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Sunday Scavenger


Another Sunday! Ashley Sisk, who usually hosts Scavenger Hunt Sunday, surprised us all (and perhaps herself most of all?) by delivering her new baby daughter earlier than expected, so today’s Hunt is being hosted by Sarah Halstead. Thanks, Sarah, and congratulations to Ashley!

This week’s targets were Sunset, Sweet, Hanging Around, Funny Face, and Space. Let’s go hunting!


Backlit Buckwheat

The sky has been clear day after day for the past month. That means sunsets are pretty subtle. As the sun descends toward the hills to the west, our valley sinks into shadow while the mountains around us are still touched by light. I love the way the low-slanting sunlight outlines the native vegetation on the slope behind the house.


Exotic Bloom

This is what happens when you can’t eat all the artichokes you grow. The fuzzy “choke” part, which is normally discarded when the artichoke bud is cooked and eaten, develops into this beautiful periwinkle blue blossom. I’ve seen the flowers before, but was surprised to discover that they have a faint, honey-sweet scent.

Hanging Around:

Evening Visitor

Small groups of Lesser Goldfinches visit our thistle feeders regularly, but this was the first time I’d seen them hanging out in this garden area. They appeared to be picking insects and small leaves from the plants.

Funny Face:


The “funny face” in this photo is not the obvious yellow one. Look carefully…you may need to enlarge the picture to see it.



I love the sense of space and distance conveyed by the natural textures and layers of this view from the front of the house. And this photo is another sunset view, bringing me full circle back to the beginning.

Here’s the link again to this week’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday over at Sarah’s place. I wish you all a wonderful week!

7 thoughts on “Sunday Scavenger

  1. Wow! I can’t believe you have these gorgeous views right out your windows!! Love the little funny face! It took me a minute to find him! I kept looking at the letters! The “A” kind of looks like a face!! Your bird and flower are exquisite!!

  2. That little funny face peaking out is so cute!!

  3. Super shots Lee! I never saw an artichoke flower before. Pretty cool indeed!! I found the other face peeking out too!!!

  4. Cute little “two-faced,” love the artichoke flower – who knew it created such a beautiful purple flower!

  5. Beautiful set. I love seeing your new world through your lens. The artichoke flower is really quite stunning – since I don’t eat them, letting them bloom seems to be the right thing to do. What gorgeous lavender texture.

  6. I do enjoy your hunting trips. The artichoke’s bloom is gorgeous–until your post, I had no idea they could bloom. And how tiny is that goldfinch?

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