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Third Thursday Challenge: 03.2013


DSC_0457Growing Strong

The Third Thursday Challenge I took up this month may not seem particularly photography-related but, believe me, it is.

I’ve joined a gym.

Last Thursday, by coincidence (or fate) the third Thursday in March, our local fitness center offered a free yoga class. I’ve been interested in yoga for a while but had never tried it. A free class just a few minutes from home . . . how could I pass that up?

I went, I yoga’d, I got sore — and it felt good. After class I talked with the owner about the facilities and membership options. I asked if there was a senior discount, he said yes, and I signed on the dotted line. Since then I’ve had two sessions with a trainer to get me started. It feels wonderful to be challenging my body and to know I’m doing something good for my long-term health.

So what’s the photographic connection? We’ve all heard the expression, “Use it or lose it.” I’ve always been blessed with good health, stamina, and reasonable strength. But lately I’ve noticed a decline in that strength. I noticed that when I squatted down to get close to the ground to take a photograph, I had trouble standing again without putting my hand on the ground to help push myself back up to my feet. I also noticed that when I took a walk with my dSLR, my back would ache.

That’s not the person I want to be. I have too many things I want to do, too many ground-level wildflowers to shoot, to let myself get old and tired and weak. Well, getting old I can’t do much about . . . that will happen no matter what, and, as they say, it beats the alternative. But I can take charge of my fitness and build my strength back up. I can get up from the computer, get off the couch, turn off the television, put down the book, get moving.

So, truly, it was my photography that gave me the push I needed. After all, I have to be strong enough to take on another challenge next month!

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12 thoughts on “Third Thursday Challenge: 03.2013

  1. I love your interpretation of the challenge and I’m with you there. I want to be able to squat down to take a ground level photo and carry my DSLR anywhere without being sore. I’m an avid hiker, runner, cyclist and skier. AND I want to feel great and not worry about my body when I’m photographing.

  2. Good for you. I’ve gotten out of the gym habit in recent months and can really tell–in the ways you mention as well as on the scale. Thanks for making such a great connection between exercise and being able to do something we like to do. You go, girl!

  3. ROCK STAR!!! While I’m not going to join you in the whole sit still and zen yoga thing, put your left knee on green, and then your right hand on red……to you I say “right on yo”. That’s awesome. And you went back after feeling sore, that’s bonus points. The first time I take a different class I’m really sore, and think I shall not go back, but after the 2nd time you’re only half as sore and then soon it all becomes tolerable.
    Another benefit of being a photographer-staying fit.
    Love your spring looking image. I hope that is current for you and not from the archives.
    Hugs and stuff.

  4. I enjoy yoga, too, and it really makes a difference, especially if you make it a daily practice. I’m out of that daily practice right now but trying to get back to it.

    This image is simply stunning! You really did good here.

  5. Good for you, Lee! Yes, we need to take care of our bodies so we can do all the things we love to do. I am a big fan of yoga, for both it’s physical and spiritual benefits. Beautiful capture of the spring blossoms!

  6. Lee – what a fantastic challenge! To make the connection between your creative side and your physical body – each feeds the other and allows us to be a fully rounded human being. As you said, staying strong and healthy will allow you to better enjoy photography and improve your lives in many ways. I love this expansion of the TTC idea into the idea of wholeness – that we need to look at all areas of our life and not just limit the idea specifically to photography.

    Your image is so amazingly beautiful – especially to those of us still waiting for spring to make its appearance on something other than the calendar. Thank you so much for joining in with the Third Thursday Challenge this month – and for taking it beyond what I ever envisioned it could be.

  7. Good for you, Lee!!!
    Definitely a good thing to do just for you.
    This photograph is absolutely gorgeous.
    Wishing you a wonderful day!

  8. I love this healthy aspect of photography!
    I never wanted to join a gym – it reminded me too much of my PE classes at school, especially the smell in the locker room (yuck!). But a few years ago I joined Jazzercise, and while I don’t necessarily love it, I like it enough to go there on a regualr basis and even enjoy it. I have better balance, I don’t stumble that often as I used to, and I am much stronger. These are all good… only the stiffness in the morning is something that even Jazzercise can’t get rid off. Sigh.

  9. Good for you! A great challange that you’ll reep many benefits from! Love your spring image!

  10. That’s great. I like your writing/thinking on this. I’ve had tendonitis in one knee since November that has hampered my yoga practice and my photography, so I hear you loud and clear!

  11. Love, love, love your take on the challenge! Funnily enough I’ve just signed up for a yoga class too – was on my ‘to do this year’ list. Yay! Love a bit of yoga and there is not doubt it’s fantastic for joints and flexibility. Love your image here and look forward to seeing lots and lots more ground level wildflowers through your lens. 🙂

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