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The Long Way Home


Where we left offWhere We Left Off

It’s Walk and Click Wednesday and time to finish up that walk I started two weeks ago. I’ve left you waiting at the mailboxes long enough. Let’s venture on up that road.


I don’t know if this place is abandoned or not, but it had a forlorn and forsaken look to it.

Good fencesBoundary

Robert Frost wrote, “Good fences make good neighbors,” in his poem “Mending Wall” but the saying has been around a lot longer than that. I thought this rail and cactus made quite a good-looking fence.


I’ve been curious about this little roofless building ever since I first saw it, so I decided to explore.


It is, I believe, an abandoned well house. The capped-off well head can be seen inside.


I walked up this small wash alongside the road. When I turned and looked back, there were many doggish tracks to be seen. My guess is coyotes — we often hear them howling at night, sometimes very close to the house.


I found three of these old tiles in that wash and brought them home with me. Why? Well . . . I don’t know, they were interesting and . . . I guess it’s like collecting sea glass at the beach. [Susan and Jenny, stop laughing.]

Going UpGoing Up

I noticed this dirt track going up the hill. It was evident that no vehicle had been that way for a long time, so I headed up to see what I could see.

Still StandingStill Standing

This yucca was growing alongside the track, still bearing flower stalks from last year’s bloom. When I moved here near the end of last May, the hills were covered with flowering yucca. It was an amazing sight. I’m curious to see if the show will repeat this year, or if it was a special welcome just for me.

The Other Side of the MountainThe Other Side of the Mountain

It looked like there was once a structure on the top of the hill, but nothing is left but a water faucet, the foundation of a wall, and some concrete rubble. This was the view down the other side. See that fenced area on the side of the mountain over there? We can see that from our house, too, and always wondered what it was for. When I downloaded my photos and zoomed in on this image, I could just make out several horses in the upper left corner of the fence. So now we know: it’s pasture.

Eyes Upon MeThe Hills Have Eyes

Have you ever had the feeling you were being watched? I got that feeling and when I turned around was startled to see these two characters checking me out.

Looking DownLooking Down

So I headed back down and homeward again.

Horse CountryHorse Country

They’re quite serious about these signs. I often pass riders on this road.

Through the FenceThrough a Fence

Why did the photographer cross the road? To capture an irresistible vignette spotted from the other side, of course. I was seriously hoping no one from the house was watching!

Against the SkyAgainst the Sky

I turned onto a smaller side road to make that circle back home, and loved this old fence atop the roadside bank.

Gate to NowhereGate to Nowhere

Almost there! See that trail? It will take us right to the back of the garage.

Watch Where You Step!Watch Your Step!

But don’t go too fast, or you’ll miss these tiny flowers growing right in the middle of the path. Each of these blossoms was only a quarter of an inch (or less!) across.

Finish LineFinish Line

And here we are, home at last. This line of posts, all that’s left of a very old fence, marks the boundary of our property. I hope you enjoyed our little hike!

Linking with Walk and Click Wednesday, with thanks to Lissa for hosting!

16 thoughts on “The Long Way Home

  1. Lovely set of images. Love that line of mail boxes and the finish line image especially. I am a sea glass collector too – and would absolutely have picked up those tile pieces and taken them home with me! Beautiful little vignette with the watering can. Thank you for taking us on your walk. 🙂

  2. What a lovely walk Lee. I enjoyed it so much. The well house reminded me that my Grandpa had a well house like that, I haven’t thought of that in years.

  3. Wonderful photographs of your walk, Lee.
    I especially love the last one.
    Wonderful focus and composition.
    Wishing you a great day!

  4. What an interesting place to wander. I just keep scrolling back up to look at the beautiful mountains off in the distance. It was a lovely walk that I enjoyed very much! I’ll be looking forward to going again when the yucca is blooming.

  5. I have often wondered why the photographer crossed the road…now I know!!!

    I love these walks you take with your camera.

  6. Thanks for the tour! My favorite is your last shot. I think I’m partial to those limited depth-of-field pieces. Nice post!

  7. A wonderful walk – it is good that you find beauty and interest in your surroundings – and fabulous shots. Wonder why that watering can was latched up to the tree.

  8. Thank you Lee for the invite to go on a walk with you. You showed us some wonderful things near your home. I really enjoyed myself…now may have a glass of water while I gaze at your photos again? I’m parched!

  9. What a great hike — I really got a sense of your area through your lens. Some of it was archeology, imagining what was there before. I like your tiles, I would have picked them up too. And I love the watering can shot — perfect!

  10. Oh, Lee – I am so glad to have walked the “long way home” with you and your camera. Your landscape is so very different from mine, with such different visual subjects that it is a real pleasure to view these sights along with you. Love all the fence shots – with their beautiful weathered boards and leading lines. I look forward to seeing the yucca plants in bloom this spring as you celebrate your first year in California.

  11. Thanks for taking us along, your walk seems so interesting with many surprises along the way.

  12. Oh, so lovely to join you on your walk…extraordinary walk, I would say! Something about the image ‘Still Standing’ really tugged at me. It’s the image I carry with me from this beautiful walk. Thank you, Lee!

  13. I didn’t mind waiting at the mailboxes, Lee. It’s quite a nice image there. I loved walking with you on your adventure here though … quite nice images of the desert vegetation … especially the prickly pear … I the fence post with the greenery in the depth of field … so wonderful. I too wonder who lived in old abandoned buildings. Thanks for visiting Walk and Click Wednesday!

  14. Such a wonderful images and a beautiful walk, I´ve enjoyed it so much. Love the scenery it´s similar to the landscape here… the image Through a Fence is so lovely…

  15. Thanks for taking us along on your walk–it’s nice to get a sense of place for you. It seemed every photo was better than the one that came before it, but I finally settled on the deserted house and the gate to nowhere as my favorites.

  16. It’s quite a landscape you have taken us through again, and the photos are all very beautiful.My favourite is probably the one with the yucca. I am not from the desert or similar ares, but I really love them, so thanks for taking us along.

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