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Photo-Heart Connection: August 2013


IMG_1039 NestNest

This is one of the images from my every-day-in-August series that I wrote about in my last post. Towards the end of the month, it occurred to me that most of my photos so far had been taken outside, so I looked around the living room for potential subjects. I’m not much for setting up still lifes, so I wanted a subject I could shoot as-is, in available light.

Aha! The bookcase. My little bird’s nest under glass. Last year, when I discovered this little domed glass dish with a perky little bird perched on top, I just had to buy it. Inside it I keep a little nest that I found on a walk during my first visit here four years ago. It’s woven from grass and pine needles and tiny twigs, and lined with something coarse and fuzzy like raw wool. The eggs in the nest are from my sister’s cockatiel, who tries to make babies a couple of times a year even though she has no mate.

The resulting photo made me happy the moment I saw it. What surprised me about this picture is how real and three-dimensional the background appears. The rock and ferns are actually one of my own photographs, printed on canvas, which leans against the back of the bookcase. The light in that print seems to be coming from the same direction as the light from the window reflected on the glass, melding the two separate elements into a whole that enhances both of them.

This photograph combines a bit of my life in Maine (the photo on canvas) with my life here in California (the glass dome and nest), illustrating and expressing my love of nature, birds, and, of course, photography. It has enabled me to see a little collection of familiar odds and ends in a new way that makes me appreciate them even more. It reminds me to savor the small, simple things that bring me joy and connect my heart to the everyday world around me.

Linking with Kat Sloma’s Photo-Heart Connection for August.

22 thoughts on “Photo-Heart Connection: August 2013

  1. That’s pretty cool how that background looks like it’s “real”. I like how the ferns display inside the bird too, kind of like feathers. I’m not a still life girl either, but I’ve been known to roam around the house looking for “stuff”, especially on a rainy day. Nicely done friend.

  2. I like the cleverness of taking a photo of something indoors that one would find outdoors! This definitely reflects a love of nature. I agree w/Susan…very REAL looking background too. Nice work. Found you through Photo-Heart Connection.

  3. I would never have guessed that the backround wasn’t real. I like the little domed bird glass. It’s so pretty.

  4. That’s really cute! I didn’t know you had that. Great shot! 🙂

  5. This is so touching – I tend to surround myself with memorabilia. And personal photos. I try to set up groupings and displays like this…I’m sure lots of people do. But it always makes me feel like I’m carrying the best bits of my life with me. And just makes me happy. I’d be pleased as punch too if I was able to capture a little corner of one of my shelves like this! Just wonderful!

  6. This is being so out of the box. Loved the photo.

    A great way to get your outdoors into your own space.


  7. Love this combination of treasured object and treasured image. That print is amazing – the depth and light is really quite stunning. Kudos to you for printing and living with your art – especially something with such emotional resonance. And you are right – the combination of the now and the past make a wonderful pairing.

  8. I thought you were doing an Inside-Out shot with the domed bird dish outside … I had to smile when you said the ferny/rocky background was another one of your pictures printed on canvas. You’re right about the light–it looks like it was the same. I like how the fern comes through the glass bird, too. Nice way to assimilate the pieces of your life from coast to coast!

  9. Beautiful photo-heart connection! I love how you’ve combined a little bit of both sides of the country! I certainly thought you had taken your dome outside. So well composed!

  10. I love that the background looks so real, it all came together perfectly. Beautiful PHC.

  11. How wonderful to pull together different aspects of your life and create such a meaningful image! Yes, that background looks so real — what fun to have a photo within a photo! Lovely!

  12. Beautiful post and image Leon.

  13. It’s great to see the two places of your life and your heart come together in one photograph. I have to admit, I was puzzling about where this was taken, because the background was so lifelike! A wonderful combination and Photo-Heart Connection this month. Keep moving forward, becoming the person you were meant to be in this place.

  14. I love that! What a clever idea. 🙂

  15. I love the cloche — has a country feel to it. Visiting from Photo-Heart Connection.

  16. very cleverly and creatively composed still life, with lots of ‘layers’ and themes to discover and wonder about. beautiful!

  17. loved the picture and then when I read all that went into it… wow I was blown away. thank you for sharing

  18. I enjoyed the story about the image as much as the photo itself. AND I’m totally impressed with your canvas–it looks amazing.

  19. Love this, great text and photo

  20. Oh, I love this! The nest under glass – that alone is quite magical. But, set against your image from’s amazing. I have to say, I had no idea I was looking at a photograph – it is positively three-dimensional! What a perfect combination – these two beautiful pieces, together creating a third. Lovely!

  21. Very interesting concept, well executed. Love your writing about the images, too.

  22. Goodness, the transparency, the highlights, the shadows are all so intriguing. I am happy you bought such a delightful piece of glass because you are sharing it with others…beautifully done. smiles: sharon

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