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It all depends upon your point of view. Haven’t we all heard that (or said it) before? For our FYE assignment on Point of View, Kat challenged us to take at least 30 photos of a single subject from every possible angle we could think of. This turned out to be educational in more ways than one.

For my subject, I chose this little statue that had belonged to my mother:

Hebe the Cupbearer, Goddess of Youth

Until now, sad to say, I’d never really tried to find out who or what she was, but a quick Google search turned up not only her identity but a photo of this exact rendition of her. (The niche she is standing in is something I picked up in an antiques shop in Ohio some years ago. I suspect it’s actually an old clock case with the works removed.)

I set her up in my “studio”:  i.e., the table in front of the southwest-facing window in my bedroom. The sky was mostly overcast at first, but the sun came out as I worked, changing the light considerably.

I took at least three dozen shots of my little Hebe from the front, back, side, top, underneath, standing up, lying down (her, not me) as the light changed. I photographed her head, her feet, and everything in between. There were many shots that simply didn’t work at all, but I got several that I was pleased with.

Isn’t she lovely?

To me there’s something tender about this soft light on her back.

Who does she remind you of here?

I loved this one straight out of the camera.

This last one may be my favorite. It was certainly my biggest surprise. If you click on the image to enlarge it, you can see the detail in it better.

It’s hard to believe from this image that this little statuette is only about 10 inches high, an inexpensive cast resin replica. I love the way the light reflects from her collarbone back up under her chin. And just look at the texture of that skin. She looks alive!

I really enjoyed this assignment. In addition to exploring different points of view with my camera, I discovered new things about a simple possession I’ve always taken for granted. Thank you once again, Kat, for enriching my photography and my life in unexpected ways.


16 thoughts on “POV

  1. She is lovely. I noticed her skin in the second image. That is amazing. It can be an eye opener to step out of our comfort zone. You never know what you will find.

  2. Lee,
    She is lovely – it is as if she is glowing from the inside – an internal golden radiance. And you have captured those details. You have created something with personality and emotion. And it is a gift – to see something new in the familiar or forgotten.

  3. How beautiful she is! I fell in love with her more and more as I looked through this series of photos. There is a delicate, peaceful mood to this sculpture that you were able to convey in all of these different points of view. It also reminds me of why I fell in love with sculpture over the last couple of years – sculpture is all about catching the light, and as photographers we do the same. Photographing a beautiful sculpture like this is a perfect example. Thanks Lee!

  4. Lee,
    This little statue is all the more beautiful since you shared your point of view with us. Beautiful post!

  5. You really do showcase her charms with your different views of your lovely statue….it is hard to believe she is only 10 inches tall! I especially love the image with the pitcher — beautiful!

  6. Lee, She is so beautiful! You brought her to life! And, as I took in each photo, I believed you had found the most beautiful shot, until I saw the next one. Each one illuminates something more, something different. So lovely!

  7. Wow Lee…..
    When you said you were going to use a statue for this assignment, I had no idea. This is so great. The lighting really makes it and when you have that shot from down low, she looks like she’s 100 ft tall. Fantastic. What a lovely keepsake to have.

  8. Theses images are so lovely! The light was fabulous. It is amazing that just a little different view can create such a dramatic image! She is beautiful and I’ll bet you treasure her even more now that you’ve captured her so gloriously!!

  9. This is a super collection of studies of your statue. Very well done indeed. You have inspired me to try this exercise.

  10. Your pictures of statue are wonderful! The light…oh my…the light is perfect…shining through… illuminating…enveloping her…Well done!

  11. Gorgeousness! These are abosolutely beautiful shots, each and every one of them. Great light!

  12. Your mother’s statute is so beautiful and a perfect subject for this assignment. Each picture was more lovely than the one before. This really was a powerful assignment and I am so glad you shared what you learned with all of us

  13. Wow! She is lovely- love the light on her. Good job!

  14. Thank you so much, everyone, for your kind and generous comments. I really enjoyed sharing my little statue with all of you. I’m happy that you like her, too.

  15. Way cool! I LOVE all the backlit shots. Just gorgeous! Great work.

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