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Photo-Heart Connection: February



Finding the photograph from February that spoke to my heart was not an easy assignment. Due to weather, work, and various other constraints, I didn’t take many photos in February. I didn’t want to use one I’d already posted before. What was left?

This is one I took for Scavenger Hunt Sunday a few weeks ago, but didn’t use. It’s a little vignette in a corner of a bookcase, a part of what I think of as my natural history shelf. These objects speak of my love of nature and wildlife. And each of them holds other memories, as well.

The two little birds and the frog are hand-carved from found wood by an artist in Eastport, Maine. My daughter and I visited “Downeast” for a week each summer for several years, and each piece commemorates something notable about the trip when it was purchased — the summer we saw flocks of goldfinches, the year the frogs in the pond serenaded us all night long, the time the woods were full of flitting chickadees.

The two small black books are from 1920, field guides to Western Birds and Western Flowers “of the Rockies and West to the Pacific.” They belonged to my grandparents-in-law, and there are penciled notes in the margins where they recorded dates and places of sightings. I’ve even added a few of my own over the years, and those bring back memories too, of other places lived, and long-ago camping trips when my children were young.

The white shadow box in the back contains treasures from closer to home: small shells and beach pebbles, tiny pine cones, a bit of driftwood, a moth’s wing. Just junk, I suppose, but precious to me.

Whenever I look at the objects on this shelf, I am reminded of my connections — and of my need to stay connected — to nature, to family, to my history, to the wider world around me and to my own inner self . . . to my heart. And that, dear friends, is exactly why I take photographs.

Linking to Kat Sloma’s Photo-Heart Connection at Kat Eye Studio. Come check it out – and even join in!


23 thoughts on “Photo-Heart Connection: February

  1. You are the second one that has echoed connection, and like you it was my photo-heart interpretation as well. It was wonderful to read your perspective on it, thanks for sharing!

  2. What a lovely collection. I love old books with handwritten notes, it somehow brings it to life and allows us more of a connection with the book and it’s history. I love the connection you’ve made between these and all the people and things you love – thank you for sharing this little peak into your heart.

  3. I love the memories that these items hold. What beautiful connections to nature, family and history.

  4. If it’s precious to you, it’s not junk 🙂

    Nice shot and TY for sharing.

  5. ALways so lovely to have things around the house to remind us of those connections.

  6. Lee – what a beautiful corner filled with memories – touchstones of precious times; a celebration of the things you love. No wonder this touched your heart because it is representative of what you love.

  7. thank you for sharing precious memories with us.

  8. Such a beautiful, heartfelt post, Lee! You have so many wonderful memories connected to that image! I love that you kept the old field guides, and still pencil in notes. All these treasures, reminding you of what’s important in your life.

  9. This is such sweet and honest writing. I love that. I’m glad you have the collection (I’ve seen you do it at the beach with my own eyes) of “things” that call to you and remind you of what you hold dear.
    Isn’t it amazing how seeing a loved one’s handwriting makes them alive in your heart? Hang on to those guides. They are things to treasure. My grandmother worked at the library cataloging books. Occasionally I find an old novel that still has her writing inside. Now my mom does that job-and I find her writing inside the books too. I imagine that will be something to hold dear for a long time.
    Enough sentimentality. Wonderful post. Hope to see you soon.

  10. I love how this collection reminds you to stay connected to what matters to you, whether people or places.

    I find it really interesting that so many of us who are doing this photo-heart connection are finding that the photo kind of speaks to us and draws us in. That seems to be the case with everyone’s post I’ve read so far.

    Thank you for sharing these precious treasures of yours!

  11. Love, love, LOVE this Lee! There are so many stories in all of these items. I feel your love for them, the memories they bring, in every one. I like the items in my space to bring me memories too – most of the items decorating our house have some memory, some moment attached to them. Thank you for sharing your wonderful collection of connections in the Photo-Heart Connection this month!

  12. By themselves the items in your collection are just things. It’s the memories and the thought & care that went into selecting each one that makes them truly special. I can only imagine that when you are feeling a bit blue that this memory-rich display helps you feel better right away.

  13. What a great photo-heart connection this is!
    I love the way you composed this.
    Sending you wishes for a wonderful weekend!

  14. Ah, the good old days. I miss going to the farm! Those were some really nice times.

  15. what beautiful connections you have made in this image & so many, its wonderful!!

  16. I love the connections in this photo. It is a reminder to all of us that yes, we do need to stay connected to what matters in our lives. Simple visual reminders are a wonderful way to keep those connections in the forefront of our minds. It is a beautiful selection for your photo-heart connection.

  17. Such a beautiful post, love all the connections you have made through this image. Thanks for sharing the meaning of every object

  18. Oh, this is lovely! Beautiful pieces and wonderful thoughts!! This is also the way I tend to decorate; using treasures that are linked to beautiful memories!!

  19. love the stories behind the photo. here’s to being connected!!

  20. What wonderful treasures! And I must say that I love their arrangement and the composition of them all within the image. Wonderful!

  21. Oh, I love this, Lee. These birds and the frog are so precious, and the old bird guides are priceless! When you wrote Eastport, it reminds me of a night we spent in a lovely B&B in Eastport back in 2007 during our big trip across the States. Maine definitely was my favorite state!

  22. A lovely connection to nature and the events that corresponded to your nature collection. Love your little corner!

  23. This is a beautiful post Lee. I love your seashell collection.

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