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It’s time already for the {In the Picture} self-portrait linkup for October. At first I thought the month had passed awfully quickly, but then I realized that the last Friday actually came a bit early this month. Our optional theme was favorite places: to take our self-portraits in one or more of our favorite spots.

In Maine, I’d have had an abundance of places to choose from, especially at the peak of autumn. I’d probably have headed to the beach, since that’s my ultimate favorite. Here? I can’t say that I really have any favorite haunts yet. I take most of my photographs right here on the property.

Here’s a favorite spot where I spend a lot of time:


As you can see, my desk is in front of a large window. Above my head is a birdbath you’ll recognize if you’ve been here before. It was unusually quiet when I took this photo. The birds are an almost constant distraction when I’m trying to work at my computer —

This Scrub Jay flew in for a bath while I was typing this post . . . .

— but I love them and can’t bring myself to reposition the desk or close the curtains. Besides, I’m retired, so who cares?

Speaking of curtains, these are only temporary ones, borrowed from another room to keep the sun out of my eyes first thing in the morning. Notice my lovely tiebacks? Binder clips are so useful! The small tree outside the window is a crape myrtle, and until last Friday, it was covered with pink flowers. High winds over the weekend took care of that, but the tree does provide a bit of a fall-ish glow when the morning light shines through it.

When I’m finished pretending to get anything productive done, I often head for another favorite spot:

Front Row Seat

Here I sit on the patio with my feet up and just watch the world go by. I sip tea or coffee, read a book, or . . .  just sit, listening to the breeze, the chatter of little bird voices, the flutter of wings, distant dogs barking, and the occasional airplane passing in the distance. It’s peaceful.

Much as I miss all those favorite places in Maine, it’s good to be here.

A note on this self-portrait challenge . . . I feel like I’m in a rut. Technically I’ve completed another month, but I don’t think I really put my heart or creativity into it. I want to do something different and see some progress and growth! I don’t know exactly what that means, but I’ll be trying to figure it out.

Meanwhile, here’s the linky party at Urban Muser. Let’s go see everyone else’s favorite places.


16 thoughts on “Favorite Places

  1. Your favorite places look and sound wonderful, Lee! Your patio view is beautiful! I can’t wait to be in my new house and put up my feet….you are my role model.

  2. Personally I think those tie backs are very creative!

    Though I know you miss Maine I have to tell you that as I write this, clear over in Western Ohio, we are experiencing winds from this amazing awful storm and hurricane.

    Enjoy that view and those warm temps!

  3. Hi Leon, I love your big window with scenes of your cute patio and bird haven. The Jay is a very pretty bird.

    Speaking of a pretty bird, I’ve been concerned about Jenny and Chuck with this storm at their door. It’s nasty and I just heard the historic boardwalk at Atlantic City is gone. If you were in Maine you would have a choice of dramatic pictures to take, with the storm surge and wild wind.

    Take care my dear. Enjoy your retirement. I am liking mine.

    With love to my california friend.

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    On Oct 29, 2012, at 6:40 PM, Sea Blue Lens wrote:

    > >

    • Nina, I’m concerned for all my friends in Maine, and for Chuck’s family in New Jersey, too. C & J were actually in NJ over the weekend visiting his family, but they cut their trip short and returned home yesterday. Today they stocked up on necessities “just in case,” and now they’re hunkered down to wait it out. I think (I hope!) all will be well.

  4. Hey friend….you’re retired alright, with a view. Dammit I’m jealous. I hear you on the selfie thing. I didn’t really give it the right go this month, but I’m gonna keep on keepin’ on. At least we look good, right?! Hugs from Maine where the wind is howling, the leaves are crashing off the branches, the dogs are cowering in the corner and Charlie Lopresti should be wearing a concealing mask before Halloween. Missing you.

  5. Love the shot with your feet up, looks perfect!

  6. Oh, wow! Your front row seat is simply amazing. What a view – I love your description of the peace you have already found there. I think favorite places take time to find and how wonderful that your new home has already become one for you in this new life. As far as your selfies – I so greatly admire your continued persistence with this project. You inspire!

  7. OMG, your patio and the view are just stunning. I would be sitting there all the time.
    I really enjoy your first shot. You captured the place perfectly. the light is beautiful.

  8. I love the views from your place. I totally get missing the fall splendor of the northeast.
    As for feeling in a selfie rut – maybe try something way different – maybe a multiple exposure? I think you would have fun with that!

  9. Both of these are wonderful, but I really love how you captured yourself day dreaming! Such a beautiful image!! Love the great scenery you’re surrounded with!!

  10. I LOVE you patio!!! It’s just perfect.

  11. Wonderful self-portraits!
    I especially love the first one. Reminds me of me when I am at my computer. 🙂

  12. I love these, your new place looks amazing and your outside space is just gorgeous. Beautiful set.
    ps spray paint those binder clips white and you won’t even notice them. 🙂

  13. I had to laugh when I saw the binder clips on the curtains as I use these as my curtain holders too:) Your “front row seat” looks so warm and inviting and I love that bird bath!

  14. I can see why your desk area is a favorite spot. I love the graceful drape of your curtains, binder clips or not! Enjoy your retirement–and I’ll keep checking in for hints though mine is at least a year away and hopefully a bit longer than that.

  15. I love that first shot of you at your computer overlooking the birdbath. What a gorgeous place you live in for daydreaming!
    I didn’t take part this time, but I’m aiming to join the “In the Picture” gang this time around! Sandra

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