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Photo-Heart Connection: February 2013


DSC_0021Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk

I knew when I took this photo in early February that it would be my choice for this month’s Photo-Heart Connection, and I’ve been saving it to share today.

Isn’t he (or she) magnificent? To give you an idea of scale, the bird bath is 18 inches across and is only 15 feet from my front door.  I was at my desk when I glanced up and saw him. I slowly and carefully reached for my camera and took half a dozen quick shots as he lingered there.

The blurs in the foreground are caused by the top of a garden gate that’s adjacent to the window. I knew he could see me through the window and was afraid if I stood up for a clearer shot that he would fly away — and that’s exactly what happened when I tried it. I’m glad I took my “insurance shots” first.

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I love the whole variety of birds and other creatures that inhabit this space with us. Their voices and antics entertain and delight me every single day.

But hawks — like wolves — epitomize wildness to me. There is something so incongruous about this huge, beautiful wild thing perching on my little domestic bird bath! I can’t put into words the feeling it gives me, like something is going to explode in my chest. Perhaps he stirs a secret wildness in my own heart.

I watch in astonishment and awe, honored that he would stop by my tiny oasis in the desert. Welcome, welcome, my friend. Come back any time!

Linking to Kat Sloma’s Photo-Heart Connection for February.

24 thoughts on “Photo-Heart Connection: February 2013

  1. Wow, amazing capture. I’ve only ever seen hawks when I’m driving and unfortunately I never seem to have my telezoom lens with me at those moments. Magnificient creature.

  2. Great shot of a lovely hawk! I had a few hawk shots as well in February but nothing like yours! Ours was way at the end of my yard and blending in with all the brown leaves and dead branches… I love to watch them though — they are beautiful reminders of the wildness of nature.

  3. He is beautiful! You describe the impact of his visit so well in your words and photo.

  4. Oh, I love this…be still my heart!! I’m so glad you got your insurance shots first too as he is such a beauty! I once rescued an immature American Kestrel and took it to a rehabilitator and he was just so incredible to see up close. You and I are probably kindred spirits, I love nature and could feel myself in your words.

  5. How magnificant! And your heart-felt description is so stirring. I can see why this would be your Photo-Heart Connection – that common thread of wildness and freedom represented by his visit.

  6. There is something so majestic about them. Great job on getting the capture.

  7. What a beautiful bird, and you have photographed it wonderfully.
    A perfect Photo-Heart connection.
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  8. What a masterful capture of this magnificent bird — what a treat for you! I love how you expressed this connection, “stirring a secret wildness”. A true photo-heart connection.

  9. Oh my, what an awesome shot… I am totally loving your blog post blog because Even though my post of bird/birds are different… I was in total awe of the sheer size…

  10. Oooh, by welcoming him/her, I wonder what you are welcoming to yourself. Da, dah, daaaaah. I guess you’ll have to wait and see. Maybe a higher chair so next time he comes you can get the angle you want.
    I love the clarity of the bird-look at those talons and sharp beak.
    I wish I appreciated birds more. I find soaring seagulls appealing and I remember being in Croatia-and finding the circling swallows almost romantic, but aside from that birds are just sort of ho-hum. How lucky for you to have them so close and that they bring such delight.
    Happy day my friend. Hope “your guy” returns.

  11. I feel your joy and communion with this creature! Oh, those words: “secret wildness in my own heart.” Yes, it is there. Thank you for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection this month. I’m glad you got this image that makes your heart sing!

  12. WOW…what an amazing capture and imaage. Such a gorgeous bird!!! Lucky you to have been able to capture him/her like this.

  13. Wow how magnificent great capture I know what you mean by moving and scaring wildlife away I wanted to get a shot of a male Pheasant in my garden but unluckily he was frightened by something and rushed through the hedge into the next garden… Visiting from photo heart connection…

  14. Your image made me gasp! Beautiful capture! I too, love to watch and listen to the birds. I wish I had the perfect window that I could sit beside and watch my feeders and bird baths, but not possible! I certainly hope he enjoyed his welcome and will return!

  15. Wonderful! You’ve really caught a bit of magic here…what a joy it must be watching these guys.

  16. I love this photo! I would be thrilled to see a hawk that close up. Or any bird, for that matter. 🙂

  17. Gorgeous shot! And I agree that there is something special about raptors. Visiting through PHC.

  18. I always think of these close encounters with wild things as precious gifts, too. You were honored with his presence!
    Visiting from PHC.

  19. What an amazing visitor you had on your bird-bath! You must have been thrilled to have your camera close by to have been able to capture him with very little movement on your behalf. Those chest feathers are so beautiful. You felt a very special connection to this wild bird as if he reminded you of some secret wildness within you which was moved upon this encounter.

  20. Makes me think of that wonderful Thoreau quote: In wildness is the preservation of the world. Wonderful capture and great photo-heart connection.

  21. What a precious “capture!” I enjoyed your post.


  22. What a great capture, Leon! I love hawks as well as you perhaps know. For me they also represent wildness, power, strength – and freedom. I never get tired watching them.

  23. Such a great capture. fantastic photo-heart connection

  24. That is amazing, I am so glad you took those insurance shots.

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