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Time again for {In the Picture}, hosted by Christy at Urban Muser! July’s self-portrait theme was reflections. Of course, as always, the theme was optional. But I like reflections, and in some ways it’s actually easier to photograph a reflection of myself, since the subject is in front of the camera as well as behind it.

Flower Girl


Altered Ego


Going to Pieces


Is Anyone There?




Funhouse Effect


Old Things


Wooden Legs


In the Stars


On the Ball

I had fun exploring self-portrait reflections this month. It was challenging to find interesting reflective surfaces, then figure out how to get myself in the proper position to be captured by my camera.

Joining the {In the Picture} July linky party — come check it out. And maybe jump in yourself next month?

15 thoughts on “Self-Reflection

  1. Ha ha, love these, especially Bare, Wooden Legs, and On the Ball. Which you clearly are. 🙂

  2. Wow pretty neat idea. These are very creative…I especially like bare and on the ball also. Fun stuff!

  3. What a fab collection of images for the reflections prompt! My faves are fun house and bare — love the way your legs are so tiny under the big skirt. And going to pieces — I’ve felt that way many times! Brava, Lee!

  4. These are all so wonderful and very creative!! I think my favorite is the gazing ball!

  5. Great interpretations! I especially like In Pieces and On The Ball. Bare is also great!!

  6. So many! you’ve taken some great reflections here- I particularly like the last one.

  7. You certainly had find finding unusual and creative shots! I love “bare” and “going to pieces”! It was fun looking at them all and seeing your creativity. Well done!

  8. You really went to town this month – capturing yourself in so many creative ways. Love “Going to Pieces” and “On the Ball”. You and reflections are an inspired match.

  9. You captured so many great reflection shots–I don’t think I can even pick a favorite!! Thanks for linking up at {In The Picture} this month 🙂

  10. You really got into this assignment–my favorite was “altered ego”–good job!

  11. These are all really fun shots. I love the “bare” shot and your sense of humor shows through in all the titles.

  12. What an interesting and inspiring collection of self portraits. I love all of them – they’re fun, and I do feel inspired to take more pictures of myself. I seldom (never) do = perhaps I should try it. Quite a challenge.

  13. You are so creative, clever and original. The theme to photograph self in reflections is awesome, but better is what you did with it. I am totally impressed. This had to take a long time to come up with so many images.Love the split mirror and reflection ball. You have GORGEOUS hair, now we all know how beautiful you are. smiles; sharon

  14. What an awesome post. You are very creative. I love the wooden legs. I found your blog from your intro in the Skinny Mini group. It was the mention of southern ME that caught my eye since that is where I am.

  15. These are fantastic! love love love! I shy away from pictures of myself but to do it this way is art…

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