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Photo-Heart Connection: April 2013



I know, right? So adorable. I love these little creatures.

But . . . (isn’t there always a “but”?) they are very destructive. They dig huge holes. They reproduce like…rabbits! They consume every green thing they can find, including garden plants and the bark of young trees. Sometimes I hate these little creatures.

But . . . they were here first. They are only trying to survive. They get hungry and thirsty just like I do. They are living the only way they know how, in the only place they have.

They know their place in the world. They don’t question the purpose of their lives. Sometimes I envy them that.

Besides, no one who’s read Watership Down can ever really hate rabbits.

Just look at him up there. He really is adorable. Love always wins out.

And that’s my Photo-Heart Connection for April. Click on over and check out this month’s linkup.

26 thoughts on “Photo-Heart Connection: April 2013

  1. What a cutie. And I know they can be destructive, but its hard to be mad at something that cute!

  2. Double edged sword I guess. Love the photo-great focus. They are cute, but… are raccoons.

  3. They can wreak havoc in a garden, but oh, they are so adorable!
    A really wonderful Photo-Heart connection, Lee!

  4. Oh the paradoxes of life!

  5. Well, they are a lot cuter than the squirrels that dug up my garden year after year. Perhaps you could plant them so special greens to distract them from your plants?

  6. I love your perspective on this adorable creature who sometimes drives you nuts… Great photo, too!

  7. I have the perfect solution! I will send our rabbit out there, cradled gently in her own special “packing materials,” and she can do to your local rabbits what she does to her beloved Scoozie. This will keep them all out of trouble. I happen to know she will work for as little as one carrot, an apple slice, and two Nibble Rings per day. You’re welcome. 🙂

  8. We have lots of these in our yard, too, Lee. Love the shot! And I LOVED Watership Down!

  9. First year in my PA house I very excitedly planted a vegetable garden complete with wire fence. My first mistake was not looking for those “holes” ~ I fenced my veggies into the same space as the rabbit hole thus providing dinner without travel every day that summer. Second mistake was not realizing my black lab would slither under the fence to retrieve the green tomatoes and use them as balls to play with. The only “fruits of my labors” that summer were more zucchini than I knew what to do with! Love the photo!!

  10. Great post – loved the debate – and the bunny.

  11. How can you not love these gorgeous…sweet little creatures. A perfect expression of that photo-heart connection!

  12. Gorgeous photo-heart connection. Love your photo and your words, your reasoning is so very true

  13. Great post and photo of the little cutie.

  14. So cute! We have a couple of them around our house this year, so I am sure there will be little ones soon. As long as they don’t have the nest in our yard. Our dog Scout has a knack for finding the nests. Never a happy situation.

  15. Cute indeed. And thanks for the reminder that wild animals aren’t pests because they want to be but because they are doing the best they can in an increasingly difficult environment.

  16. so agree, my love hate are squirrels, I laugh at them but they steal from right under the beaks of the birds !

  17. Wonderful detail in the fur on this shot. It made me want to reach out and touch.

  18. Oh so adorable and soft and so photogenic! yes they can be so destructive but, as you say they are just tryin’ to earn a livin’

  19. Yes, who can resist the absolute embodiment of the word “cute”? You have certainly captured it in all its glory.

  20. Oh, so cute! I know what you mean, but as a child rabbits were so rare due to myxomatosis that even now they are common again I can’t get it out of my head that they are special.

  21. Your words bring to mind the phrase, “Too much of a good thing.” When things get out of balance… the people move in, the predators are moved out… these cute furry creatures go from critical to the ecosystem to pest. It makes me wonder, who’s the real “pest” – is it them or the humans who tipped everything out of balance? I imagine they would have a different answer than we might. Thanks for making me think this month with your Photo-Heart Connection!

  22. Watership Down! What memories you evoked; I loved that book! I enjoyed this post…yes, they were here first. We too often forget that as we take land away, they are only trying to survive. Great shot and wonderful post!

  23. Love how you captured this guy! So cute!! We have several around the yard, but they haven’t done any damage to our plants. I think they visit the neighbor’s garden!!

  24. I love your post, I can imagine how it feels when that rabbits have distroid so much but in the same time they are so cute.

  25. Such a cutie! Reminds me of a time I was sitting in my living room, looking out at the flowers I’d just planted. An adorable little bunny came hopping over to the flowers – so cute. Until he ate the flowers!

  26. Great shot, so cute and I’m a big Watership Down fan so….the rabbit always wins for me. 🙂
    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. Your response to my PHC and 365 everyday shots was so lovely – and brought tears to my eyes too. Thank you for sweet, supportive comments. I really, really appreciate them.

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