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Scavenger Hunting


It’s here again — Scavenger Hunt Sunday over at Ramblings and Photos. This week’s topics: Facial Feature, Shadow, Spicy, Gold, and Fabric. Let’s get started!

Facial Feature:

Finding My Eye

This is an outtake from my {in the picture} self-portrait project. I was having fun playing around with Lightroom presets, and this was my favorite effect. This photo has become completely abstract to me. I mean, obviously it’s an eye, but it no longer seems like my eye. I find that I like it quite a lot.


Stairway to Nowhere

The late afternoon sun cast this fire stair shadow into the back of the office last week. Yes, that bright orange wall is inside.


Hot Jam!

Sounds strange, but wow, is it ever tasty! I bought this at a craft fair last summer from the local woman who makes it. It’s a flavor combination to warm your heart as well as your tongue.


Liquid Gold

This one is from my archives, a sunset reflection on the river behind my apartment, from the summer of 2010. It was the first image that came into my mind when I saw the prompt “gold.” Between car troubles and a persistent migraine, I wasn’t able to get in a lot of fresh photography this week.


Winter Warmth

Edge stitching on my favorite winter blanket. Soft wool in beautiful shades of cream, blue, and green. . . oh yes, and warm, too. I spent a lot of time Friday and Saturday in its comforting company. Feeling better now, thank you very much!

That’s it for this week. I’m going to go check out what other people have found this week. Care to join me?


27 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunting

  1. Great shots this week! That jelly looks so yummy, I love sweet and spicy and the liquid gold shot is very clever.

  2. great interpretation of the gold…and that winter warmth is serene, great outtake on your selfie

  3. This is a great set of images! Liquid gold is a favorite, and I love how you caught the light in that reflection. And the fabric is so beautiful. When I read your caption on the first image I thought immediately of Kat’s photo classes.

    Sorry you’ve been under that blanket, under the weather, but glad to know things are improving.

  4. Love your eye shot, and the great shadows against the orange wall. That jam sounds delish, I like how they feminized habanera and made the jam musical.

  5. Loving your facial feature, and shadow!

  6. Love your facial feature and gold shots!

  7. Lee – what a great set! I agree with you – the post-processing of your eye is really quite stunning! It has taken the image into an entirely new abstract direction. Love it. And of course, I love the shadow – especially on that orange wall. I can also completely understand why your thoughts went immediately to your “gold” shot – another amazing abstract that captures completely the phrase “liquid gold”. The colors in the ripples are mesmerizing – this would be stunning as a huge canvas wrap.

  8. Beautiful shots, each and every one of them. I spent almost a whole day photographing some water this past fall….from early morning through almost complete darkness. It amazed me how the water changed…from pinks to blues to coppery browns and more. Great set!

  9. Love that first shot – beautiful processing.

  10. Gold is such a great shot! It must have been a beautiful day when you took that one. I also really like your Shadow pic… love the red backdrop created by the wall.

  11. Love all of your photos but Gold is AMAZING!! What a GORGEOUS shot!!!

  12. Beautiful set of images, Lee! Your self portrait is beautiful — great processing. I also love the liquid gold shot — very special.

  13. Great series for you scavenger hunt Lee!!! The liquid gold is a real winner!!!

  14. love that fabric shot!! and the jam looks delish! 😉

  15. Your Fabric and Gold are beautiful photos !!!!! And Habanera is so spicy !
    And also I like very much your Shadow and Facial photos !

    Have a nice week 🙂

  16. Really great shots! The eye is fantastic and I love the golden sea!

  17. Just getting ’round to check out your scavenging. You did great this week. I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well, and hope you’re better this week. I love what you did with that eye shot-that’s fab. And the shadows are great too…Brenda, right?
    You surely did a much better job that my spongey fabric shot. Love that you chose a close up. Liquid Gold. That light I’m totally jealous of.
    Happy Valentines Day my friend.

  18. These are all great! Doesn’t look like your eye to me anymore either, but it’s neato! 🙂

  19. love your shots! The colors and patterns in liquid gold are wonderful!

  20. Wow – the photo of your eye is fantastic! And I love your liquid gold image as well. These are all so great; I hadn’t heard about this Scavenger Hunt; I’m heading over to that link to check it out!
    I’m always impressed with what you find and capture. So nice. 🙂

  21. Great shots, the liquid gold is stunning! My favorite would have to be the shadows… realizing how many times we all walk past such a breathtaking image and don’t even notice. Glad you’re feeling better!

  22. Great set this week! Sorry you weren’t feeling so well, glad you’ve improved!! I love the eye shot and the gold shot! Both are beautiful!!

  23. Really lovely collection of contrasts. It all looks so fresh.

  24. i love to see that you are playing around with editing your self-portraits. you may surprise yourself as you crop and edit. i like what you did with this one!

    (and thanks for your comment about my iphoneography. no i have not written a book 🙂 i just play around with the apps–i don’t usually set out with a plan, it just evolves.)

  25. It’s fun to see how you play around with the topics. All the pictures are strong and visually catching. I really like your eye. I don’t see it as much as an abstraction since I don’t know how you eye usually look, but I like the high key graphical expression. Also the liquid gold is a great shot.

  26. Nice images sir and MmmMMmm that hot jam looks yummy!

  27. I’m almost a week late here…but just had to comment on the wonderful collection of images!

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