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Observing the Natives


I don’t usually decorate for Christmas until about a week before the big day, but for some reason, I’m getting the urge early this year. It’s probably part of the nesting that’s going on here in my new home.

Anyway, yesterday I hung a wreath on the inside of my kitchen door and then left the room. Two minutes later (no exaggeration) I heard noises and went to investigate. This is what I saw:DSC_3469DSC_3470DSC_3473


Keep in mind that this wreath is: a) INSIDE the house, b) behind a dual-pane glass door AND a screen door, and c) is FAKE.

I was truly amazed that the squirrels could see it well enough to think that it looked like a food source. Oh, well. Onward, troops!

The direct frontal assault not yielding profitable results, they decided to try a subtler approach.


The door handle.


Well, that didn’t work either. Now she’s getting frustrated. Forget subtlety!


Sorry about the motion blur, folks, but that’s not me. That’s Ms. Squirrel jumping up and down on the door handle.

Man, I’m glad I locked that door.

To give them credit, they are not stupid. After repeated attempts by several individuals over the next hour or so, they realized that persistence was futile, and gave it up. Today they are going about their usual business, without giving that tasty looking but unattainable thing another glance.

Here’s my favorite image, the one that made it as my 365 photo of the day. This guy didn’t even blink as I walked right up to the door and took his photograph.

DSC_3479The Creatures Are Stirring 96/365

I do love my squirrelly neighbors!

19 thoughts on “Observing the Natives

  1. This is hilarious! I love the persistence even if it didn’t pay off.

  2. Now that they’re not eating your plants!

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  3. That is fantastic. Who needs Netflix when you have Nutflix going on out there? Very entertaining. 🙂

  4. What a fun post to wake up to! These are great pictures you got, and the last one – Priceless!

  5. These are incredible photos Leon! I guess nothing beats the determination of a Saco, ME squirrel!! I must say, I think I would have freak out when I first saw that “hand” against the door… literary food for Stephen King? Love the post and the photos!

  6. This is so fun! He was certainly a determined little guy! That last shot is priceless!

  7. Yes, this is something that should go viral on YouTube 🙂 Hysterical! Love that final image and your oh-so-appropriate title.

  8. That last shot is so great, Lee! Enjoy your nesting!

  9. Priceless!! Absolutely priceless! And, I love that you included all the action shots..I especially love that final one…it’s wonderful!!!!

  10. Oh my goodness, Lee, this is hilarious!

  11. Great photos and a wonderful story. I’d be double-darn sure that door is firmly shut because they probably have a lookout posted in case another opportunity arises!

  12. I think said squirrel just wanted a way to get free holiday cards to send out to his zillion friends…

    Love your story and photos!

  13. I will write after I stop laughing!!! This is totally hilarious! What amazing shots you got, especially your 365 winner. Now I have to add something rather naughty but nice: I totally understand the squirrel wanting to get to your wreath. I WANT your WREATH also! It is beautiful…so delicate and lacy….so naughty squirrels and Sharon would fight over it if we could get close enough. Triumphant posting.

  14. Haha…love that last shot! Perfect framing 🙂

  15. Truly amazing opportunists!

  16. Those squirrels are darling! Great photos!

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