Sea Blue Lens

Photo-Heart Connection: November 2013



 I arrived back in Maine a week into November, and my household goods were delivered by moving van about 10 days later. I spent the next several days trying to bring order out of the chaos that was my immediate universe. The weather was cold, and a nasty storm was predicted. It seemed good to stay indoors.

Then…instead of that expected nasty storm…we got a day of sunshine and a high temperature in the mid-60s. Enough with the unpacking, already. I threw on a light jacket, put my phone in my pocket, and headed out to pay my first visit to “my” beach since my return.

Oh, my friends, it was glorious! The water was a deep blue-green, the breeze was gentle, and the sun so warm I took my jacket off and tied it around my waist. There were only a few people out — it was midafternoon on a weekday, after all — most of them accompanied by their dogs. It was the kind of day when strangers greet each other in passing with joyful grins and lighthearted comments, exulting in sharing such an unexpected blessing.

One woman, walking a bouncy small dog on a long leash, asked, “Did I sleep through winter?” Then, before I could respond, she said exactly what I was thinking:

         “What a gift!”

Welcome home to the sea, Sea Blue Lens.

That’s my Photo-Heart Connection for November. Come check out the linkup at Kat Eye Studio.

21 thoughts on “Photo-Heart Connection: November 2013

  1. Looks awesome! Make sure to send me your new address, kay? 😛

  2. Welcome home, “your” beach has been waiting for you!… great pictures!

  3. Welcome back to “your” beach. How your heart must feel at home, returning here to the sea that you love. Yes, what a gift. I am grateful to have your beach shots arrive again in my feed. What lovely golden light – showing off the textures of the grasses and the sand and the ruffled bluenss of the water.

  4. You’ve really captured the happy magic of that afternoon. What a wonderful homecoming! There is nothing like being near the water.

  5. What a contrast from where you were before. I could never imagine living far from water. How wonderful to have such great weather on your return.

  6. I looked at your photo and found myself taking deep breaths, imagining that I was standing there enjoying this view with you. Welcome home…

  7. Welcome Home! What a beautiful image. I know your heart is thrilled to be by the water again!

  8. Welcome home. Your picture is beautiful and your post full of hope.

  9. Welcome home Lee! It sure looks like a spectacular day’!

  10. Oh my goodness, My kind of perfect day. I love it when the water is that brilliant blue/green. Beautiful capture! Thanks for stopping by my blog with your encouraging words. Here from PHC

  11. “Your” beach is amazingly beautiful. what a gift indeed!. Your post reflects your joy: Welcome home

  12. Oh, I do so love Maine!
    How fortunate you are to be there, Lee, and what a perfect place to enjoy the holidays.
    This photograph is just beautiful.

  13. What a beautiful place! And even better on an unexpected warm day, I’m sure!

  14. You have expressed yourself so eloquently, and your photographs are to be deeply felt and admired. A blessing to have a warm day, lure you outside, where you had probably been wishing you were every day that you unpacked. May you find great joy, reflection and peace back where you belong. So happy for you.

  15. I’m kinda glad you came back east. Don’t know why, we’ve never met…I love your beach scene. As you know, it looks much like my beach scenes…Thank you for stopping by my blog… Happy holidays to you and hope your weather is good to you this winter season.

  16. It’s wonderful that you’re back where you feel so at home. I can sense your enthusiasm through your writing. And how wonderful that you had the gift of an unexpectedly warm day to welcome you back. It will almost certainly be a long winter, but I’m confident you will find the very best of your beloved Maine even when the weather is bleak. And, really it’s not all that long ’til spring, is it?

  17. Yay, welcome back!! Your joy comes through so clearly in your image and words. Back by the sea, just where you should be. Looking forward to seeing Maine through your eyes again. 🙂

  18. How lovely to have a beautiful day to walk along the beach. A perfect break from the chaos of unpacking.

  19. Welcome HOME, Lee! It’s so good to see you!. And, to know you are happy – joy-full!, and surrounded by so much love and beauty! Welcome, welcome home!!

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