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Checking the Mail


It’s time for Walk and Click Wednesday. Though the day I took this walk didn’t look very promising, I was restless and wanted to go exploring a bit, so I decided to walk down to the mailbox, a little less than half a mile from the house. Well, I actually went quite a ways farther than that, but that’s as far as I’m taking you today.

DSC_0021Nah, It’s Not Gonna Rain

The weatherman said no rain for us that day. He didn’t mention the snow that would fall overnight.

DSC_0026Mother of All Pigs

The folks who lived here before us raised pigs. I love this sign on the front of the tack barn.

DSC_0028Red Lantern

I’ve lived here for nine months and didn’t realize the glass in this lantern was red until I went behind it to take this photo and saw the light shining through it. I really need to get out more.

DSC_0032The Dr. Seuss Tree

These three Arbor Vitae are planted in front of the barn. I think the one in the middle must have been abducted by aliens and subjected to nefarious experiments at some point in its life.

DSC_0036Pine Cones, Extra Large

These cones are huge compared to the “normal” ones on the property. I gathered a basketful after I got home.

DSC_0044What Is This?

Halfway down the driveway is this huge shrub (it’s taller than I am) but I don’t know what it is. It looks very old. The ground beneath it is so riddled with animal holes that I’m amazed it’s alive at all.

DSC_0043At the Heart

This is a closeup of the trunk and the mysterious depths below. It makes me think of those children’s stories where a timid boy or girl suddenly becomes very small and goes sliding down a tunnel beneath the earth. Of course, s/he will save the fairy kingdom and return home safely by dinnertime.

DSC_0048Spring Song

As I passed by this row of pines, I heard a tremendous chatter of bird voices. As I got closer, I saw that it was a flock of robins, maybe two dozen of them.


This made me very happy. I’ve only seen one robin here before, when he stopped at the bird bath last fall. They don’t seem to live around here, so I’m guessing they are just passing through on their way to wherever they spend the summer. By the way, that pink stuff on the ground is pepper berries. California Pepper trees are a common landscaping tree in this area. They have beautiful ferny leaves and long hanging clusters of glossy pink berries.

DSC_0050 Brake for Cowboys

This sign is on the gatepost next to our neighbor’s corral.

DSC_0057Mini Moos and Friends

Another neighbor trains working dogs. She has a small flock of sheep and three miniature cows, as well as a large flock of ducks, that the dogs get to practice their herding skills on.

DSC_0060News Gathering

And here we are at our goal. On this day I took the long way home, walking up the road and circling back home the roundabout way. We’ll do that another Wednesday, okay?

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Linking with Lissa’s Walk and Click Wednesday. Come check it out! Better yet, take a walk, take some photos, and join in.

20 thoughts on “Checking the Mail

  1. I enjoy these Walk and Click posts! And your sense of humor about that Dr. Seuss tree…aliens??? Your post brings a smile and some giggles here.

  2. This is such a great adventure, Lee. Isn’t it wonderful to find amusement in this big world of ours? Yes, the Dr. Seuss tree brings a bit of levity. I especially like your Red Lantern image and the Old Cowboy Xing made laugh. Thank you so much for sharing in Walk and Click Wednesday and your enthusiastic support!

  3. Great to follow you on your adventure. Well written text and the pictures tells a story in themselves.

  4. What a lovely walk around your neighborhood. Looks like a great place to live.

  5. So many interesting things on your walk. I love the News Gathering.

  6. Wow! What a lovely place you live ~ Photography is so creative ~ love the roots of the tree ~ and your captions are delightful ^_^

  7. Hi! Beautiful series of nature photos. I enjoyed your post very much. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you a wonderful day.

  8. Oh, it was fun walking with you, Lee! You do give us a wonderful sense of place with these images.. Your mailbox is half a mile down the road? — now that’s rural! I love that twisted truck image, wonderful textures.

  9. Your neighborhood is beyond cool…so unfair☺ Just love your images…on top of it, I learned a couple new things from you!

  10. Wonderful images! I felt like I was walking beside you as we ambled down the road to the mailbox!! I love the area you live in. It’s beautiful and interesting!

  11. What an amazing walk to the mailbox! How much you have to see and experience in that half mile. I love your Dr. Seuss tree – such winsome awesomeness in that gnarled shape. And then the “bush” – entrance to a magical world of fairies and strange lands – it gives me the shivers, but in a good way. I can’t wait to see next week’s “long way home”.

  12. Great shots. Looks like a beautiful area. Blessings, Debbie

  13. What a beautiful view in that first image, and I absolutely LOVE the red lantern.
    Wonderful photograph!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  14. Oh, lord! The “Mother of All Pigs, ” huh? Love it, my friend! You’ve got some great shots here. That red lantern echoing the red barn…awesome! The mailbox shot is another favorite. And, many thanks for the link to “Click and Walk Wednesday.” I’ve bookmarked it and hope to join in the fun.

  15. I really like that last shot of the mail boxes lined up. Great little tour of you walk to the mail box- I like e pig sign too..

  16. I have enjoyed this walk with you, photos are fabulous and it looks a wonderful place to live

  17. I love how red keeps popping up in the photos of this day.

    Lovely capture of the heart of that odd tree. I don’t know what that is, but the big pine cones may come from a Jefferson pine, and you can eat those pink peppercorns…they are quite hot!

  18. Hey Girl. What a great walk. You certainly were inspired, and you never mentioned what was in the mailbox when you got there. Hope the trip down was not for an empty one. My fave shot is the red lantern-how nice for it to match the barn. It’s like purse with shoes to match (and you know I’m an expert on that).
    I really like the new sharpness you’re getting in your images. It is a marked difference. Huge. I guess in the past I assumed you enjoyed shooting softer-I think this clarity, when desired, shows a big shift in your photos. Boo-yah!
    Have a great day. Looking forward to seeing ’round the other side.

  19. I enjoyed this walk with you – so beautiful. The red lantern is gorgeous, I would love that one at my home. The huge shrub is fantastic, it really fires up one’s fantasy.

  20. Love the idea of a Walk and Click day. We went to the zoo on Saturday and it was Walk and Click and Chase….the Funny Bunnies that is!!! Love seeing where you live, vegetation, buildings, all that fun red…but the Dr. Seuss tree is the best!!! I can see how you came to name it that, but what is fun, is the name popping into your mind. I have rather petered out of Kat’s class and many postings of anything. Too many family situations to concentrate. But it is always great fun to return to the blogs I love and pick up where I left off. You have created some great posts since last visiting. smiles: sharon

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