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Scavenging Again


All I can say is, this week sure went by fast! Here are my images for Ashley’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Thanks to all who commented on my last post that this is addicting. I think your warning may have come too late.

The topics this week were: Smile, Stand Alone, Rusty or Something Old, Artificial, and Repeating Pattern.

Sweetness and Light

Smile: I’m really not much for country kitsch, or tchotchkes in general, but when I saw this little angel in a shop this summer, I just had to have her. It was that sweet smile I fell in love with.


Stand Alone: I have a very small collection of old bottles. This is one of my favorites. It’s less than six inches tall, but made of thick glass and quite heavy. I’m not sure which is standing more alone, the bottle or that bare tree outside the window.

Getting to Know Grandfather

Rusty or Something Old: These three books were written by my paternal grandfather, whom I never knew. In fact, I only discovered his identity about three years ago, through I acquired the books through various online sources. The blue one was published in 1912, which I think qualifies it as “something old.” One of them actually has his signature on the title page. I don’t know if you can imagine what it felt like to touch that book and know that he had held it in his own hands and written his name there.

Note: I opened the book at random for this photograph. It wasn’t until I was cropping the image that I noticed the last line on the right-hand page. It seemed nicely appropriate. (If you click on the photo, you can see a larger, readable version.)

Let's Pretend

Artificial: I bought this little plant yesterday. I resisted. I really did. It’s plastic. I hate plastic. Plastic is evil. But I love this anyway.

Chorus Lines

Repeating Pattern: Please don’t judge me for my taste in music. Just notice all those nice rhythmic parallel lines!

So there it is. I took all of these photos this morning, without leaving my living room. I decided to see how many items I could find on or near my bookshelves. It was a fun challenge.

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21 thoughts on “Scavenging Again

  1. Great finds, I love your angel almost as much as those great old books behind her! And I love that you have books by your paternal grandfather as well. Have a great week!

  2. I like your approach to the challenge and I think you did a great job. My favourite is the lonely bottle in the window – for its simplicity and beautiful light. And don’t worry I won’t judge you by your musical taste…

  3. How clever to take each of these in the same room! And I totally love that your grandfather wrote these books. Such a fabulous treasure to own! I’m fascinated by that old glass bottle, which really looks lovely in that winter light.

  4. Love your stand alone picture!

  5. I love the focus in your stand alone picture! It’s great!

  6. Lovely collection of photos – the stand alone photo is gorgeous! I also like your plastic flowers – they look so real.
    I also enlarged the photo of the CD cases – fun collection (Johnny Cash and Classical – a great mix!)

  7. I love (and am impressed) that you took all these photos in your living room and did such a wonderful job of creatively interpreting the prompts. (A lesson to me, for sure). My favorite is the bottle – the shadows, the reflections, the bokeh – all combine to make such a lovely image.

  8. What a treasure those books are! Love the old bottle I the window. Nicely done. Have a glorious week.

  9. These are all awesome! But you didn’t give me credit for talking you into buying the evil plastic plant! Which doesn’t look fake at all, actually, and doesn’t need watering. So it’s not all bad. 🙂

  10. I love small old bottles as well. We live in a house built during the time where they loved small narrow windows, and I pretty much hate them but the bottles do look nice along the sill, Wonderful last line on the book page!

  11. Wow! Your something old definitely has an awesome story behind it which makes it even more meaningful!

  12. love the books! I love old books! 😉 how wonderful to have a personal connection to them! I lucked upon a signed copy of a first edition Andrew Murray book… for something cheap like $7. or something?!! I was so thrilled to find it signed! 😉 he is one of my favorite writers from way back when… 😉

  13. Wonderful photos, especially the one about your grandfather. You mentioned the feeling you have from holding a book he once held. Reversing that, I wonder how he must feel when you hold his books, knowing that you took the time to seek them out, and that there are messages there that you find pertinent to your life.

  14. I think your scavenger hunt went extremely well Lee! I like your collections of things. Neat story about you grandfather too!

  15. Love your composition for stand alone – looks great.

  16. love your repeating pattens 😀 they are great shot

  17. Like that 3rd image down, the one of the open books. Really nice.

  18. Your photographs for the prompts are just wonderful. I especially love “Stand Alone.”
    So nicely done!

  19. Love that little bottle, great shots!

  20. What great books you have and to have ones written by your grandfather! I just got my first kindle, but I’ll always prefer and old musty book 🙂

    Lovely set and fun that you found them all in one room 🙂 A challenge within a challenge.

    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. You’re right! Her jacket is faux fur lined—that would have been a clever way to represent artificial 🙂

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