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Sunday Again?


Wait, wasn’t it just Sunday a day or two ago? How can a week go so fast? It’s time for another Scavenger Hunt Sunday. This week’s words are Vacation, Food(s), Sound, Texture, and Anything.


Attitash streamCool Water

This week marked the one-year anniversary of my retirement and move from East coast to West. When you’re retired, every day feels pretty much like vacation, at least to me it does. The last actual vacation I took was almost two years ago, a week spent with my daughter and her “El Boyfriendo” in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I went to my archives for this photo of green leaves and flowing water from that trip. Looking at those photos again brought back some great memories.


root beer floatFirst One

It’s Memorial Day Weekend and therefore the start of summer, no matter what the calendar might say. I marked the occasion with a root beer float, one of my favorite summer foods.


Tree cuttingSad Day

Friday morning the sound of birdsong was drowned out by chain saws. Our big eucalyptus, which has served as a prop in many of my photos over the past year, died last summer and needed to be taken down. It’s left an enormous hole in our view . . . and in my heart.


nestHome Sweet Nest

High up in that tree was this wonderful Western Kingbird nest, which the men carefully removed and saved for me. I had first spotted it about a month ago, my eye drawn to it by all those colors. Fortunately, the nest was empty, the babies flown. If you click for a larger image, you can see the variety of materials it’s made of. There’s a foundation of twigs, of course, plus twine, plastic netting, yarn, string, horsehair, some of MY hair (trust me, it’s distinctive), bits of what looks like dryer sheet, polyester fiberfill, plant fluff, a Hershey’s Kiss pull thingy, and my favorite, a jaunty little chicken feather. See it? Sticking up in the upper right?


Roadrunner CrossingLaw-Abiding

Do you think he can read? This was one of those occasions when I got caught with the wrong lens on my camera, so I had to crop quite a bit. He actually has a lizard in his beak. I love the little lizards, too, but around here almost everything is food for something else. It’s just the way it is.

If you’re having a long holiday weekend, I hope it’s a good one! If you’ve got some time, come on over and check out the Scavenger Hunt Sunday linkup.

21 thoughts on “Sunday Again?

  1. Great photos! The birds nest is amazing…

  2. Wonderful set! Love your vacation picture, it looks like a cool, quiet place. Sorry about your tree, we lost a lot from the drought of summer and the ice storm this winter. It does leave a whole in the scenery and the heart! The bird nest is amazing…quite a little decorator lived there!

  3. Lol…what a hilarious picture ….road runner crossing! How lucky could you be to be in the right spot at exactly the right moment! Loved that!

  4. Ha! I love the Road Runner pic! And I wouldn’t be surprised if some of my hair is in that nest too. It really gets around. 🙂

  5. I am drooling at your root beer float! I love the nest… it is almost an organic self portrait. Do I dare ask how your hair got into the nest? Hopefully mom wasn’t poking at your head! Love the vacation pic.

  6. So sad to lose a tree, but the nest was a nice bonus. Wow! You have been there a whole year already. Amazing!

  7. I ADORE all of your photos, except cutting down a beloved tree, that is sad. But the gift of the beautiful bird nest will always be a reminder of the years of service this tree provided so many living beings. Such a gorgeous nest. Each photo was truly interesting and so glad I was able to see them….hmmmm love rootbeer floats myself, but to have one every Memorial Day is rather special ! Enjoy the rest of your day….

  8. Great shots, Lee. I LOVE the roadrunner. So fun to capture him with his sign!

  9. Congrats on your one year anniversary, Lee! Are you feeling settled? These are wonderful photos, especially that last one — amazing! So sorry about your tree.

  10. Wonderful post – the photos are amazing. I love the nest – and the road runner crossing sign – what good luck.

  11. Lee – oh, yeah! I completely agree with the “every-day-is-a-vacation-day” in retirement land. And isn’t that kinda great? 🙂

    Love this set. The sparkling water, the frothy root beer float – I worked at an A&W Root Beer stand the summer before beginning college. So sorry about the loss of your tree. That bird’s nest is amazing – what an artistic collection. And I love your law-abiding bird. Thanks for providing some good memories and smiles today.

  12. The days do fly by, don’t they?

    My favorite of this scavenger hunt collection is the roadrunner–I’m impressed that you go a shot where it was in such a similar pose to the signed version.

  13. I’m trying to figure out how you took that nest shot. It looks like you’re up the tree yourself!! Maybe you were doing more of those tree selfies. That cool water shot is so pretty-it says vacation relaxation.
    Sorry about your tree-it’s not like you have tons of trees to spare. Hope you can find something to plant and enjoy.
    Miss you!

  14. Gorgeous images. The blue of that sky is amazing. And that nest is extraordinary – never seen one with twine and netting and all the other bits and pieces! Great set of images.

  15. I love the first picture & how photos can remind us of happy times. Shame about your tree, it did house a very cool nest- birds are clever aren’t they?

  16. Very nice set. So sorry to hear about the loss of your tree.
    How funny that a Roadrunner just happened to be near that sign (poor little lizard though).
    Amazing nest and your shot of the water for vacation was so pretty and peaceful looking.

  17. Your header image is very striking, it’s fabulous. Always enjoy seeing what people find on their scavenger hunt – you did good. My favorite shot is the Roadrunner, and the shady waterfall too. I feel bad about the tree – I hope you were able to salvage some of it for a memento. Happy week to you Lee.

  18. oops, I’m signed in to my WordPress account! Sorry about that… Ms. Becky from Shaking the Tree.

  19. Lee, it’s been too long between visits! Sorry for my absence! Love this collection. Wow! That last one, the Roadrunner crossing, is unbelievable! What timing! It is priceless! And, the nest is beautiful. So sorry about the loss of your tree, though. I had to take one down several years ago now. It, too, had died. 75 years old. Such a loss.
    I also have to mention…I just love your header. Doves, yes? Absolutely lovely image!

  20. Wow! The road runner! Love them!

    Sorry about the tree, that’s a big loss.

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