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Photo-Heart Connection: August


Coming Home

I think I’ve mentioned here before that when I left California in 1995, I never expected to call it home again. Yet here I am. Life is full of surprises.

There is much to criticize about Southern California. The smog. The excesses of Hollywood. The congested and crazy-making freeways. The explosive growth that has covered over mile after square mile of farmland and natural, open space with new subdivisions and shopping centers. And let’s not talk about politics, or the economy.

But . . . the sky is blue, the sun is warm, fruits and flowers grow in abundance, and there is much beauty to be found.

I took this photograph at the San Buenaventura Mission during my sister’s and my day trip to the coast a couple of weeks ago. This image speaks to my heart this month because it reminds me that there is much to appreciate about my new-old home state. It reminds me of things I had forgotten.

One of the things I loved about living in New England was the sense of history all around me. Visiting the mission and museum in Ventura reminded me that California has a rich history, too, and brought back to me how much I always loved the missions.

I love the architecture, the gardens, and the artifacts of lives lived long ago, in a simpler time. I know life was not easy or peaceful then, but I find a peace there now. This photo reminds me to open my eyes and heart, to step through the gate and seek the beauty hidden within.

Linking to Kat Eye Studio’s Photo-Heart Connection for August.

21 thoughts on “Photo-Heart Connection: August

  1. Such a peaceful looking place…your photo really does invite me to walk in and rest there.

  2. I won’t claim this is original, but I’ve always thought of this great nation as a patchwork quilt–each piece unique and special in its own right, and each of them lending their individuality and strength to the whole. I’m glad to see, through your camera lens, a little of what California adds to the mix.

  3. Very serene image. Reminds us all to take a few minutes to enjoy the beauty around us.

  4. Beautiful and quiet! I can almost hear the water of the fountain! Glad you’re finding peace in your new/old home!

  5. Wow, that is beautiful The historic architecture is a lot more interesting there. Perhaps that’s because I am so used to the historic architecture on the East coast.

  6. Lovely ‘coming home’ image and a peaceful garden with fountain. I like your text and indeed you are also coming home to that place within.
    Thank you for joining me for breakfast and your visit! Sandra

  7. Beautiful post. I love how you’ve written it – the eye of someone who’s been away but come back with fresh eyes, open to the beauty. I love the image too. There’s something very moving about the cross against the clear blue sky, framed by the palm trees. Very beautiful and peaceful.

  8. I love the missions too…..although each is different, there is a peace and harmony in the architecture of these old buildings, which you’ve captured so beautifully. It will be fun to see you rediscover California…..there is so much to explore. A wonderful photo-heart post!

  9. wow – you don’t live that far from me. looking over all your photos from the past few posts. love-ly! just love-ly. thanks for stopping by my blog.

  10. I love how you continue to embrace your new-old state – re-discovering its different beauty from the East Coast and sharing it with us. The architecture and gardens of this mission are stunning – I can completely understand the welcoming peace it offers.

  11. I’m from California and sadly, never returned to live there. I visit my mom who lives in Oakhurst just outside Yosemite National Park as often as I can. I love your writing and the image is certainly inviting. Missions are fabulous don’t you think? Come to find out…there is a mission trail here in Texas! Welcome back home!

  12. Beautiful! I’m a born and bred New Englander and no matter how long I’ve lived in pacific Northwest it just does not feel like home! The Atlantic smells so much different! I love this heart connection and I can see why it would be so! Thanks for mentioning the font on the new imagery blog. I changed it. It is a new header – and a new, just for photographs, blog. M

  13. Wow this is beautiful and inviting!!!

  14. Wat a place, so beautiful and peaceful.

  15. I am often amazed at the simple little things, or images, that remind me what a diverse and exciting country we live in… it was evident to me when I taught immigrant students from many cultures. I realized, looking at your beautiful photograph that, having lived my life on the eastern coast of the United States that I don’t know what the origin or purpose of a “Mission” is…

  16. with all of its stateleyness the fountian and plants remind us of balance.

  17. It’s a beautiful photograph, but what I find most striking is your words. The enjoyment of rediscovering this place you once new and what you love about it. The different perspective that living away for a long while, and experiencing different place, brings. I’ve experienced so much that is the same, in my moving away and back. Thank you for sharing this in the Photo-Heart Connection!

  18. This is such a beautiful image.. I can feel the serenity through my computer screen.
    We are moving to California in a weeks time. Looking forward to that.

  19. Welcome back! As the song says you know đŸ™‚

  20. beautiful image…lovely post.

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