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Scavenging at the Beach


Another Sunday and time to go scavenging! Yesterday friend Susan and I went on a photoshoot at a popular summertime destination for visitors and locals alike. I much prefer it off-season . . . or at off-hours in season . . . when I’m likely to have it mostly to myself. I’m not a great one for crowds, which will come as no surprise to anyone who’s been reading this blog for any length of time.

Anyway, this week’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday items are Strike a Pose, Footwear, Hobby, Shiny, and Color Me Green. It may be a bit of a stretch, but I’m using some of my beach shots for all of them.

Strike a Pose:

Ready, Aim, Fire

This gentleman didn’t know he was posing for me. He was totally absorbed and I am very quiet. He didn’t even know I was there. How could I resist?


Be Prepared

Please note what the well-dressed, early-morning, ocean-sunrise photographer wears on his feet: waterproof waders that go all the way up. Later we saw him under the pier, photographing the waves as they rolled in, and he was in the water all the way up, too. But he was dry!



One of my hobbies is scavenging the beach for real — looking for sea glass and shells. (My daughter calls it “shopping at the beach.”) Sometimes I bring them home with me, but sometimes I just take a photo and leave them for someone else to discover. I loved the colors of this shell and the way it lay there in the sand and ice. My first thought was that a tiny angel had shed its wings. Or perhaps it was a fossilized butterfly. In any case, I took the photo and left the shell where it was. It didn’t seem right to move it.


Greeting the Dawn

It was a beautiful shiny sunrise, until it started snowing on us. Only on our little piece of beach. Even then we could see sunshine on the beach to the north and south of us.

Color Me Green:

Diamonds and Jade

It’s hard to find any green around here this time of year, and I didn’t feel like taking a picture of my recycling. I thought maybe this wave backlit by the sun would do the trick.

So that was our morning in a nutshell. By the time the snow flurry started, we were cold and about ready to pack it in anyway, so it was off to breakfast to warm ourselves inside and out. It was a great way to start off the weekend and felt like a special reward after a wicked hard week.

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33 thoughts on “Scavenging at the Beach

  1. Just incredible captures!! So stunning!! Absolutely love the strike a pose and green, but really all your photos are just so pretty!

  2. Gorgeous shiny picture! Amazing colors!

  3. Ohhhhh that ‘shiny’ picture is GORGEOUS! wow.. that would be going in a frame in my home if I’d taken it!

  4. Lovely set . . . love to see the theme running throughout. Shiny and green are my favourites.

  5. Wow! The shiny one is awesome!
    I am first time on your blog so I just wanted to say Hi and let you know that I am hosting a giveaway, and it ends today, don’t miss out.

  6. You capture such beautiful light. Isn’t the shore so serene and beautiful in the off season? Love it.


  7. These are so beautiful. Makes me long for the beach!

  8. These are all so great! Love the 1st shot in particular but all of them are beautiful. It looks so peaceful & lovely- It doesn’t look too cold but it sounds as though it was!

  9. what a wonderful set, i love them all!! i also hunt for sea treasures, sea glass and shells. we live only a few miles from the jersey shore!! winter and spring are my favorite times to visit the beach!!

  10. Lee – what a wonderful, wonderful series. Love them all. It is always such an extra treat for me to experience the ocean through your eyes/camera. It is amazing how many different colors you captured in the water – from pewter to aqua to green. The seashell photo, with those opalescent colors, is a stunner – how wonderful that you left it there for the next person to enjoy. Thank you for sharing your morning at the beach.

  11. Wow, what a stunning location! Not sure where you live, but you are very lucky!

  12. Wow…I don’t even have a favorite. I want to live there.

  13. Love your hobby shot! Great set!

  14. That shiny shot is gorgeous – great capture.

  15. Hey Friend….it was a great morning. I love seeing some of your captures. Glad you got those “hip waders”. I suppose when we have climbed to the next level of photography greatness, we’ll have fancy practical boots as well.
    I’m sure I marched right past those lovely angel wings and never saw them….but then again I saw the graffiti that said “I love fat chicks”….did you see that? I love that we have different styles, but can meet in the middle.
    Can’t wait to “walk” with you again.

  16. That beach is magical! The beach at sunrise??? Kudos for you for getting up and out so early. I love, love,love the first image.

  17. These are really lovely! Looks like a wonderful place to take a photo walk! My favorites are the first one and the shell! Lovely!

  18. How lovely to have someone to share your photography trips with. I love your images, so beautiful. I think those shell wings are my favourite. Thank you for taking us on your photography trip to the beach too. 🙂

  19. What a wonderful series of images. Love the colors you captured.

  20. This is a super series of images! Thank you for sharing your morning on the beach!!!

  21. Love this series…wonderful captures at the shore. I am not quite that daring to put on waders and wander out in the water with my camera in tote.

  22. Those are cool shots. And man, I have wished I had shoes like that at times!

  23. Hmmm…your shot of the other photographer makes me wonder if you ended up in any of his images…totally unaware, of course!

  24. Love these beach shots, and your shiny is perfection!!

  25. Oh wow…. these are just perfect love them all!!!!

  26. …goes to you
    for photos

  27. This is a lovely series of photograph from the beach. I like watching them as a whole. They make up a whole, little essay. The colours are stunning, contrasting blueish against reddish. And beautiful light!

  28. I didn’t realize that you and Susan are friends…I also love her blog and photography. She must be fun to go exploring with. Using the theme of the empty beach for your scavenger hunt makes it all so cohesive and beautiful. I think this would be my favorite way to do it, if possible. How kind to leave shells and angel wings for others to see….the green ocean is so gorgeous….I know that green…this is an outstanding post. smiles: sharon

  29. Somehow I missed seeing your pictures from last Sunday’s Scavenger Hunt. Wowza, those are some seriously gorgeous shots.

    I will be back later to see if you did more for this Sunday. 🙂 Happy Shooting!

  30. Such pretty beach photos…I love the light and the colors in all of these.

  31. Wow, nice photos! I especially like the first photo!

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