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On the Hunt


It’s been a long time since I’ve participated in Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I’ve been keeping my camera close and taking photos as opportunities and subjects catch my eye, but I’ve been so busy moving and settling in that I’ve had little time for blogging — either reading or posting. Things seem to be quieting down at last, and I hope to be able to get around to visiting you all soon!

This felt like a good day to jump into the Scavenger Hunt again. This week’s items were Warped, Concentric Circles, Gear, Glazed, and Marble.



My yard is edged with these timbers “planted” on end at the bottom of a slope. I’m sure they were straight originally, but years of exposure to the elements have weathered and twisted them into interesting shapes and textures.

Concentric Circles:


I bought these bowls over several years from a favorite potter in Maine. Her studio/shop is called Barn Swallow– it was a frequent destination for a weekend drive.


Gearing Up

I went hunting for “gear” in the garage, and found this one on a bicycle. I liked it in black & white.



This was my first idea for “glazed.” The doors of the china cabinet are glazed with glass panes, they are reflecting the view both inside and outside my glazed dining room window, and of course the china and pottery pieces inside the cabinet are glazed in a different sense.

Glazed Take 2:

Blue Pot

I bought this beautiful planter for my patio yesterday because I loved the gorgeous glaze in its many shades of blue. It has imperfections, but to me, that’s what makes it perfect.



My antique marble-topped dresser has traveled with me through many a move since I acquired it over 40 years ago. It has been from California to Maine and all the way back again, with many stops in between. I always breathe a sigh of thankful relief when I put the marble top and mirror in place and see that it (and I!) have survived yet another move. That’s when I feel like I’m home.

Thank you, Ashley, for hosting Scavenger Hunt Sunday! It’s always fun!

14 thoughts on “On the Hunt

  1. Love your set! Great idea for concentric circles using those wonderful bowls!! Also, love your beautiful blue pot and flowers!

  2. I enjoy seeing your new place and what’s around. I love your circle pic the most…beautifully composed. The black and white looks like something I wish I took! Glad ol’ marble top arrived safely, along with you. SHS-don’t miss it. You have great interpretations.

  3. Lovely set . . . I would be sighing with relief to know a treasure had survived a move. I’ve had a few things that didn’t and it is hard to bear. Love the bowls and your lovely blue glazed pot.

  4. Great finds for the hunt, Lee! That’s a terrific shot of the nested bowls and I love the blue pot image — wonderful composition and textures! Glad to see you back with your camera!

  5. fantastic set! welcome back to the hunt

  6. Welcome back to regular weekly hunting. I look forward to seeing what you will find in your new environment to show us as you did this week. I have a thing for gears – your example works so well in black and white, showing off those beautiful shapes. And I agree that your new blue pot is enhanced by its imperfections. Aren’t we all?

  7. Super photos of your scavenger hunt Lee. I love the photo of the blue pot!!!

  8. Great find for gear – love the processing.

  9. It’s cool seeing your familiar stuff in an unfamiliar place. Love the china cabinet!

  10. Every time I see your images I think that I simply have to focus more on my imagery. These are such perfect pairings! Love them all!

  11. All of my “dishes” are handmade by various potters. I LOVE the concentric circles!

  12. I have a bowl fetish and those bowls look amazing. I have some by a potter from Vermont that I adore and the shop went out of business so I’m trying to track him down. I’ll have to look up this Barn Swallow place.

  13. Looks like it could be a fun little game to play with a camera. Like that photo of the bowls.

  14. Lee, great scavenging! It’s terrific that you manage multiple interpretations of so many of these topics. It’s also good to know that you and your marble-topped dresser survived this latest move–and I’m confident you will thrive there as well.

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