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Photo-Heart Connection: June


Blank Canvas

I know. What kind of photograph is this? An empty room. A view of some scraggly shrubbery. Not very artistic. Nice light, though.

This is the shell of my new life. A white-primed canvas upon which I can apply the palette of my creativity, both literally and figuratively.

Since this picture was taken, there have been many changes. The bare concrete has been covered by beautiful bamboo flooring. My furnishings, books, and other personal treasures have arrived and been unpacked, filling the cottage with the comfort of the familiar.

I’m getting acquainted with my new community and taking care of business — opening bank accounts, figuring out the best places to grocery shop, and so on. Still looking for a car so I can have my independence back. What will it be? Safe sedan? Cool convertible? Cute compact?

Laying down the layers of color and texture on that canvas, making progress every day. What will I be?

My desk sits in front of that window now. And those scraggly shrubs outside the window? It turns out that one of them is a crape myrtle, now in full, glorious pink bloom. The hummingbirds love it and so do I.

Linking with Kat Sloma’s Photo-Heart Connection for June.

23 thoughts on “Photo-Heart Connection: June

  1. Love your blank canvas! And even more, the fact that you are filling it with the art that is your own life.

  2. Gorgeous light coming in through that window and how lovely to have a blank canvas to play with! Love your decription of it all evolving and how lovely to have discovered such beautiful plants right outside your window.

  3. I love your description of how life is evolving. It sounds like what once was a blank canvas is becoming a beautiful piece of art. I hope you enjoy every moment.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful adventure, enjoy each moment. – Susan

  5. Ahhh there’s no place like home!

  6. How beautiful that you see this room as the empty canvas of your new life – the place on which you will paint with wild abandon the experiences that come next. I love that feeling of beginning again – of making yourself anew.

  7. This is a perfect image for your new chapter — so much potential here. Isn’t it exciting to have a blank canvas to create on? I hope you will share a photo of your room when you are done.. I vote for the cool convertible!

  8. The image holds all that excitement and promise of the new start, the blank canvas. It’s definitely calling!

  9. You image and words share a feeling of excitement for good things to come! So glad you’re enjoying filling this room with pieces of yourself! I would love to work in front of that window!! Hope you’ll let us have a peek when it’s finished!

  10. What a lovely image of a blank canvas as the shell of your new life.

  11. How exciting to start a new life in a new environment. How lovely to have a plant that attracts hummingbirds too. It’s sounds as if you are creating the kind of life you want to have!

  12. When the canvas is blank, everything is a possibility!!

  13. The architect in me is freaking out at the ivory face plates on the white wall. And by architect, I mean architect. Last test passed, stamp with my name on it is in my desk drawer. 🙂

    • Michele, that’s AWESOME! So happy for you — Congratulations!! And don’t worry, they freak me out, too. They will be changed. (The room used to be blue.)

  14. So wonderful for PHC this month. A blank canvas on which you can build the tapestry of your new chapter in life.

  15. Wonderfully written! I hope this next chapter holds beautiful things for you – exciting!

  16. congrats with this new room/home, make it happily yours, love your post and photo

  17. Amazing photo-heart connection, I can feel your joy and excitement, congrats on your new house, would love to see how the room looks like now

  18. sounds like you are settling in!

  19. Nice read, makes sense to me! So many metaphors for this I tell ya.

  20. It’s like the perfect life-adventure. A chance to re-create yourself in any way your heart desires. Love the metaphors here. Can’t wait to see and hear how it is you ‘become’!!!

  21. What an amazing connection-absolutely perfect! It will be fun to see what develops for you in your new home and how you will distribute your treasures within its walls. Watching from afar…

  22. Ah, so much possibility! I love the blank canvas of the room, and how that echoes your life right now as you’ve shifted. Starting over, but not really, you bring YOU to the whole thing. I look forward to seeing this space as you fill it with your things. Wonderful!! Thanks for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection.

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