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Windsday Walk and Click


DSC_0806Please Please Please Stop Blowing!

OK, I admit I didn’t get far for Walk and Click Wednesday this week. The weather has been chilly and the wind has been blasting for most of the past couple of weeks. It’s the kind of wind where small trees in large pots get blown right over and your patio chairs go missing. They might — if you’re lucky — be found later up against the neighbor’s fence. But in between gales I did take a stroll or two around the yard to see what was blooming.

The first stop was the apple tree outside my bedroom window. The sweet scent filled the whole back yard and there were so many bees at work that it sounded like the tree had a motor running.



Next, the Lady Banks’ Rose. Each flower is barely an inch across, but the mass of them is amazing. They have only a slight fragrance, which in this case may be a good thing.



There are several pots arrayed beneath the roses. These little Paludosum Daisies reseed themselves and come up every year. They’re one of my sister’s favorites and she gets excited when she sees their first tiny leaves popping up around the yard in the spring. The tiny purple flower sharing the pot is filaree, one of my favorite “weeds” — I think it’s as pretty as the daisies.


We were all excited to see the grape hyacinth. The bulbs were planted so long ago that no one quite remembers where they came from, and this is the first time they have bloomed.


Rosemary is a plant that does well here. It’s heat and drought tolerant and, best of all, the rabbits don’t like it! We have many varieties around the yard. They bloom in different shades of blue, but they all smell wonderful.


This hot pink Autumn Sage is a lovely contrast to the blue rosemary. Unfortunately, the bunnies think this is delicious. I keep a cage around it, but removed it for the photo.


My French Lavender has been blooming almost continuously since I got it last fall. The rabbits won’t eat it, but they sometimes nip off a few branches and leave them lying underneath it. Maybe each new generation has to try it for itself? Mother Rabbit: Leave that alone, you won’t like it. Baby Rabbit (trying it anyway): Ptooey! You’re right, Mama, it’s yucky.


And have you ever seen a lavender flower really close up? They are surprisingly intricate.


The Mexican Poppy shrub in the corner of the front yard has just begun to bloom. I love their texture. They look like crushed tissue paper, and they fade sort of like old tissue paper, too.


The California poppies were started from a six-pack of seedlings from the nursery a few years ago. They’ve seeded themselves over a large part of the yard and spread farther every year. The rabbits don’t bother them and their cheerful orange faces are always a welcome sight.


There’s even more, but that’s probably enough for now. Wind or no wind, I know I’m fortunate to have warmth and flowers when my friends back east are still waiting for snow to melt. I hope you enjoyed our little garden tour.

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14 thoughts on “Windsday Walk and Click

  1. Beautiful, I’m glad you got out an about to capture such lovely flowers. We’ve had some rough winds here as well which has turned flower photography into sports photography for the time being.

  2. Hey, just rub some bacon grease all over those lovely flowers. Rabbits HATE that. Of course then the coyotes would probably eat them instead.

    Well, crud. You can’t wind for trying. 🙂

  3. Such a wonderful flowers, you´re lucky to have them around.

  4. Wow – everything is wonderfully beautiful. I especially love the apple blossoms – nothing can compare.

  5. it looks like you are having a wonderful spring, Lee.
    Beautiful photographs.
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  6. Boy, I sure did enjoy the garden tour! Thanks for taking us along to view the beautiful flowers. The roses are amazing..I like how you teased us with the close up and then showed the whole plant!!!

  7. I love all the motion in the first poppy shot! Wonderful details on the lavender. It’s interesting how many of the same varieties are in my yard…though our Granny Smith apple tree doesn’t have nearly as many blooms.

    Reminds me that I need to give the Lady Banks rose another chance in my yard. I had one that failed for some reason. I’ve seen some gorgeous ones around town this year.

  8. You have brought spring to my inbox – how lovely to be surrounded with such floral beauty. So many textures and colors. It must bring you great pleasure to witness this profusion of beauty throughout the year.

  9. Was so excited to see your comment on my blog – Time flies and its soooooo nice to keep in touch with old friends 🙂 I’m totally jealous of all the lushious flowers your are capturing. Still early, early spring here – cherry blossoms, magnolias but no lilacs yet. Beautiful photography as ever!! Thanks for stopping by. Marji………..x

  10. Hopefully things (the wind) will settle down in your corner of the world so your photo walks will be more enjoyable. But, despite difficulties, you managed to secure some wonderful images–I especially like that amazing yellow rosebush. And I enjoyed the mother/baby rabbit conversation–too cute.

  11. You have such beautiful spring colors in your yard! I’ll bet your yard smells heavenly!

  12. Hi Lee – I’m so happy to hear that you received my postcard. I heard from one person the first week and nothing after that. Today, I checked instagram hoping I would see some indication that someone received another one. I love your blog. The photos and narration on the Walk and Click are lovely. Deb

  13. So glad to see bees. The peach orchards in Georgia are silent. It’s an eerie thing. -Eva

  14. I loved your garden tour — got to see many of my favorite flowers! I have a French lavender plant too, your macro of the flower is so pretty. Clever title for your windy day.

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