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For Walk and Click Wednesday this week, my sister and I paid a visit to Kilcoyne Lilac Farm right here in Acton. Imagine six acres of blooming lilacs, surrounded by beautiful mountains under a wide blue sky. Imagine 73 perfect degrees and a gentle spring breeze. Imagine inhaling the fragrance of lilacs until you think your lungs will burst. Come along as we park beside the road and walk in.

IMG_0691Traffic Alert

This sign greets visitors entering the driveway.

IMG_0692Home Sweet Nest

As we arrived, I saw a small bird fly out of this nest tucked under a porch roof.

IMG_0717Almost Too Much

The sight and scent of so many lilacs was almost overwhelming . . . but in the most delightful way.

IMG_0698I’m In Love

IMG_0697Mountain View

There were lilacs of every conceivable color.

IMG_0706Baby Blue

IMG_0702Pure White

IMG_0694Deep Purple

IMG_0719Palest Lavender

I’ve never seen lilacs like this one before. I love these frothy, curly petals.


This old boy seemed to be enjoying his leisure just beyond the lilacs.


All good things must come to an end. Senses filled to overflowing, we headed back toward the exit. But not without stopping by the shed to buy a bouquet to take home, to savor the scent of this day a while longer.


What a memorable walk this was, and what a wonderful discovery! In all the years I lived in Nevada and California, I only knew of lilacs from having read about them. When I moved to the eastern US in the mid-1990’s, I fell in love with them at first sight — and smell. I’d never have guessed they could grow in the high desert of Southern California. I’m happy to know that I can experience their heady joy here and now, and in every spring to come.

PS – All these images, except for the last one, were taken with my iPhone. When my sister and I left the house, we intended to grab some lunch and go shopping, so I didn’t take my camera. Stopping to smell the lilacs was a spur-of-the-moment impulse. We never did get to the stores, and we weren’t sorry at all.

Linking with Walk and Click Wednesdays, with many thanks to Lissa for hosting. I look forward to it more each week. Come on over and join the fun!

16 thoughts on “Lilac Love

  1. Mmm, smells way better than shopping. Wish I was there! 🙂

  2. Oh lovely i love Lilacs my favourite thanks for sharing your walk….

  3. Thank goodness for iPhones. Wow that is a lot of Lilacs. The smell of them is always so heavenly. So glad you stopped and took us on this tour with you.

  4. Beautiful, Lee. I love lilacs, but we still have to wait awhile. All different colors are so fun.

  5. What heaven for lilac lovers like us! You’ve captured these so beautifully! One Spring I discovered some by a country road and filled the car with them — I almost passed out from all the lilac perfume on the way home.

  6. Oh, I do love lilacs. We have one lilac tree that my husband planted 23 years ago. He took a few small shoots from his grandmother’s tree in upstate New York and replanted it near our kitchen where we could see it from the window. It grew and it grew and it grew before any lilacs began to blossom. The only thing is, now when it blooms, the lilacs are all high in the tree and if I want to see or smell them, I have to go upstairs in my son’s bedroom and open his window. I would love to walk through an entire lilac farm.

    Beautiful photos, as always!

  7. Such overwhelming beauty – in all the senses! And what a delightful, spur-of-the-moment surprise. Don’t you love when that happens? Such diversity in color and shape – I didn’t realize there were so many varieties. Thank you for sharing your lilac experience – it brought the freshness of spring.

  8. i can almost smell them. beautiful.

  9. I wish smell could be added to our blogs! These are gorgeous. I love the contrast between the soft blossoms and the distant hills!

  10. What a lovely place! And how nice that they allow visitors. Your shots are just gorgeous–a Wednesday well spent!

  11. I’m afraid six acres of blooming lilac would have sent me over the edge as I’m quite sensitive to scents and very picky about those I can manage, but the blossoms are spectacular, Lee. Thanks so much for your enthusiastic participation in Walk and Click Wednesday!

  12. Whish I was there, I love the smell of lilacs… such a beautiful adventure. Your photos are wonderful, love the one of your table.

  13. Wow! What a walk! I think I caught the scent of those lilacs all the way over here! I love that home sweet nest, and tractor crossing. But, most of all, I love the image of that bouquet of lilacs on your table at the end of it all. A beautiful momento of all that was.

  14. I happened by on just the right day – lilacs are my favorite flower, reminding me of my childhood where we had loads of bushes on the farm. Some were the double flowers too, with such heady fragrance. This post reminds me of Whitman’s poem “When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom’d”. this is such a lovely post. happy weekend to you Lee.

  15. These are so beautiful. I love lilacs but I don’t see them much although I’m sure they grow here. Hmmm, I think my garden needs one. 🙂 Love the last shot, I can just imagine the beautiful scent in your room.

  16. I am excited to say that last spring we started our official collection. I call it official because it is in a designated area. In the lilac world, things aren’t always what they seem to be. We have had several surprises when our three-year-old lilacs would bloom and we would end up with some stray varieties in the fields. So when I wanted to show these to someone, I would have to walk them all over the farm. Now we have an area were we planted with more than 125 different varieties, given to us by our dear friend and lilac collector Reva Ballreich. Some of the plants are already producing flowers, and I can’t wait for the display when they all come of age in about three years. Needless to say, I love these flowers, and now I won’t have to wear people out looking for that one exquisite specimen that will melt their heart.

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