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Photo-Heart Connection: November


Apples & Oranges

Apples & Oranges

This month’s Photo-Heart Connection for me is about embracing change. This year has been full of changes in my life, and this photograph illustrates some of those changes for me.

It’s impossible not to make comparisons between where I was and where I am now. But it’s as futile as comparing apples to oranges. They are so different that there is no comparison. Both are complete and good in themselves.

This image also includes the old and the new. The cut crystal bowl was Mom’s and has been around as long as I can remember. The crystal candlestick is one of a pair, modern and simple in style, that I bought shortly before my move. I love the way the unity of material and the sparkling light pull them together in spite of their differences.

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The Next Day: A Photo-Heart Confession

So there I was last night, waxing all philosophical and poetic about my picture of a bowl of fruit on my table. I couldn’t think of how to wrap it up, so I saved my draft and went to bed.

When I woke up this morning, I suddenly realized what really drew my heart to this image out of all the photos I took in November. It wasn’t anything deep and philosophical at all. It was the vibrant and joyous color and light. It’s sunshine in a bowl. That was what made me take the photo in the first place.

Those other things also happen to be true, but they are afterthoughts, and perhaps “over-thoughts.” The real reason I’m drawn to this image is simply this:

It makes my heart glad.

I’m linking with Kat Sloma’s Photo-Heart Connection for November.

19 thoughts on “Photo-Heart Connection: November

  1. Me too! But aren’t you technically comparing apples to tangerines there? šŸ™‚

  2. Isn’t that funny how that happens? If I have a PHC pic all picked out and become interrupted, the next time I sit down I usually choose something entirely different.

    How about both? You can be all over thinking AND simplicity. How great is that? It’s like ordering a sensible cheese omelette and having a single sinful blueberry pancake to go with it.
    I like the image and my eyes went zigging right toward the colorful fruit. Maybe it’s the drab browns and blah golds that are all I’m seeing (when it’s light) these days. I didn’t even notice your mom’s crystal or your sleek candlestick. I think this image would also be pretty with just the fruit and bowl on an empty table. So many possibilities.
    Tangerines? Who knew. I don’t like much fruit-mostly just berries.
    Happy day to you.

  3. Well, I just love the thoughts you had both before AND after because they are true to you. And the light on the beautiful fruit really caught my attention right away. I have to agree with Susan that during this dark brown season it’s so uplifting to see colors.

    What better photo heart connection is there than to say an image “makes my heart glad” !

  4. I like your reason for choosing this composition of beautiful cut-glass crystal bowl with colourful fruit and the modern candlestick. The fit well together, one complementing the other. Feeling glad is one of the nicest things to feel, it puts a skip in our step and a smile on our lips! Your beautiful orange and yellow fruit, little touches of colour on the cloth and the crystal objects make me feel glad too!

  5. It’s interesting how a sleep can clarify. I will often finish a layout sleep and come back the next day and completely change my mind. Somethings are just meant to be. Thanks so much for visiting my blog today I’m glad I found you too…..

  6. “It makes my heart glad.” That is reason enough! I’m glad you slept on this and came back to it. The light and color is what caught my eye as well. Yes, all those other things are true. But light and color… sometimes it’s as simple as that. Thank you for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection!

  7. I think we all do that – assign some symbolism or meaning to our images after the fact. And I think that is good and part of the creative process. Our images can have hidden and deeper meanings that we only see later.

    Or not. Sometimes they really are just about the gorgeous light – about seeing and noticing “sunshine in a bowl”. That is certainly enough to make one’s heart sing.

  8. Makes my heart glad, too. There’s something about the colour orange, and the sparkle of crystal – brightens my day, every time! Thanks for keeping it real – I’m sure all the meaning you bring to the image is absolutely true! But, sometimes, it’s also about, or even primarily about, the joy of the colour and light!

  9. I like your “sunshine in a bowl” too! How vibrant! Bright colors truly do cheer the soul!

  10. Love this beautiful image and your thoughts! That’s why we do this, isn’t it? So our hearts will sing!

  11. Beautiful post and image and wonderful photo-heart connection. I think I also do this. When I am drawn to an image often is due to its composition, colors or light, but when I look at it carefully I feel emotions moving inside me and I start to see new meanings and realize new connections… maybe because the more I look at it the more I do it through my mind frames, experiences and so on. Both are ways to go deeper into myself…

  12. Sunshine in a bowl – yes!! How beautiful…and straight from the heart.

  13. The color and light in your image are beautiful! I love how you shared your second thoughts…looking at it with your photographer’s eye and finding a different interpretation. Both are equally valid. Thanks for sharing!

  14. So nice to see your photography. I love the world of the natural versus the man-made….a beautiful juxtaposition. It is true that waiting on something overnight can really shed a new “prism” on our thoughts. I like what awaited you in the morning. smiles: sharon

    I need to get back to Kat’s photo-heart connection. Many things have been dropped this year. But I did sign up for her February? class. It will be good to see “old” friends again….

  15. I think it’s wonderful that what you came round to seeing is what I saw instantly when I looked at your photo. The bright colors and the light – like sunshine in a bowl alright. it’s perfect for PHC – the eyes and the heart in beautiful synchronicity. wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a healthful new year. take care now, and happy week to you.

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