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Farewell Visits


In between packing and visiting with friends and getting ready to move, I managed to revisit a few favorite places and take some photos over the past few weeks. I haven’t had much time for processing or posting, but here are some shots from one last trip to Saco Heath, which I love to visit in the spring and fall.

Saco Heath

See the faint trace of an animal trail?


This boardwalk used to be made of wood weathered to a soft gray. Unfortunately, the wet conditions of the heath have caused the wood to rot away, and the trail is being rebuilt now with artificial planks which I believe are made from recycled plastic.

Bristle Brush

I love the bristly rows of new growth on these branches.


I was fortunate to catch the Rhodora in peak bloom. It masses in lavender-pink clouds beneath the trees.

Rhodora Closeup

The individual blossoms seem fairy-like to me.

White Bells

I can’t remember what these are. My wildflower book was already packed, so I couldn’t look it up!

Pink Bells

They come in pink, too. Aren’t they pretty?

Seeing Double

We came upon a patch of the tiniest violets I’ve ever seen, barely over 1/4 inch across. Then I noticed this odd creature that looked like a cross between a hummingbird and a bee. As you can see, it is also tiny — less than 1/2 inch long. I looked it up online later and learned that it is a bee-fly. I love the shadow — I didn’t even see that when I took the photo.

Drinking Violets

Here’s another shot of the bee-fly. You can see the blur of its wings and its long, black proboscis reaching for the nectar in the heart of the violet.


Can you hear the music?

And now I’m dancing off to somewhere new. But that doesn’t mean you’ve seen the last of my Maine, and certainly not the last of me!

10 thoughts on “Farewell Visits

  1. I’m glad to hear that! And yes, I have a great big smile on my face, listening to the music and watching that tree dance. That is so…….weird!

  2. Glad you are taking these visual memories of Maine with you. All the best in your new adventures…can’t wait to see the pictures of the land where the ocean is on the other side of the road!

  3. I love visiting different parts of the country and seeing things I’ve never seen before like Bristle Brush, bee-flys and dancing trees!! The tree makes me smile! Beautiful images!!

  4. Lovely shots, all that blue sky, how gorgeous. And the purple Rhodora are lovely.
    ps ..I can hear the music!

  5. Super shots of your walk through the heath. These will be good to look back to remember a place the is close to you. Looking forward to learning about your new adventure!! And any other photos of Maine that you have been holding out on!!

  6. I still don’t know where this place is. I could do some serious snaps of that boarwalk….oh yes, and maybe a flower or two. You found some wonderful beauty I surely would have walked right past.

  7. Nor have I seen the last of your car. There it sits in my driveway, staring at me…

  8. I’ll be looking forward to shots of flora and fauna and other photographic treats from your new location–have I mentioned yet how jealous I am? Retirement is still somewhere between 18 months and 4 1/2 years away for me…

  9. Nice to meet you in the Saco Heath, sorry to hear you’re leaving the area. Look forward to seeing the pictures you took today.
    Hope you enjoy CA.

    • It was lovely to meet you, too. But this is a really old post – I’ve been to California (stayed about a year and a half) and am now back in Maine to stay. Thanks for looking me up here!

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