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Scavenger Hunting Again


Happy Sunday! Though I might wish it were Saturday and the weekend ahead of me instead of almost over. Anyway, it’s time to join Ashley and friends for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. The items for this week are: Whimsy, Create, Dust, Seed or Sprout, and Swing or Drop. Here are the images I found to match.


little foot, BIG FOOT

I found a trail of a child’s little footprints on the beach this week, and couldn’t resist putting one of my own next to hers to compare the size. I’m still blown away at being able to go barefoot on the beach in March. Not that I’d want to do it today, for the weather this weekend is much more normal for this time of year, i.e., cold and wet.


False Lashes

I could as well have used this image for whimsy. It was those swooping, apparently purely decorative beams and their shadows that made me put on the brakes and pull over to take a few photos of this building under construction. I have no idea what it will be. There were signs identifying the construction company and the bank that’s financing the project, but nothing to indicate the owner or the designer of these creative flourishes.


Lying in Wait

The “season” doesn’t officially start around here until Memorial Day weekend. This little lunch and ice cream stand, located next to an active swap meet, is very busy during the summer months. Those tables and benches will be full and there will be lines at every window. Until then . . . they’ll continue gathering dust.

Seed or Sprout

The Daffodils Are Coming

I stopped by Laurel Hill Cemetery last week to check on the daffodils. I’d say they are about a month ahead of their usual schedule. There are thousands of bulbs covering a sunny hillside that slopes down the the river, and the annual spring display is spectacular. The blooms are starting already, and I’m guessing they will be well underway in another week or so. Meanwhile, I loved the afternoon sun shining through the sprouting leaves.

Swing or Drop


It’s 40 degrees cooler today than it was mid-week, cloudy and raining off and on. I took this shot from my front porch just a few minutes ago. The largest drop has an upside-down image of the apartment building across the street in it.

I love being home on a rainy day! Now I think it’s time for a cup of tea. I hope everyone has a good week.

12 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunting Again

  1. Fun series, and I love the idea of photo scavenger hunts! The foot photo is my favorite. Opens up so many fun questions.

  2. Your whimsy just made me smile!! Love that building, you’ll have to keep us posted as to what it becomes!! I also love your water drop, gorgeous!

  3. I am SO excited to stumble on blog via Ashley’s SHS! I love your set this week. Great work!
    As I was perusing the rest of your blog I couldn’t help but feel I knew where your heading picture was. When I looked at your 2nd Day Of Spring Post & saw Ocean Park & the houses over the grassy knoll – I knew why!
    I’ve been there & a dear friend I teach with lives there in the summer!

  4. I wish it were Saturday every day! I love your dust picture. Try to post one IN season!

  5. I like all of these. The Dust photo caught my eye because among those tables is an old game board, and I happen to have one of them, too. I wonder if people actually play games on it?

    I hope you enjoy your daffodils when they bloom. Ours here in Northwest Ohio have been glorious, taller than I’ve seen them get for years. The warm weather definitely benefited them.

  6. Hey Le’on….great Scavenger set. I too spent most the day indoors. My fave shot is your daffs to be shot. Great low POV and lovely light too. I look forward to seeing them in bloom.
    Hope the packing went well….b/c I KNOW that’s what you were doing all weekend.

  7. Lee – wonderful set! You know I would be all over that building, with those fantastic shadows and flourishes. This is the kind of architecture that I love – things added “just because”. You certainly captured our wild weather – from barefoot on the beach to cold rain – all within a week’s time.

  8. Nice set of images here. I wonder, will you be able to use the foot one with/for your self-portrait project? Of the rest, I really like the sense of anticipation evoked by the picnic table and daffodil images.

  9. What fun to see all the different picture descriptions of the words!

  10. Love those feet in the sand – so sweet.

  11. Once again, a great series… interesting words…

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