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Photo-Heart Connection: January


My online friend and teacher, Kat Sloma of Kat Eye Studio, is starting a new series today, a once-a-month link-up called Photo-Heart Connection. At the beginning of each month, we will look over our photos from the previous month, choose the one that most strongly speaks to our heart (for whatever reason), and write about it. This reminds me of one of my favorite assignments from the Find Your Eye classes, the intuitive writing exercise, so I’ve been looking forward to trying it.

Earth, Sea, Sky

As I reviewed the photographs I took in January, I kept coming back to this one. It’s from the same photoshoot as the lighthouse and snowy owl you might remember — my wonderful New Year’s Day outing.

I remember that when I took this picture, it was the reflected sky that caught my attention, and that I deliberately framed it as an experiment in using the Rule of Thirds. But that’s not what draws me back to this image.

What I see here now is a circularity, a repeating cycle, maybe even the “Circle of Life.”

There is the sky, with its watery clouds, reaching down to the sea. There is the ocean, stretching to the horizon, embracing the rocky land. And there, at the edge of the sea, is a huge mass of granite with a hollow in its top, filled with water tossed up by wind and waves . . . holding the sky.

Sky.  Sea.  Earth.  Sea.  Sky.


It makes my heart soar and ache, and my body long for wings.

You can read more about the Photo-Heart Connection and see other responses to the prompt here.


32 thoughts on “Photo-Heart Connection: January

  1. Wonderful post and photo, Lee! I love the idea of the circle of life, with sky, sea, earth. I am a water person too, so this image really speaks to me.

  2. I like this too…and my eyes did indeed circle around the image. Great post Lee!

  3. Hey Neighbor-
    I’m so glad you described the “circle” here and tied it to the circle of life, as I wouldn’t have. I guess I’m more linear or too analytical or something-I would see the reflections-not the rule of thirds, but an interest in fore mid and background. I would see a pretty day on the Maine coast-a view.
    I do remember you NY photoshoot with the owl. I find it interesting to note that your best photo came at the very beginning of the month. You could have taken the rest of the month off….but what fun would that be?

  4. Oh, how wonderful Lee! Your image and the title, Earth, Sky, Sea, immediately captured my attention. But your words, the seeing of the never-ending circle, are powerful and leave me with chills. I too See! Thank you so much for sharing this in the Photo-Heart Connection. So glad to have you continuing the journey!

  5. Your last line gives me goose bumps…It makes my heart soar and ache, and my body long for wings…. I have felt that same emotion at the shore of countless lakes and looking over many canyons. I know that feeling and you have the words to describe it.

  6. Lovely. I like the reminder of the circle, the circle of life, the circle of connections, the circle that connects hearts. Thank you for this beautiful photo that touched this spot in me.

  7. The pool with reflection. Breath-taking for the soul. I see and ache too.

  8. Lovely photo! I had a similar reaction when I saw it, actually – I wanted to get in a boat and sail out there! And I don’t really like boats. So it must be a good picture! 🙂

  9. Thanks for the link. Nice photo today. Always loved these see shots that just show it natural. That’s the best.

  10. I can’t quit looking at your image!! It just draws one in! I love how you composed this with the beautiful reflection in the pool of water and I love your thoughts that fit so beautifully!!!

  11. Wow – that really, truly is a spectacular shot on all levels.

  12. Lee, this is a beautiful photograph and a beautiful description of your heart”s connection to it.

  13. I can understand why this would connect with your heart and bring to mind the circle of life – the interconnectedness of all things. For you have captured them all – earth, sea, sky – in such a way for us all to recognize that fact. Since I live far from the ocean, it is extra special for me to share in its beauty thru your images.

  14. I love the photo you chose! It’s anther fun project from Kat! Thanks for saying “hi” on my blog today. I much appreciate it !

  15. It is a beautiful image..and I want to go there!

  16. It’s interesting that what caused you to take the photo in the first place is quite different from why you now find it a compelling image. Your explanation…a painting with words.

  17. I love your description of this image, so beautiful.

  18. Beautiful image. Love how you thought of circle of life and explained your connection and feelings. Very compelling.

  19. Gorgeous image and I love your words. I’m with you, makes me want wings too. 🙂

  20. A great image and I love how you described all the elements – it’s as if they are all reaching and embracing each other!

  21. Yes, I see! It makes me want to venture forth and see what’s on the other side of the ocean. More sky, more earth, more sea. Beautiful!

  22. Beautiful picture and the words

  23. That is a really beautiful shot, and I love how you’ve described it.

  24. Oh, my, this is just gorgeous! And what a wonderful post to accompany it! I could spend a good deal of time here.

  25. the ocean always captures my attention! sand, sky, waves or lapping waters – I can feel the cold moist air on my face. Love your picture.

  26. beautiful photo & thought ~ i love the ocean, if i could i would live by the ocean, thanks for sharing…

  27. What a beautiful photo and really lovely words to go with it! Peaceful and artistic!

  28. The water contained in the circle of rocks reflecting the sky…I can see…I can see the cycle of life that you spoke of. This is wonderful!

  29. Wonderful. There is something about shots like this that makes me feel so alive.

  30. It’s a lovely photograph. The sea is the sky and the sky is the sea. And then the horizon into infinite as the connecting thread between the two. Quite a landscape which you captured so beautifully.

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