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It’s time for the February linkup over at Urban Muser for the {in the picture} self-portrait challenge. This month’s theme, which we could either use or ignore, was “write on,” the idea of incorporating words into our self-portraits.

For some reason I’ve struggled more with my self-portraits this month than last. As several others have mentioned, I’ve felt almost discouraged enough to give it up. It was encouraging to know I’m not alone, and to read Christy’s comment that it took her nearly five months to really get into it her first time around.

I’ve also been inspired by the work of others in the group. Ideas are starting to come, and with spring and warmer weather will come opportunities for trying to shoot some selfies in outdoor settings, which I think will be more fun and interesting.

Here are some of my February shots:

Team Spirit

Showing my Patriot(s)ism on Super Bowl Sunday. It didn’t help the team, unfortunately.

What the Single Woman Wears for Valentine's Day

Actually, I saw this on a post-Valentine’s sales rack, told myself I didn’t need it, and left it there. I kept thinking about it and how it would be perfect for this month’s selfie theme, and went back for it the next day. The second trip to the store probably cost as much in gas as the shirt cost.

The message on the shirt has a double meaning for me. Not only the obvious –about having a healthy self-regard — but ME is the postal abbreviation for the state of Maine, where I live and which I love very much. And which I will be leaving soon. But that’s a subject for another post.

No Words Necessary

I looked at this image multiple times before I suddenly saw the connection between me and my affectionate friend, and the picture on the wall behind. I wish I could say I’d planned this, but it was a total accident. I was just snapping a few pics with my iPhone for fun, and had no idea what I’d captured. Not a flattering or technically great shot . . . but I love it anyway.

Best of Friends

This is my favorite selfie of the month, and probably the most typical “me” that you will ever see. As the saying goes, “So many books, so little time.”

And that’s it for this month. Go on over to Urban Muser to check out what everyone else is doing. And it’s not too late to join in! Yes, it’s challenging, but it really is fun.


20 thoughts on “Word Has It

  1. The picture with your bird is so precious. My Hamlin doesn’t do that but I know he loves me. Your last picture, reading, is awesome!

  2. Brava, Lee! What a great post! We all need a tee-shirt like yours, and how fun that it has a double meaning for you. Yes, the last portrait is just lovely!
    I love reading too, and may have to copy your idea for next month. 🙂

  3. Excellent photos! I love that one with your bird!

  4. these are all wonderful photos. i love that one of you and your little birdie friend–so sweet.

    i hope you will consider staying with the project (even after I tell you that I am a die-hard, season-ticket-holding NY Giants fan 🙂 you may find as the weather warms up and you can get outside more you’ll have more ideas. thanks for linking up at {in the picture} this month!!

  5. They are all great! Especially you and your birdie friend..

  6. Hang in there Leon… I know you as an outdoor girl! I especially like the soft lighting of the reading picture. That is also the way I see you… Keep it up, your pictures are consistently growing. I would think the selfies are difficult…

  7. These are great images, I love your picture with the bird but the last one is my absolute favourite.

  8. No words necessary …….. so precious! !

  9. Awww, birdy loves you so much! You sure you don’t want him? 😛

  10. Well done ! I have not had the courage to do this theme yet ! I always try to remain OUT of photos ! I think it will feel liberating when I get the nerve to do it.

    LOVE your ring – it’s glorious. Love the budgie too – what a good pal to have. I’ve always wondered how people can possible call birds ‘bird brains’ – they have more intelligence packed into a smaller space is all !

  11. It works I think 🙂 Cool bird too BTW.

  12. Lee – I had to smile at your story about seeing the T- shirt, passing it by and then going back. It certainly made for a wonderful self-portrait. I admire you so much for pushing through your discouragement and going forward with this project. The results are so worth it.

  13. I think they’re all wonderful, but I am most drawn to the one of you by the window wearing the “I *heart* me” shirt. I think it’s the light as well as the wonderful reminder. 🙂

  14. What a beautiful series of photographs this is!
    I am so glad you went back for that shirt. It is wonderful.

    I love your little friend too! I have several parrots, most are rescues, and all are absolute little loves!

    Sending you wishes for a wonderful day!


  15. These are fun Lee, and I like the last one the best also! Well done!!!

  16. Love all the photos in this post! Birdie is so adorable. Your tee shirt is a good reminder where true love of others begins…even for those who are not single and I love the double meaning. The last is, for me, the best…the light is beautiful, as is the reader.

  17. I think that last one is my favourite too, beautiful light coming through the window. The birdie one is very cute too!

  18. These are all terrific images, but my fave is the last one. Terrific lighting & you doing one of your favorite things. It doesn’t get much better than that!

  19. I love your selfies and what you say about them. I think knowing you adds to the fun. My fave too is the book shot-you’ve captured such pretty light there. And of course I love the Pats shirt too. You pass yourself off as a huge fan. Who would know any different. I love that you went back to the store for that shirt. When something keeps calling, you need to listen, right? I think it would be fun to use that shirt again as you keep going on this selfie “thing” that I don’t want you to fall off the bandwagon of.
    Hope to see you soon.

  20. I love all of your photos and “seeing” you!! I am so loving your ME tshirt- perfect on so many levels!!

    happy weekend!

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