Sea Blue Lens



At the Beach

My friends, I have been missing you. Where do people get the idea that retirement is relaxing? So far it hasn’t been exactly restful.

My apartment is in chaos as I sort, throw away, give away, and pack stuff. And try to figure out what stuff to carry with me as I fly to my destination, and what stuff I’ll need to get by with for the two to three weeks until the rest of my stuff arrives on the moving van.

However, this should not be taken as complaining. I am very lucky and believe me, I know it. I’m sure things will settle down a bit once I get the packing and moving behind me.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Actually, my life feels a bit surreal at the moment. I can’t quite believe I’m finished at work. Last night I had a “workmare” in which I was trying frantically to meet a deadline and knew I wasn’t going to make it. It was a great relief to wake up and realize there was no project due today. Or ever, for that matter — at least, not that kind of project.

Meanwhile, amongst all the sorting and packing, I’ve been getting together with friends, visiting favorite places, saying good-bye. Trying not to think too much about the actual parting part of this adventure. Time enough to deal with that when the time comes.


16 thoughts on “ReTIRED

  1. This is a huge transition for you! Endings and beginnings can be hard. “Keep calm and carry on” is a very good motto! Your photos are lovely, especially the beach grass. Hope all goes smoothly!

  2. Get some rest…food, friends, focus!

    Your post made me think of a saying: “Grow old along with me…the best is yet to be”

    We’re both lucky sis…in so many ways.

    Love your “keep calm and carry on” photo and motto!

  3. It was great being one of those friends who shared news, memories and good food today. I have lived out this change of life direction you are about to experience. It’s scary, but exciting. It’s like opening a new pack of water color paper and staring at the endless possibilities.

  4. Hey, I’m totally stealing that photo for my Facebook page! Funny, just a couple of days ago I was looking at a mug online that said that very thing. How’d you know? 🙂

  5. Retirement is very relaxing. Its moving that stinks! 🙂

  6. Lee – I can’t promise that those “workmares” won’t continue – but what a relief to wake up and realize they ARE only a dream 🙂 Big change is tiring – and moving across the country has to rank up there as a VERY big change. I don’t envy you the packing and moving but the starting anew – that is SO very exciting. I look forward to following your journey.

  7. I got wake up, go about my day, and i’m always reTired. Well, tired all over again 🙂 Like the peaceful look to that long grass shot.

  8. Beautiful photos, the light is amazing. Hang in there, you’ll be settled soon, Take care in the meantime. Happy weekend. 🙂

  9. Congratulations Lee on retiring!!!! Now the big adventure begins…everyday will be like a Saturday! I love all three photos in this post!!! The light on the sea grass is perfect, the photo of you and the tea cup is wonderful and the sunset is a perfect way to say good-bye to the office and bad dreams!

  10. “keep calm and carry on” is beautiful.
    You’ll get through this and that great big door will open for you (I can’t wait for mine). Hang in there, enjoy your friends you will be leaving behind. All the other stuff will work out.
    Congratulations, good luck, safe journey. I look forward to your transition, watching it play out here on your beautiful blog.

  11. I miss you here at work, particularly today – Knitting Monday! Lovely photos, beautiful words, as usual. Michele

  12. I’m getting excited for you! I love the self portrait you’ve captured! You need to print it and keep it within sight reminding your to “keep calm and carry on!”

  13. Just for clarification, the teacup picture is not a self portrait – its me, her daughter. We had lunch at a teahouse the other day, and I didn’t even know she was taking it, the sneaky thing! But I love it too! It’s on my Facebook page now! 🙂

  14. A work-mare?? Made me laugh…Isn’t it amazing how life expands to fill time?? Wonderful post!

  15. Congratulations…would love to be facing this change myself! Enjoy your journey and keep us posted…most of all, just enjoy!

  16. You will soon fall into a new pace, a new routine. You are experiencing a lot of change all at once right now. The storm will pass and the waters will calm and you will fit into your new life very soon. The lovely thing about where we stand now in the world is the power of communication we have in our hands. Even though these beautiful friends in your life will not be pshysically standing by you, they are still close with Internet, Skype and the the ways we communicate now. They arent so far away.

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