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Photo-Heart Connection: September


Day’s End

I think that evening, here, is my favorite time of day. Everything slows down. Quiets down. The sun sinks low in the sky; the wind drops and the dust settles. The horses have been fed and contentedly munch their dinner, and I look forward to mine.

I go outside, camera in hand, and walk around the house and yard, observing how the angle of the light has changed since mid-summer, how much earlier the dusk falls. There are no clouds, but the sky begins to glow around the edges with the colors of the inside of a sea shell.

I return to the cottage and open all the windows as far as possible, to let in the cool evening air. The birds are silent and the nightly coyote chorus has not yet begun. The most noticeable sound is the water trickling in the fountain out front.

Peace seems to drift over the land. Perhaps that is only an illusion, but in this moment, it is enough. For me, the quiet is peace enough, and I will cherish it while it lasts.

Each month, the Photo-Heart Connection at Kat Eye Studio challenges us to look over our photos from the month and share the one that speaks most to our hearts. The choice often surprises me, and it’s not always easy to put words to that choice. But it’s a challenge that I really look forward to each month. I’d encourage you to try it.


13 thoughts on “Photo-Heart Connection: September

  1. I am enjoying the images you are sharing of your new life. This one looks as peaceful as your words describe. Beautiful!

  2. Hi my friend. Love this photo-the contrast of light and shadow…and enjoy the way you describe your early evenings. I can totally imagine you, and I miss you all over again.
    It was about a year ago we went on our first photo walk at Biddeford Pool-and breakfast at Cole Road. I would love an instant replay on the whole thing.
    About 3 weeks ago I saw a post on Scavenger-with a photo of a Wonder Bread bakery. Had to ask if it was the one in Biddo, and it was. Another local person who lives on the road I grew up on. She’s new to photography, but we are trying to find a time to take a photowalk together after she finishes her beginning photog class.
    I will try hard not to scare her off with sarcasm and silly antics….and I’m certain there is NO WAY she will be as kind and patient as you. No one could be. And I’m totally certain that instant connection will not happen. That was just a wonderful gift-I really needed that. Excellent timing my former neighbor.
    Hope the horses, the cottage, the family, the new car, and the camera are treating you well. PS. Just got an iphone, so if I ever forget my camera, I’m all set.
    Big hugs from Maine to CA

    • Susan, I envy your potential future friend! She has no idea what a treat is in store for her. 🙂 Just be yourself – no one could ask for more.
      Big hugs back…I’ll email you!

  3. Gorgeous image and your description is so evocative I feel like I’ve spent an evening there with you. A lovely photo heart connection.

  4. Oh I really like that one mom. The “Golden Hour” is the bets time for photos, isn’t it!

  5. The peace comes through in your image, a magical moment when the day ends. I love your descriptions of the fading of the day and the sudden quiet. Thanks for sharing it. (I came across your blog for the first time recently via Kat’s site and it’s fast becoming one of my favourites.)

  6. Lovely lighting at the end of day! I love the phrase: “peace seems to drift over the land”. It’s so true at that time of the day.
    Weren’t you up in a tree last time I visited you in our self-portrait journey?!
    Greetings, Sandra

  7. Such a lovely photo accompanied by lovely writing – you have made the end of the day so real to me through your descriptions – I can see and hear and smell it all.

  8. I agree wholeheartedly with the other readers — your image and writing beautifully evoke peace and tranquillity. I love this time of the day best too, just as I love the fall best as a season.

  9. Your very visual written description is a perfect accompaniment to your photo!

  10. I love your photo and what you tell about it. Thanks for that, its inspiring.

  11. Loving that pop of red! What wonderful evenings…a very cool way to “end” a day, taking that tranquility to sleep with you. Well done!

  12. The image and words you shared this month evoke such a sense of peace for me Lee. I want to be sitting in your cottage, with the windows open, feeling the evening breeze on my skin. Thank you so much for sharing this moment with us in the Photo-Heart Connection!

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