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Back on the Hunt


Since yesterday was such a beautiful day, and since I got so many things crossed off my to-do list, I’m rewarding myself with Scavenger Hunt Sunday. This week’s prompts were Yellow, Something that makes or made you smile, Ancient or Antique, Splash, and In the Sun.


No Respect

Andrew V. Mason once said, “If dandelions were hard to grow, they would be most welcome on any lawn.” I have no idea who Mr. Mason is or was, but I liked his quote and have always remembered it. And I am very fond of dandelions!


Something that made me smile:

Take Me Away

These not only made me smile, they made me circle the block and find a place to park so I could take some photos. Of course they made me think of friend Kat Sloma, who has a “thing” for scooters, but it also occurred to me that one of these might be fun for running around town in my next life . . . you know, after I retire and move to the country.


Ancient or Antique:

Janet's Beads

These were given to me about 45 years ago by my late mother-in-law. They had been given to her, many years before that, by a Canadian friend who told her they were Indian trade beads. I wish I knew more about them, where they came from, and even what they’re made of. It’s interesting to imagine all the hands they might have passed through.



Over the Edge

There’s a low dam in the river just behind my apartment building, whose purpose (I think) is to regulate the flow of water through a small hydroelectric facility across the river. The water flows over the dam in many moods, depending on the season and weather. It was peaceful on the evening I took this photo.


In the Sun:

Blue & Gold

I’ve photographed this clock tower near my office downtown in every season and many different lights. On my way home this day, I noticed the late afternoon sun illuminating both the golden dome and the forsythia in bloom along the street where I was parked. My attempt to catch the light was only partially successful, but I like the image anyway.


Special Bonus All-in-One:

Oh Happy Day

Yellow — flowers and shirt.  Something that makes me smile — going out to play on a sunny spring day.  Ancient or Antique — that’s ME, of course.  Splash — all that bright splashy color.  In the Sun — too obvious to mention! Extra credit — diagonals!!

Wishing you all a happy week filled with sunshine, and some rain, too, if you need it. (We do!)


15 thoughts on “Back on the Hunt

  1. great photos! I enjoyed your comentary!
    wishing you rain; wishing me sun.

    my Scavenger Hunt Sunday

  2. I love that all-in-one shot…and that you got extra credit for the diagonals! Very creative!

    Your in the sun image is my favorite. The yellow in the flowers brings out the gold colors in that tower. Very nice.

  3. What lovely antique beads….great shots this week,

  4. Very good, no, make that Exceptionally Good!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Lea’s Menagerie

  5. Your responses to the prompts are super — I really love the over the edge shot! Your bonus shot is terrific too! Well done!

  6. My favorites are the dandelions and the over the edge ~ love the movement of the water! The all-in-one shot is also great.

  7. These are great interpretations of your quests! Well done indeed…love the dandelions and your portrait! It’s been raining for two days now…finally!!!

  8. Love that last image of you, so lovely and natural and I love the yellow, such a happy colour. Love over the edge too and dandelions always make me smile, even on my own lawn! Have a happy week…from the rainy UK (though we do need it so I guess I shouldn’t complain I just miss the blue skies.)

  9. Wonderful set and that quote was funny! So, so true.

  10. You’re an antique now? No wonder you keep going up in value! 🙂

  11. Lee – great series! And yes, I can see you scooting around your new country digs on your brand new scooter. Photos please, when that comes true 🙂 Thanks for that extra bonus shot – almost-retirement seems to suit you.

  12. I’m so glad you took “time out” from packing to do the Scavenger. It always makes me feel like I’m having fun to do it.
    what? Dandelions, not daffs? Jus’ sayin’. I do wonder who decided they were weeds not flowers.
    Love your series this week. You nailed the topics.
    Looking foward to getting out again with you soon.

  13. Great series! I love dandelions, they are such pretty flowers. So sad that their weeds and very few enjoy their beauty!! Also, love the last one! Great portrait!!

  14. Great job – I think my favorite is yellow.

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