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Scavenger Hunt Monday: 12.9.13


It’s been a long time since I did Scavenger Hunt Sunday, and here I am jumping back in a day late. I happened to run across the prompt list this week and could immediately think of images for each one. It’s not often that happens, so how could I resist? This week’s items were: Where I Stood, Silver, Tiny, In the Cupboard, and Shadow. Where I Stood:

DSC_3579At Home

I’ve had this very old rug for many years, and it now graces the floor in my living room. This is the first place I’ve ever lived where it looked like it truly belonged.


DSC_3548Found Treasure

As I was moving in and exploring this old house, I discovered this pitcher tucked back in the corner of a cupboard. I told the landlady about it, thinking she might have overlooked it when they moved out, but she said no, she’d left it on purpose and I could have it if I wanted it. On cleaning it up I discovered the silver was mostly worn off, but there’s enough left to give it a bit of sparkle, and I love the worn patina. I’m keeping it, thank you very much!


DSC_3564“From Tiny Acorns….”

At the farmers market this weekend, I discovered another treasure — little felted acorns glued into real acorn caps. This will be going on my Christmas tree.

In the Cupboard:

DSC_3556A Place for Everything

The title for this photo comes from something my sister said. I left my china cabinet behind when I moved from California back to Maine. When I got here, I discovered I had a built-in china closet in the dining room. My sis was commenting on how, no matter where I live, all my “stuff” seems to fit perfectly and looks like it belongs there.


Nostalgia 99-365Nostalgia 99/365

On Saturday, my daughter and I paid a visit to one of our favorite antiques malls. I was looking for a crystal bowl, similar to one my sister has that belonged to our Mom. Somehow I knew I was going to find it, yet I was still amazed when I really did. The pattern is a bit different, but it’s the exact same size and shape, and has the same bell-like ring when flicked with a fingernail. And even though it’s not Mom’s, it will still remind me of her every time I look at it. It feels almost like a gift from her to me.

And that’s a wrap for my Sunday-on-Monday Scavenger Hunt. I’m running over now to join the linkup while I still can!

16 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Monday: 12.9.13

  1. You did have the perfect idea for each prompt! Love the silver pitcher and your cupboard! I haven’t done SHS in a while. Maybe after the first of the year I can get back, since I really enjoyed it.

  2. From the look of your beautiful rug and the wide beam floors you may live in New England. That is where I live too.

  3. I love all your pretty china and that rug! what a great selection of shots.

  4. All of it is perfect, Lee! Feels to me like the move back to Maine is definitely supported by the Universe!

  5. You did great with the prompts. I’m so envious of your built-in cupboard. We lived in a house with two, one on each side of the dining room doors. It was great. The rug IS perfect for that wood floor.

  6. Great set. Love that pretty crystal bowl and the light dancing on it.

  7. Love that silver pitcher what an awesome find and a great gift left behind. So glad that you are settling in so well.

  8. My goodness, we all have a peek into your new world….and cozy home. Such fun. The wide plank pine floors are fantastic, the rug is perfect!!! China cupboard withy our treasures. Well worn silver….just every picture tells a bit about you and where you live. Really a lovely posting….have a great holiday in your new surroundings…..and all the snow. smiles: sharon

  9. Great set of photos! Lovely cupboard shot, as well as your shadow shot. Glad you linked up! 🙂

  10. Lee – good to have you back in Scavenger mode! And how lovely to see bits and pieces of your new Maine home and the way your are settling in, back on the East Coast. Lovely images. That cut-glass dish is almost exactly like one my Mom has 🙂 Love the way you have highlighted its beauty – especially those reflection/shadows.

  11. It’s as if the stars aligned…your own things working perfectly in your new space, a found object or two making their own contribution, and you back to scavenging and other creative pastimes. It probably doesn’t get much better than that.

  12. I love the premise of Scavenger Hunt Sunday, and these so perfectly fit the items on your list. They are all such lovely little bits and scraps and the “story” that goes with each photo – just perfect. Pretty shoes, by the way!

  13. What a wonderful set. I’m glad now some people are starting to return to the Scavenger Hunt that have been absent awhile. Your silver pot is lovely. Those felt acorns are awesome (I’d hang them on my tree too) and I love your cupboard. Also that shadow shot was pretty cool looking. Sorry to be commenting so late, had a really busy week.

  14. A place for everything…perfect!

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