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Scavenger Hunting 5.12.13


Yay, it’s Sunday and time to join in Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I’d forgotten how much fun this is! This week’s topics are Perspective, Golden, Bloom, Dark, and Local.



Our garden club had its monthly meeting today under this patio cover at the home of one of the members. I like the radiating lines, zigzag shadow pattern, and slices of sky and trees.


DSC_0757Twenty-four Carat

This is a Rufous hummingbird. His throat changes from bright gold to copper as the light hits it from different angles.



Take time to stop and . . . well, you know. Photograph the roses, right? I found these lush apricot roses growing along the fence that surrounds our community park. And they do smell delicious!



When I went to yoga class on Thursday evening, it was a shock to see these dark clouds in the eastern sky, coming our way fast. I took this shot with my iPhone from the parking lot at the gym. There was a bit of lightning and thunder, but, sadly, barely enough rain to dampen the pavement.


P1030860Please Be Courteous

A bit of cowboy humor at the local barber shop. Oh . . . I just noticed there’s a tiny selfie in the bottom of that shiny barber pole!

Linking up with Scavenger Hunt Sunday, with thanks to Ashley at Ramblings and Photos for hosting this every week.

17 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunting 5.12.13

  1. Nice! I like Dark the best. πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, that ominous sky is so striking.

  3. Love your blooming roses – and the hummingbird is awesome!

  4. That hummingbird shot looks amazing…

  5. Lovely set, perspective is my favourite, love all those lines

  6. These are all awesome! Love the lines in perspective and those blooms are great!

  7. Fantastic set this week! I’ve already gone back and looked 3 times.

  8. Yay, you’re doing the scavenger….please note, that next week’s list is from me-I’m expecting you to be out there scavenging around and producing something. I think the apricot roses-that’s my fave shot, well….maybe the dark sky shot. Yoga? Garden club? You go girl. One of those will surely nudge the “newbie” feeling toward more comfortable “belong here” state of being.
    It’s May. I’m supposed to see you soon. Counting on it.

  9. Mmm, I can smell those roses from here. Love the teeny selfie! I wanna put it in my pocket and carry it around with me! πŸ™‚

  10. The apricot roses and hummingbird ones are my favorites.

  11. Great choices for the prompts. Your Perspective shot was interesting.
    The capture of the Golden throat on the hummer is wonderful.
    Bloom is so pretty – Such a lovely apricot shade. My roses are just starting to bloom.
    Wow those Dark clouds are indeed ominous.
    Local – Fun sign and yep there you are on that pole.

  12. The roses are beautiful but I like the drama of the threatening sky the best. Good job on catching that one!

  13. Beautiful images! Such an amazing shot of the hummingbird!

  14. I love your selection for your scavenger hunt — my fave is the first one, the lines and colors are so happy. I had to smile at the last one — it gives a good “sense of place.”

  15. Love all of them, Lee, but I love the hummingbird shot!

  16. Lee – what a fantastic set! First of all, I just love those zig-zag shadows and all those wondrous lines in the first shot. The golden/copper hummingbird – like a flyiing jewel! And those ominous skies – wow! how very dramatic and somehow widly exhilirating. And I love the discovery of the very tiny selfie.

  17. A great result from the scavenge hunt and you got back with some lovely pictures. My favourite is the one of the Rufous hummingbird.

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