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Photo-Heart Connection: July 2013


DSC_2252_BlueRoseSummertime Blues

It’s been over a month since I last posted here. Last month, I missed (skipped, actually) the Photo-Heart Connection linkup altogether. I just couldn’t get myself inspired by any of the images I’d taken, and I’m still having the same problem. I’m in a slump.

The image above doesn’t exactly make my heart sing, but it says something about my world this July. This was taken mid-month. I looked out the window from my desk and saw an odd spot of bright blue in the yard. I went out to see what it was and discovered this stunningly fake rose blossom lying on the ground. Where did it come from? I have no idea. No doubt the wind dropped it there.

You can see in the photo how dry the ground is. In July, our well went dry for the first time ever. The well serviceman who came to check the pump gave us the bad news and said it’s been happening all over the area. Now we’re having water delivered by truck. I wash my dishes in a bucket so I can pour the water onto my plants afterwards. And I dream of rain.

I do have some real roses, planted in pots and set up on a bench where the rabbits can’t get at them.  Unfortunately, something else could, and did. Every leaf, every bud, gone — stripped down to bare stems. Almost everything we plant gets its own little fence to keep the rabbits out. Yesterday, I saw a ground squirrel inside one of those fences, lunching on my portulaca. Again, every bud and flower, gone. Maybe I should try planting blue silk roses.

In July, wild things began invading my personal space. I discovered a tarantula in the hallway near my bedroom door. My brother-in-law caught it and released it far down the hill. Birds kept flying or falling into the exhaust pipe for my stove hood and getting trapped. We set them free. Something began bumping around in the attic space over my head. Squirrels, we thought. So we put up a trap and after several days caught the culprit — not a squirrel but a big fat rat. Can I just say, UGH! OK, at least it’s gone. Except after two days . . . the pitter-patter of little feet is back. So is the trap.

I’ve been feeling as out of place (and out of sorts) as that crazy blue rose. But . . . I know this will pass. The last few days have brought cooler, fresher temperatures, a whisper of fall-to-come. We even got a few drops of rain, see?


Literally, just a few drops, but welcome. I’m going to try to look up, to appreciate the wild visitors to my birdbath and feeders rather than focus on the invaders. I will count the blessings of sunshine, fair weather, and the beautiful blue of the summer sky. It’s a new day and a whole new month.


Linking with Kat Sloma’s Photo-Heart Connection for July. I always (well, almost always!) enjoy this monthly chance to review my photos and muse about the one that speaks to my heart in a special way.

24 thoughts on “Photo-Heart Connection: July 2013

  1. Don’t feel alone..we all have those moments..but like you said looking up and seeing the beauty one cannot help but be thankful for each day..

  2. I’ve been in a slump also…because of the AZ heat mostly…but tarantulas, rats. dry wells, ick…I can see why you would be, too.

  3. My goodness, Lee, you’ve had some challenges…..hope this will all change for the better this month! The lack of rain is serious, I know. How frustrating that the creatures are getting your plants — I’ve been fighting snails and some other bugs that are eating all my zinnias and pumpkin leaves. Arggg! Your sky photo is full of light and hope, may August continue that way for you.

  4. I’m with you on the “ick” factor–I’m wondering though whether the wild things are just as disoriented as you are and end up finding themselves where they don’t belong.

    Sending wishes of cooler weather and refreshing rain…

  5. My thoughts and prayers are with you! When we get into drought situations, I have this panicky feeling. Desperate for just a few drops of rain, so I know you cherished the splashes that you did get! You have a strong, positive attitude, so just hang in there. Hoping fall comes early to you!

  6. What a surprise to see the blue rose among the dry brown! I’m glad you recognized it as a something special and took a picture. I hope rain comes to you soon. — Michele at Sweet Leaf, visiting from PHC

  7. Oh… I´ve been in a slump also but for completely different reasons… take care, rain and relief will come

  8. love how you framed that rose, as if it has sprouted from the dry tendrils of a dead bush…. very evocative image, especially combined with your story. maybe it’s meant as a spark of colour (hope? blue represents that for a lot of people) to help you through tough times…. hope things will get better for you soon

  9. It’s great to hear from you Lee, things will get better…they have too!

  10. This simply happens from time to time, Lee, and just my opinion, but I think it’s a big part of the growth process. Fortunately, it does pass. 🙂

    I just LOVE the simplicity of the first photo, here.

