on your walk with you.

  11. I also love all the shots you went back for – wonderful! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the images you were able to capture later!

  12. It’s always rewarding to go back. I like to see the way you work your way around. My favourite is the grass seed.

  13. LOVE the grass seed and the closing leaf pic! So glad you went back…enjoyed it.

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