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Scavenging the Yard


Had to go on the Sunday Scavenger Hunt today. It’s a great distraction from the wind, which is driving me to distraction. Wind is my least favorite kind of weather. It blows here a lot, but usually doesn’t bother me. Today it’s got me a bit on edge.

Let’s think about something else and go hunting. This week’s targets were Yellow, Getting Ready, Bright, Teeny Tiny, and Connections.


Eye of the Beholder

I found this tiny “weed” blooming all by itself early one morning and thought it a lucky way to start the day.

Getting Ready:

Rest Stop

This beautiful bird is pausing for a drink, getting ready to head off to wherever. I believe it’s a female Nutall’s Woodpecker. My bird book says it’s “uncommon.” This is not its normal habitat, so for me, it was a truly special sighting. Please pardon the pink and green blurs — I was shooting from my desk, through the window, between the branches of the crape myrtle, which was blowing back and forth. Yup, it was windy that day, too.


Rose Red

This rose’s blossoms are only a couple of inches across, but it’s the brightest, most vivid red I’ve ever seen. The camera hardly does it justice.

Teeny Tiny:

Eensy Weensy Spider

Luckily for me, and for it, this tiny spider was posing for me on the outside of the window glass. His body was barely a quarter of an inch long, and resembled a small freshwater pearl.


Two-birds of Happiness

This pair of Western Bluebirds has been here all summer. I’ve also spotted a couple of juveniles that could be their offspring, though I can’t know for sure. It pleases me to think of the connections of this little bluebird family. When they spread their wings and fly into the sunshine, they are like pieces of the sky.

The common theme of all these images is the connection that I feel to all the wild things around me here. They are a distraction, too, but in the very best way!

Linking with Ashley’s Ramblings and Photos for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Thanks, Ashley!

9 thoughts on “Scavenging the Yard

  1. This is a beautiful set of nature images! I, too, feel a special connections to all things in nature from the most common to the spectacular! I love the bluebirds in the last shot…gorgeous!

    • I have to agree with Cathy H. What beautiful shots you captured in your yard. The pieces of beauty we somtimes miss in the rush of life.

      Gorgeous bluebirds!

  2. I don’t like wind either. It’s my least favorite kind of weather. But I like spiders! Glad he didn’t blow away! šŸ™‚

  3. These are fun photos. Actually I was liking the pink and green blurs and wondering how you did it!

  4. I love the idea of the bluebirds being like ‘pieces of the sky’! All of these images are beautiful and tie in perfectly with your themes. I especially like the lovely splashes of colour created by the foreground in Rest Stop and they way they lead the eye to the woodpecker. It creates a wonderful mood for me.

  5. I love how your scavenging all took place in your back yard. And what beauty you found there to fulfill the prompts.

  6. Such creative takes on the prompts! I love the spider against the lace. Your Header is beautiful.

  7. Oh, I love your connection to nature – such beautiful captures, and I especially like the last two.

  8. Wonderful set of photos, love the last one best.

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