  11. Oh I’m sorry you feel like this. Yes it happens to us all but as Lisa says, it will pass. You have some beautiful pictures here today, and a little bit of rain. If only I could send your some of ours! it has been raining on & off for a few days now. Thank you for visiting me. x

  12. Wow! you certainly have had your share of challenges. It’s rather frightening to think of all those wells drying up. We are all dependent on this earth and weather. Perhaps the animals, insects and rodents are trying to find some respite from the dryness as well and that is why they are all descending upon you…at least you are better off than they are. I think you should take the blue rose as a sign that blue skies and better days are headed your way. I think they are. I can feel them for you.

  13. I always seem to find my muse absent during the summer months but I’m hopeful it will return. The invaders would freak me out . . . I know how you feel. That blue rose is odd but like a beautiful blue gift. Wishing you rain and a full well.

  14. I love this single rose…and all that it symbolizes to you. Sounds like a long…hot…uncomfortable summer – one in which you’re quite literally jumping out of your skin.

  15. Slumps are difficult – it always seems like you will be there forever, that your creativity and excitement will never, ever return. Even when we know from past experience that all slumps end.

    I too would be freaked out by the creature invaders – I’m not too good with creepy crawly things. Makes me shiver.

    Sending you rain wishes and stormy cloudy skies.

  16. I love the image of the blue rose. It seems like the perfect Photo-Heart Connection for you. Hope things brighten up soon!

  17. Oh what a set of challenges. I’d hate all those creepy things and the spider would have had me totally freaked, even tiny house spiders make me feel eurgh! So glad the blue rose arrived to bring a little colour and joy to you.

  18. Sometimes our heart doesn’t feel like making the connection. I totally understand. There would have been months I would have skipped it too, but I can’t, since I’m the host! And those months are hard, hard, hard. But you came back to it this month, and that’s what matters. Pushing through the resistance, seeing what’s on the other side.

    I’m sorry to hear about your drought and invasion. All of those critters in my house would make me run screaming! It’s sounds like this is a challenging summer for you, but just like your Photo-Heart Connection, you are pulling through. Remember, you are welcome to always come up to Oregon, if you want some green! 🙂 It’s not even too late to make this Saturday’s workshop…

  19. I totally agree with Kat…we have dry spells and my oh my it can be rough…but life goes on and like the saying, this too shall pass…

  20. Stay in there – as you say things will eventually pass. Seems like you have had a challenging month – but it’s good to have you back again, even on such a note. May you soon have rain in abundance – and the other challenges resolved in one way or another.

  21. I LOVE this post! You have expressed ‘feeling out of sorts’ with so much eloquence and gusto…and blue! Can you believe a blue rose? How incredible. LIke the tarantula and the, ugh, rat! The rat would have me at my wits’ end. A dry-spell is as uncomfortable as having a rat invade the house. I hope the rain comes back and the dry-spell on all levels ends soon. Really soon. (And, thank you..for sharing this piece with us. So hard to write with everything else going on…but it’s so good to see you here! 🙂

  22. Missed this one. I hear you. Your image is very symbolic of where you describe yourself. Now that it’s mid-month, maybe things have budged a little bit and you’re feeling less “blue”. Maybe light blue.
    What if you took that blue fake flower as a sign that you’re not supposed to plant anything else? I don’t know, seems like fake flowers can’t be any less attractive than real flowers with fences all around them. Maybe it’s just me.
    I will not give you a weather report-you wouldn’t like hearing it, but as you likely recall, we’ve earned this.
    Happy weekend. Thinking of you often.

  23. Lee, thinking of you! I hope the dry spell has ended, and that all is well. I miss seeing you here! Take care, friend!

  24. It seems this summer is for slumps – I’ve been in one, and so have quite some other people. The month is almost over and you haven’t posted anything, I just hope everything is okay with you.
    In our old home we had rats as well, and they got into the traps my husband had put up in the attic. Just by chance the cat got it one day. The tarantula is no fun either, I hope it doesn’t come back. And those rabbits – they sound worse than the deer in my front yard. At least there are a few flowers and plant they won’t eat…

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