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Repeating Myself


In this month’s Exploring With a Camera: Repetition, Kat Sloma presented an excellent tutorial on the various ways repetition can be used to enhance our photography. These can include repetition of object, shape, color, line, and light, as well as combinations of these and more.

As I read her explanation and viewed her examples, several of my own images came to mind immediately. It was interesting to look through my archives and more recent photos to see what part repetition plays in my photography.

Here are a few examples I found:

Resting at Reny’s

Danger – Work Ahead

Let’s Scoot!


Multiple Mugs


Spring Jewels


Three Birds

Four Birds

Mission San Buenaventura

Ventura Pier

I love Kat’s explorations. Each one is like a mini-photography class and I always learn something valuable. As I look at the photos above, I realize that I took each image precisely because of the repetition, even though I was often not consciously aware of it. I’ll definitely be thinking about it in the future.

15 thoughts on “Repeating Myself

  1. You can say that again! 🙂

  2. Wow, Lee! You have collected some stunning examples of the use of repetition. Isn’t it fun when you better understand the reasons why a particular image appeals to you – and can then use that knowledge going forward to better inform you work?

  3. These are wonderful examples Lee! My favorites are the mugs, tulips, and the three birds.

  4. Fabulous examples for the repetition topic! I can’t really say I have a favorite as I like all of them.

  5. LOVE “Resting at Reny’s!”

  6. What a wonderful collection and representation of repetition. Well seen!!!

  7. I tried to pick favorites, but they all appeal to me on some level! Such gorgeous captures!

  8. Great collection of repetition images, Lee! Being a chair fanatic, I adore that first shot! Your three birds is very clever, and the mission shot is terrific. I am finding repetition everywhere now, isn’t it fun?

  9. Excellent examples of repetition! I love your photos – I adore those Adirondack chairs. Just like you, I often take a picture because of the repetition.

  10. Such a GREAT exploration of repetition! Wow! That subtle reflection in the repeated windows is excellent. I love the mugs too. I can see what you mean, that you took the images for the repetition. Isn’t it cool to recognize that? Thanks for linking in to Exploring with a Camera!

  11. These are all wonderful! It’s hard to pick a favorite! I love the beautiful mugs and I love the last shot with the pier; fantastic repetition, colors and composition!

  12. Hey, hey, hey….recognizing many of these places and spaces. Three birds-very super awesome clever. I found it interesting how oft we’re attracted to repetition without it being a conscious “thing”. I love seeing spring jewels as it takes me right back to a joyful day I lay in the grass at Laurel Hill-and Quartet appeals for it’s name as well as the image itself.
    Happy weekend to you. Labor Day? I can’t believe you’ve been gone a whole season. Boo-hoo.

  13. Wow, you have some stunning photos there. I received one of your postcards in the swap today, with a great quote. Thank you.

  14. These are all terrific–my favorite is the belltower at Mission San Buenaventura. I’m also enjoying the mix of scenes from your back east and your current locale.

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