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Photo-Heart Connection: October


The Way the Wind Blows

I’ve had a hard time with the Photo-Heart Connection this month, and, in fact, almost let it pass me by. It’s not that I lack for photos to choose from. The problem is with the heart.

Fall has always been my favorite season of the year, even though I grew up in a place where fall was marked not by spectacular color, but merely a cooling and mellowing of the summer’s blistering heat. Leaves simply turned brown and fell off the trees, leaving behind bare branches against blue sky.

Seventeen years ago, I left the desert behind and moved east, where I finally experienced autumn in all its glory and loved it more than ever. Now I’m back, not exactly in the desert but close to it. I’m far away from a lot of people I love. And while I’m happy and grateful to be here in this beautiful place, close to other people I love, my heart is torn.

Fall for me is a nostalgic time of year anyway, and this year it feels especially poignant. I love my new home, and find joy in it every day. I’m also seriously homesick for Maine and the friends and family left behind. I feel tears welling up at unexpected moments. I feel a bit like that weathervane up there, turned in a different direction with each passing breeze.

I’m keeping busy (in a relaxed sort of way) and try to do something every day to settle in here a little deeper. Like a transplanted tree, it will take time to put out new roots and become established in this new soil. It will take a bit of protection from the strongest winds. But in the end, those winds will help to strengthen the trunk and roots and branches of that tree.

I try not to think too much about it all, but just let myself feel what comes. I know it will pass. Whichever way they blow, the winds always die down and calm returns.

So that’s my Photo-Heart Connection for this October. For me, fall is still what it was all along . . . a time both for looking back and for new beginnings. I wonder what November will bring?

Thanks to Kat Sloma for hosting this linkup each month. It’s a great chance to look over the images taken during the month and think more deeply about the one that speaks most to my heart.


17 thoughts on “Photo-Heart Connection: October

  1. You mean the cactus needles don’t change color and fall off spectacularly?

  2. You can always come back! The downstairs apartment is empty! 🙂

  3. Beautiful photo heart connection. Transitions can be so hard. You’ve written about it so beautifully.

  4. This is a beautiful image! The light is just gorgeous! I’ve never had a big moving experience so, I can’t even begin to imagine how you must feel torn between the new and the old! I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts as you continue to “put down new roots.”

  5. What a lovely photo heart connection! I’ve made some moves over the past few years and can understand what you miss. It’s difficult to be transplanted, like your tree example, yet I think you are doing those things which will continue to nourish your new roots in your new home.

    Meanwhile, I’m sending you lots of love and peace and blessings to help smooth the way for you…

  6. Oh, Lee. Having made my transition last year, I can identify with every single word of this post. This kind of move is hard, no matter how happy you are with your current location, there is so much you miss from the old. I love your wind/tree analogy, and the image is perfect too. Thank you for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection. My heart is with you in this bittersweet transition.

  7. So beautifully written – your emotional state laid bare. I so admire you for that – for accepting the bittersweet and torn nature of your state of mind – wanting your old life, wanting your new life – each with its own brand of goodness and comfort. But leaning in to the emotions – continuing to build your connections to this new place and home; not letting go of your fondness for Maine and all it represents in your life. Holding both in your heart.

    A gorgeous image – that silhouetted weathervane against the saturated sky. A perfect PHC.

  8. Your photo is beautiful. Your writing stirring. As I look towards a soon coming move I wonder which way the weather vane is point and what emotions I’ll experience. Leaving the ocean is a difficult action, but sometimes a necessary one. I hope your adjustment is smooth and you continue to find beauty in your new home.

  9. Beautiful and moving post, Lee! I can totally relate……pulling up the roots and saying goodbye to friends is hard. Creating a new life in a new place can be challenging too. i am also feeling torn ( we move tomorrow) and wonder what life will be like in our new home. Your image is so lovely!

  10. Autumn is my favorite season as well, Lee. I love its colors, the turning leaves, the fog, pumpkins, the smell of spiced cider and freshly baked pumpkin bread. Where you live now is certainly very different from Maine, and oh how I can undersand that you miss Maine. I would miss it as well, I think.
    The picture of the weathervane in all it glorious colors is a perfect symbol for what you wrote here.

  11. I like your title: “the way the wind blows” … and this is just a little hint to remind you to sway in the same direction as the wind. Being homesick for a place you loved is so natural and settling into a new place after uprooting yourself takes time. The changing of seasons can make us think of many things… wherever we are. I love your picture and its symbolic meaning.

  12. Lee, your image is beautiful, as is the heart connection you write about. I so like the comparison you make between yourself and a newly planted tree whose roots are challenged but ultimately strengthened by the wind it endures.

  13. Hi!
    I identify with this post so much! I moved here to the US two years ago leaving my family behind to start a new life with my husband. It’s been a beautiful journey but lately I’ve been missing my folks back home. Tears well up at the sight or smell of something that reminds me of the home I left behind.
    I hope you settle in your new place soon.
    My thoughts are with you

  14. I love your image – the colors are spectacular, the weather vane silhouette is beautiful!

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