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Change of Scene


I’m a bit late to the {In the Picture} linkup this month, but I think I can claim extenuating circumstances. I flew from Maine to California last Thursday, with all my worldly goods to follow by moving van a couple of weeks later. I did carry my camera with me, but my tripod is still in transit on said moving van.

After I got here, it took a few days to get an Internet connection squared away. But that’s done now, and here I am. I was determined not to miss the party altogether. Better late than never, right?

On the Boardwalk

I took this image on my last Maine photoshoot, when I visited the Saco Heath. I tried several of these but this was the only one I liked at all. I was glad I tried it, though, because it was from this position that I noticed the tree I called “Dancer” in my last post.

Surveying My New Domain

Now, on the other side of the continent: standing at the edge of the driveway, looking down over the landscape below. I wanted a higher viewpoint, but the only place I could find to put my camera was on a low fence, only a couple of feet off the ground. I’ll be glad to have my tripod in my hands again!

The World at My Feet

The next two aren’t portraits at all, just a couple of photos from my first morning at my new home. I woke in the early-morning dark and got up before the sun.

New Dawn

As soon as the sun rises, the breeze does, too. Until then, the air was perfectly still.

Soft Morning Light

This view is looking southwest across the yard. The early sun touches the distant mountains first, and everything glows with reflected light. It’s hard to express the feeling of peace it brings. It’s a good place to be.

Thanks to Christy at Urban Muser for hosting {In the Picture}. It’s a great project, challenging but fun.

14 thoughts on “Change of Scene

  1. Welcome home, lady. It looks gorgeous.

  2. Love these! My favorite is you looking out over your new domain. What a story this picture has to tell!! Your view is gorgeous! I think I would just stay outside!

  3. You in your new environment — perfect for ‘in the picture’! It looks beautiful, I
    love those mountains! Great shots!

  4. Happy New Home!
    Glad to know you are safely delivered to your new place. I love that new dawn photo, and the symbolism in even the name of it.

  5. You look at peace in your new home! It sure looks different from Maine!

  6. Lee – glad to see you have arrived safely on your new coast. Your final Maine selfie is wonderful – with that boardwalk leading us into the image to find you there. I so look forward to the photographic discoveries you will make in your new home – of long vistas and sunrise over the mountains.

  7. Great shots of your new home and I am looking forward to seeing photos of your new explorations. Love the shot of you on the boardwalk!

  8. better late than never, i agree–so glad you found the time to link up this month at {in the picture}. these are beautiful shots and i love that you have one on each coast! good luck settling in at your new home.

  9. Yay….good to “see” you in your new environ. Looks like getting up early is a good thing to do. Hope there’s a good breakfast place down the hill somewhere.
    Hope the left coast is being kind to you today and that tripod arrives safe and sound soon. I can see why you had to be “last” off the truck.

  10. new home, new look, all is well and wonderful! I love the selfie on the boardwalk, and your home looks especially beautiful. All the excitement that lies ahead – wishing you the best. I look forward to exploring the left coast with you Lee. happy day to you, and I also hope your belongings arrive safely, and soon.

  11. Oh, everyone is just being polite. It is all hideous and awful and you should move back home immediately because your daughter misses you. So there. 😛

  12. These are beautiful photos, love your first selfie, it’s really lovely. Your new place looks great. hope you get settled quickly.

  13. I’m in love with your sunrise shot–having that kind of morning view would definitely make getting up worthwhile!

  14. I’m really late commenting…but you’re there, hurray! Your new views are amazing, look forward to seeing more. Love your selfies too – especially the first one and how your eye is drawn in with all the lines.

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