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Randomosity: SHS 6.23.13


At first I didn’t think I’d be able to come up with anything for this week’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday prompts. But after missing last week, I decided to try just a little harder to find some fitting images. Perhaps some of them are stretching it a bit, but at least I’m here! The words this week are Fun, Arts & Crafts, Messy, Blessing, and Effort.


DSC_1937 FunWhat the Heck?

OK, I admit it — I have  a strange idea of fun. I was outside in my little fenced garden area when I spotted these leaves with a clump of feathers stuck to them lying on the ground. Doesn’t it look like some sort of alien creature? — though it doesn’t appear that our atmosphere agrees with it. I laid it on this plank and took several photos to preserve it in case future scientists want to study it.

Arts & Crafts:

125_2546_r1 sketchSketchy

Arts and crafts aren’t really my thing. I love art supplies and have lots of them, but seldom use them. I’m hoping this will count. The photo is an old one, as my friends in Maine will recognize immediately — this clock tower was decapitated several years ago — but it’s newly processed. I recently learned how to do this sketch-like post-processing (thanks to my friend Brenda at How to Feather an Empty Nest) and this was my favorite of the images I tried it out on. I really liked the way it turned out. It’s pretty arty, right?


DSC_1911 RR windowDay of Rest

Last Sunday I took a nap on the couch, and woke up to a strange tapping noise at the window. The curtains were closed but I parted them and peeked out to see TWO roadrunners up on the window ledge. They seemed to be pecking at their own reflections on the glass. While I slipped away for my camera, one of them hopped down and left. The other one quickly followed, but I managed to get this one photo first. So where’s the “messy”? I’m glad you can’t see the rest of that windowsill. I really need to get out the vacuum.


DSC_1210 blessingTranquility Base

This was an easy one. The peace that descends at day’s end is always a blessing.


DSC_2091 supermoonBella Luna

My sister chose the name for this image. I’ve never been successful at photographing the moon, and I put a lot of effort into trying to get some good shots of this month’s “super moon.” This was taken with my Nikon D5100 with 55-200mm lens (at maximum zoom) on a tripod. I cropped and adjusted for contrast and clarity in Lightroom. I have plans for some further experimentation with the photos I took that I hope to post later.

This week’s challenges turned out to be fun after all. Here’s the Scavenger Hunt Sunday linkup – come check it out!

PS – Happy Birthday, Ashley!

19 thoughts on “Randomosity: SHS 6.23.13

  1. I like your “randomosity”! Tranquility base and the super moon are my favorites. Taking photos of the moon is more challenging than I thought it would be. I did this last year and had fun, but choose to just enjoy howling at it these days. 🙂

  2. I like the way the the Maine picture came out. You must have been visiting because there are no road runners in Maine.

    • I moved back to California a year ago, after living in southern Maine for 12 years. I miss Maine – but I do love the roadrunners that share our property here.

  3. Great set! This week’s prompts were challenging but fun! I love your sketch, that’s cool processing. Your moon shot is beautiful! You did well!

  4. Great job on your moon shot! It was worth the effort. I love taking pictures of the moon! I finally got a lens that goes to 300mm, which definitely makes it easier.

    I love your blessing shot as well. Lovely!

  5. Great set. I like your “sketch” art.
    Blessing was really lovely.
    Fabulous shot of the moon.

  6. Great group of photos, Lee! Congrats on bella luna — I tried to capture it too, but didn’t get a good image. Your processing on the “sketch” came out just great – well done!

  7. Love the sketch…..and the blessing shot! And the fun shot is just that….fun! Alien! lol

  8. Love the moon shot, fantastic! Also love your sketch – I need to try this technique, it’s gorgeous. Great set. 🙂

  9. Great moon shot. I have yet to conquer that one. .

  10. I am infatuated with the moon, too. I can never seem to take a photo that truly captures what I can see with my eye. Great shots. I like blessing, too because we have blessings around us and sometimes we forget to look at home. Thanks

  11. Your arts & crafts photo is really neat. I haven’t seen something like this, before! Also, the picture of the moon is beautiful! I was hoping to catch some images of the supermoon, too. Sadly it wasn’t clear enough to see much here, though – it was too cloudy 😦

  12. Lee – it is great to see you playing with the sketch technique – what a fantastic result – architecture works really well with it and this lovely clock tower is a perfect candidate for this artistic conversion. Tranquility Base – love that title and the image. And what can I say about your moon shot – I am in awe (and just a little bit jealous of your zoom capabilities).

  13. Hi….you found and shot some really cool photos…love the messy part about your window sills…we should have a contest! Waking up to a Road Runner…now that is cool !!! Okay I was all set up to do the moon shots…but we had so much cloud cover couldn’t see the moon. It rained all day yesterday and today, so tonight will be the same. Good for you…I am glad you managed it, I just with I could have seen it. Your leaves on feathers is so fun…I looked and looked at it before reading your description…it does look like an alien creature of some kind. Great composition ! Keep having fun scavenger-ing around.

  14. Wow your moon shot is amazing! That roadrunner is too cool!

  15. I’d say “you did good!” I laughed at your first one (and I’m still wondering why your turtle has a distinctly feline look to him/her?) and wondered about the one for effort (tug of war? weight lifting?) but I really like your moon shot. And your sketch project is wonderful. Yup, definitely a successful scavenger hunt!

  16. The sketchy one turned out really good. It is fun to experiment with new things. Maybe those art supplies will be next 🙂

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