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Barely There


March seems to have flown by! I knew I hadn’t done much about my self-portrait project this month, but I didn’t realize just how badly I’d let it slip. Now it’s time for the March {in the picture} link-up over at Urban Muser, and I was hard-pressed to find any images at all. More like remnants of myself than the real deal.

This month’s optional theme is “black & white.” I have admired the B&W photos I’ve seen posted to our Flickr group and linked up by others this month. I wasn’t quite so sure about my own. Maybe it’s an acquired taste? Or something I just have to get used to? As I was processing the photos for this post, I found that the strictly black & white images looked uncomfortably cold to my eye. I warmed some up a bit and liked that effect, but I thought perhaps that was “cheating,” so I ended up with some of each.

The thing is, though, I’m starting to get excited about this project. I’m still self conscious about taking my own picture, and have yet to venture outside into public places. But I have ideas buzzing around in my head! And this week I found something that seems like it might be helpful: a guide to posing the female subject, posted on the Digital Photography School’s blog. (I’ve found a lot of helpful information and inspirational photos over there.)

Maybe posing isn’t a problem for others, but I’ve never done much photographing of people. I’ve been struggling with what to do with myself in front of the camera besides just sitting there feeling awkward. I’m hoping the illustrations in this little guide will inspire some more interesting photos for April and onward.

Here are this month’s photos, more oh-by-the-way captures than intentional self portraits.

little foot, BIG FOOT 2

I already posted this one in color here, but someone suggested using it for {in the picture} and I was desperate enough for images that it seemed like a great idea. Besides, in black & white it’s a new photo, right? (I think I like it better in color, though.) I will let you guess which print is mine.

Diggin' It

No shoes = Happy feet!

Washing Off Winter

Naked feet. At the beach. At the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. In March. In Maine. (See what I mean about the B&W looking cold? Or is it just me?)

Wavy Hair

My only “head shot” this month.

Me and My (iPhone) Shadow

Taken on that outing when I accidentally left my real camera at home. I like this picture, and B&W seems to suit it.

I’m going to post one more here that really is a cheat. I took this photo last month but never processed it. Tonight I tried it out in black and white, and I really like the results. It is certainly true that black & white can conceal many flaws. Would that I always looked this good!

White on White

It’s not too late to join the {in the picture} journey. You can click the button on the right for all the details. See you next month?


14 thoughts on “Barely There

  1. These are all so wonderful! I love the one of you and your shadow. Very good black and white contrast! I also love the last one! You have such a wonderful smile!!

  2. You always look that good to me! Better, even! 🙂

  3. I love the first footprints in the sand and also the wavy hair one!
    Nice to see your whole face in that last shot – I like the life sparkling in your eyes and your beautiful hair which frames your face so prettily.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Warm greetings.

  4. Great series of self images! That last one shows your real beauty and such a great smile!

  5. Lee – I don’t think any of it is “cheating”, no matter what pieces of yourself you capture each month. And that last photo is really a keeper – the processing is spot on and you have captured the beauty of your smile – I can see it shining in your eyes as well. And I completely understand about that whole posing thing – I wouldn’t have a clue what to do with myself in front of the camera so I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  6. these are all great, and it’s not cheating, you just need to do what works for you. so glad to hear you have ideas buzzing around in your head. see you soon! thanks for linking up at {in the picture} this month!

  7. Nice shots, Lee, especially the last one. Your processing gives it a wistful feel.

  8. 5th try. eventually I do get through, but each time it takes longer and longer and I forget what precisely it is that makes WordPress change it’s mind and allow me to comment. love the shots Lee. the first comment was much better, but I forgot to copy, even knowing that it takes forever to comment on WordPress. hope this gets through this time……
    I’m determined.

  9. yay! it worked with a fake email address. I’ll have to remember that…

    • Ouch, Ms. Becky, sorry you had such a hard time commenting. I can feel your frustration in the “fake email address” you used. (Frankly, I’m surprised that one was available.) LOL

  10. I don’t think you let this prompt slip by at all….this is a great series of selfies. I love the feet in the sand. Big kudos to you for revealing your beautiful face — I will have to try a close up in b&w.

  11. It is a great series of selfies. I especially love seeing you in the last one.

  12. I love the softness of the “White on White” ~ it beautifully depicts your personality and ever-gorgeous smile! I also love the “Me and my shadow,” making you (and your talent) bigger than life.

  13. You are too hard on yourself….and your selfies. I think you put together a great collection. I like the toes washing off winter and that last shot was definitely worth processing out. That shot is super fab!!

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