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Sunday Scavenger 5.5.13


I’ve just realized that this is my first Scavenger Hunt Sunday this year. (And the year is one-third gone already. How can that possibly be?) When I read this week’s list for SHS, I had ideas for every item. That doesn’t happen often, so I decided it was a Sign and I’d better take advantage of it. The topics are: Background, Spotted or Dots, Weather, Motion, and Sweet. Let’s go hunting!


Spotted Emu BushMystery Bush

Actually, I learned that it’s called Spotted Emu Bush. I have no idea why — I don’t see any spots or emus, just hairy yellow flowers. To get this photo I set the camera on macro, held it under the bush and pointed it in the general direction of the flowers. I had no idea what the background would look like, but I liked the way it turned out. This is the full frame shot.

Spotted or Dots:

Ladybugs-2Ladybug, Ladybug

I spotted these dots on our artichoke plants in the garden. There were several varieties of Ladybugs ranging in color from orange to deep red, with differing spot counts and patterns. Some people know these as Ladybirds, but in our family they were always “bugs,” not “birds.”


Flying highFlying High

How do you photograph the wind? Our weather has been sunny, warm, and windy for days. I mean Official-Wind-Advisory, high-vehicles-be-careful-on-the-highway, scary-fire-danger windy. The kind that makes me edgy and gives me a headache. Not my favorite kind of weather.

There have in fact been several wildfires in Southern California this week, though none near enough to be a danger to us here. Friday afternoon and evening, the air was filled with haze and the smell of smoke from the large fire near the coast in Ventura County, about 75 miles away. I think of the firefighters and those whose homes and businesses are threatened, and am glad that a change in the weather is helping to bring it under control. Fire is always a worry when the hot, dry Santa Ana winds blow from the desert.


Blue Bird BathBathing Beauty

This may not be a perfect bird photo, but I love the water drops flying in every direction from those fluttering wings. He’s a Western Bluebird. I don’t know who loves this bird bath more, the birds or me! It’s more entertaining than watching television, for sure.


Bullock's OrioleWishful Thinking

Hummingbirds aren’t the only ones who like sweets. We’ve had at least two pairs of these Bullock’s Orioles around our place for the past few weeks. They stop by the hummingbird feeder now and then, attempting hopefully to poke their beaks into the tiny holes. You don’t have to feel sorry for them, though. We put out cut oranges for them at their own feeding station.

Linking with Ashley for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. The best part is seeing how differently each person interprets the prompts. Come join in the fun!

21 thoughts on “Sunday Scavenger 5.5.13

  1. I love the bluebird! Looks like the bluebird of happiness to me! 🙂

    I think they mostly say “Ladybird” in Europe, don’t they?

  2. Your motion shot is my favorite of this bunch. The way you captured the water coming off the wings is fantastic.

    I need to get my hummingbird feeder out and fill it.

  3. It’s about time you got around to scavenging. Definitely bugs not birds, but speaking of birds-wowza you got some great images. I love that blue one sloshing around in the birdbath.
    Hope those winds continue to settle down, now that you’ve got that nice flag photo done….you don’t need them anymore.
    Scavenge some more, will you? You’re right. The best part is seeing the variety of interpretations.

  4. The motion capture is stunning. I have never seen a Bullock Oriole. They are absolutely gorgeous. We obviously don’t have them here in Arkansas.

  5. What a gorgeous collection of imagery and response to the prompts. Terrific!

  6. Wonderful photos. I’ve heard that the color of the ladybird beetle (or ladybug) and the number of spots determine if it is beneficial or harmful – I’ve not looked it up – just heard it from a gardening friend. I especially love the two bird photos – good captures.

  7. Oh-we are neighbors! I live in the valley and the smoke settles right on top of us-93 one day-and freezing today! Great shot btw. Happy Sunday.

  8. Lee – your images could (almost) turn me into a bird lover – such amazing plumage with those saturated colors. Love the macros of the ladybugs (they were bugs to us as well) – I guess I’ve never noticed the variations in spots and colors. And after cold rain, windy conditions are my next least favorite weather pattern. I find it very disconcerting and it plays havoc with my hairstyling. And that “mystery” bush is quite exotic looking. It is amazing how weird nature can be.

  9. Fantastic set – and I don’t know what you mean “it might not be a perfect bird photo” – cause that motion shot is outstanding. Terrific!

  10. Love the whole set, but those birds are breathtaking!!

  11. Gorgeous photos, all of them. Love the bluebird shot, especially. I’ve never seen a Bullock’s oriole or a Spotted Emu bush. And for the record, I grew up calling those spotty things ladybugs. Ladybug, ladybug fly away home. . . .

    • I forgot to ask, did you use your macro lens for the bluebird shot? Or just a telephoto?

      • Mary, I don’t have a macro lens, though I’ve been thinking about one lately. The bluebird was taken through the window with my 55-200mm lens zoomed to 200mm, then cropped in Lightroom to fill the frame. Thanks for your kind comments!

  12. Wonderful photographs for the prompts, Lee!
    I especially love “Bathing Beauty!”
    Wishing you a wonderful day!

  13. Love these shots, especially your blue bird in motion – great capture and love the cool blue tones. Always, always ladybirds in the UK. 🙂

  14. I can’t believe it’s may either & I haven’t been scavenging very much lately either, although I have managed a couple. I really like your motion shot- that bird s sch a beautiful blue.

  15. First of all, I LOVE your header photo! such great focus and lovely pair of birds. Your image for the scavenger hunt are also fabulous. As usual…

  16. Great finds. We call them Ladybugs as well. My daughter has a college friend who is interning this summer out west fighting wild fires. Quite the amazing experience for a college student. Hope the fires stay far away from you.

  17. Well worth the effort. Each of your images was better than the one before…and then, of course, I scrolled up to the top to take one more look. What do they call that in the computer world?…loved them all, especially Bathing Beauty.

  18. Your bird photos are beautiful!

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