Sea Blue Lens

18 thoughts on “Second Day of Spring

  1. Are you kidding me — bikinis, boogie boards, and beach chairs? Are you sure you took these photos recently? Looks like July to me. Now I just want to go to the beach!

  2. Oh, Wow! Bliss with a capital B.

    Calgon, take me away….

  3. Definitely bliss! Unbelievable weather. These pictures are beautiful.

  4. Beautiful photos of my favorite place… and one of the best parts of living here… you can frame them for your new place in CA!

  5. WOW great photos of some die-hard folks…this is amazing…warm air and freezing water! This is definitely a change of pace from what you would normally see this time of year!

  6. OK, summer weather in Maine, while it snows in Oregon. We live in a messed up weather world at the moment!!

  7. Bikinis in March? Amazing! Love the macro of the sand dollar. And that amazing blue sky reflected in the blue water.

  8. Beautiful and I am super jealous that its warm enough to be in swimsuits there.

  9. great to capture a beautiful day- it looks so summery!

  10. Oh wow!! I just came from two blogs that had snow to your blog with beach scenes!! Amazing!! Beautiful shots you’ve captured! I love the sand dollar ones! We’re deep in mud here, it has rained over six inches in less than 24 hours!! I think I’ll just stay inside!!

  11. Summer is almost here, can’t wait till it warms up a bit more so I can hit those cold waves 🙂

  12. wow, such beautiful beach shots!!

  13. Those pictures really have the feeling of spring over them. The bleached blue colours, the bleached skin colours, the still somewhat cold feeling, it all comes through as early spring. You captured the beach life so wonderfully from the sea dollars to the surfers.

  14. We would love to post the 6th photo from the top at toemail if you do not mind? Just need a location and we are good to go!

  15. I’ve been in Maine in July when it wasn’t warm enough for beach and water activities, so I can only imagine how wonderful everyone felt with such nice weather.

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