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Turn, Turn, Turn


This song keeps running through my head: To everything (turn, turn, turn) there is a season (turn, turn, turn) and a time for every purpose under Heaven. My favorite season has just begun. Fall always makes me feel a bit melancholy, yet excited and happy about the changes and new beginnings that always seem to hum in the air at this time of year.

DSC_2849 misty morningMisty Morning  21/365

The last day of summer dawned cloudy and cool, with fog veiling the mountains. By mid-morning it had burned off, leaving a clear blue sky and a sun already shifting to the south. The air is cooler but the light itself seems to have a warmer, more golden quality even at midday.

DSC_2772 blackbirdWatcher

A few flora are flourishing despite the drought:

IMG_1104 yellow daisiesYellow Spiny Daisy

DSC_2833 purple astersMystery Aster

California Buckwheat 23-365California Buckwheat 23/365

Fauna are frolicking in the cooler weather:

DSC_2805 NiñaKickin’ It Up

DSC_2904 bunny hopThe Bunny Hop

Fall visitors are coming back:

DSC_2894 Nutall'sWoodpeckers and Finches and Sparrows, Oh My!

I’ve seen male and female Nuttall’s Woodpeckers here before, but only one at a time. I was really excited to spot this pair in our Charlie Brown tree on the first day of fall.

DSC_2887 WC sparrowRight on Cue

This little guy, the first of the season, showed up the same day, just hours after I said to my daughter, “I hope the White-Crowned Sparrows come back soon.” They winter over here but leave in spring to spend the summer elsewhere — probably somewhere cooler, if they are at all sensible. I haven’t seen one since April. I don’t know why I like them so much. They sing the same few notes over and over, but it always makes me smile to hear it.

And last but not least, the apples have been harvested. We had plenty of help:

DSC_2446 apple birds

DSC_2565 bunny apple

DSC_2656 squirrel apple

But we did manage to salvage a few for ourselves.

DSC_2867 apple basketLast of the Harvest  22/365

At the beginning of September I began a 365 project, my first, with a small group of online friends. It has so far truly been a gift of grace, keeping my interest in photography up even while other concerns are occupying much of my thoughts and time. I thought I might feel intimidated by the group, whose work I already knew and admired, but instead I’m loving it! I’m being inspired and uplifted every day by their photography, while learning to look wider and go deeper with my own. I can’t think of a better new beginning for this fall.

16 thoughts on “Turn, Turn, Turn

  1. I think it is us who should be intimidated. Your photography is quite amazing. That rabbit jumping made me smile.

  2. Love the photos Leon! The group that share apples as a sub-theme are wonderful! The “Mystery Astor” is also stunning… of course I read the caption as “Mary Astor” but age and senility are setting in. You capture what most of us walk past un-noticed every day. Thanks for making me stop to pay attention, even if it is from the other coast…

  3. Lovely post, Lee. Beautiful shots and fun narration. I was glad to see the notification of your post in my email this morning!

  4. These are wonderful autumn shots, Leon! I love the flower macros, and the jumping bunnies are amazing! I can see the autumn light in these shots. Well done!

  5. Beautiful post. Fall is my favorite too. I feel, pretty much, the same as you do. I love your apple picking help, so cute.

  6. Beautiful set, Lee! I’m glad your 365 project has begun so successfully. I can’t believe you caught that bunny in mid-hop, straight up off the ground. Since I am moving-thing-challenged, I am amazed! I love the first image – that misty morning and the twisted wire – there is something lonesome and yet peaceful about this image that really appeals to me. Wishing you continued success on your 365 project!

  7. It looks like the beginning of a beautiful fall for you.
    I absolutely love that little bunny!

  8. So cute! I can see why you penned those apples up in a wire basket. Hope it’s enough to keep the critters out! 🙂

  9. Wonderful autumn post and images!! I really love the first one. I have this thing for barbed wire fences and this shot is the best I’ve ever seen. I know what you mean about feeling intimidated by our 365 group. Honestly I sweat bullets the first few days. I was so afraid that I wasn’t “good enough!” I really can’t say why I felt that way, I know almost everyone and everyone is so encouraging. Insecurities raised their ugly heads again! I always love the critters you capture. I’m with Brenda and moving-thing-challenged! I almost forgot! I love your Charlie Brown tree. I wouldn’t want to cut it down either. Our big oak has to come down. It is a danger when the huge dead limbs fall to the ground. Have a lovely day!

  10. This is a great series Lee, and I love the narrative. Autumn is a special time of year…my favorite!

  11. It’s a treasure trove of beauty here. Wow! Your first image of the post, the misty morning – I love it! The barbed wire like wisps of delicate thread across the sky. Gorgeous. And, the horse turning, and the bunny dashing. Wow. Wow! Spectacular images. A joy to come visit you here!

  12. Wonderful! I’ve been missing your posts! Daily photography will change your life. I did it daily for three years running and while my shots improved, so did my way of looking at the world. I see so much more of it!

    Did you enter the Acton calendar contest? I hope so, because I’d love to have one of your shots hanging on my wall in 2014!

  13. Thanks for dropping by my blog & leaving several nice comments. I’m glad you visited because I had list track of your blog… It’s good to visit again. The photos for the first month/365 days are simply stunning. Especially the bunny hopping. Will bookmark your blog for regular visits 😊

  14. What simply divine images of nature’s favorite little animals and birds. Capturing the Bunny HOPPING is almost a mini miracle…so fun and bouncy….what happy little critters they are…apples and birds pecking the sweet flesh……these will be a comfort to view in the winter…which can wait a LONG time before showing up!!!! Great project you started…I would never make it….I admire those who do.

    smiles: sharon

  15. Love where you live so different from the part of the UK where I live. Your shots of the birds are truly amazing, I can rarely get one to sit still enough .

  16. This is a inspiring series of photos. I particularly like the Bunny Hop!

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