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Photo-Heart Connection: July


In Her Dreams

A few days ago, I noticed this little garden fairy in a tree in my sister’s special memorial garden. I loved the light she was sitting in, and the way the branches framed the mountains and valley behind her.

When I was a little girl, I spent a lot of time sitting in trees. It was a good place to be alone, above it all, to think and dream and make wishes. This little figure reminded me of my old love for tree-sitting solitude, but she also speaks to me about myself and my life right now.

No, I don’t climb trees anymore. But she looks a lot like I feel: relaxed, at peace, comfortable. Gazing out at the distant mountains. Listening to the quiet. Her hands are filled with ripe fruit, almost more than she can hold, like the bounty I’ve been harvesting at the farmers’ market each week.

In time, she will spread those wings and fly, exploring and experiencing more of this place where she finds herself. But for now, she’s content to just sit and take it all in. Thinking. Dreaming. Making wishes. And making them come true.

I’m linking with Kat Eye Studio’s Photo-Heart Connection for July. Each month, we choose one of our own images and write about how and why it speaks to our heart.

13 thoughts on “Photo-Heart Connection: July

  1. Such a great photo-heart selection! The light and your framing are so lovely! I used to spend a lot of time in trees too….reading and thinking and just looking around……this image takes me back to those days.

  2. What a wonderful place to be in. As I read your post, I couldn’t help but think how open you seem to be to new experiences, to living in the moment and beyond, so I think your self-analysis is probably right on target: it won’t be long before you’ve spread your own wings in search of whatever your new place holds for you.

  3. I love this! You bring back a lot of fond memories of tree climbing for me, too. I think she is in a good place to sit and take it all in. How I long for that kind of a tree, and the ability to climb again.

  4. Beautifully composed image and a beautiful photo-heart connection! I’ve never been much of a tree climber. I was always in the swing under the tree relaxing! So glad you’re in a place where you can stop, listen to the quiet and relax!!

  5. What a perfect little statue to place in the tree. She fits there, as if she was created just for that. I love how you’ve framed her, both in the image and with your words. She makes me want to sit and enjoy the sunshine, looking out at the world around me, from a tree… Thanks for linking in to the Photo-heart Connection this month!

  6. Lee – what a fabulous Photo-Heart Connection. Illustrating so well the place where you are in your life right now. It looks good there where you are – relaxing, taking in all the surrounding beauty. Sitting in trees – whether in reality or metaphorically – seems to suit you well. I hope all those wishes do come true for you.

  7. Wait, that’s a statue? I thought it WAS you! She has your hair!

    I just hope you’re dreaming about winging your way back here for a visit soon. I misses you! 😦

  8. Beautiful photo heart connection. So pleased that you are relaxed and at peace. Plenty of time for wing spreading. 🙂

  9. thank you for sharing this beautiful photo of a dreaming angel. great heart connection

  10. I think your spirt lives in the fairy just as you described. Lovely photo Lee!

  11. I love your picture and the things you wrote about it. It’s a peaceful picture and you seem to be in a peaceful place —

  12. Wonderful connection… Love the photo, great framing and composition!

  13. THis is just Lovely, beautiful connection to past, present & future.

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