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Snowy Scavenging: 12.15.13


The promised winter storm arrived right on schedule, and we got over a foot of snow between last night and noon today. Nevertheless, I’m going on the Sunday Scavenger Hunt. I’m just not going to leave the house to do it! This week’s search items were: The Weather Today, R is for…, Green, Joy, and Drink. Here we go!

The Weather Today:

IMG_1791-2Yup. It’s Winter.

Today’s weather is…about 14 inches deep and 14 degrees Fahrenheit. This is not a black and white photo — it was just a black and white day. This was taken right after the snowplow guy did our driveway at 6:00 this morning. I’m not sure it helped much, and I’m truly grateful that I don’t have to go anyplace today!

(PS – He’s been back twice since and it looks much better now. I think we could get out if we had to!)

R is for…:


I believe this is a juvenile Cooper’s Hawk. He was perched in a pine in the back yard. Anyone who’s followed my blog for a while knows how I love my birds! I was really thrilled to see this one.


DSC_3662Decking the Halls

Christmas with its lights and colorful decorations is the perfect holiday for wintertime, especially on a day like this when the whole outdoor world is rendered in shades of black, white, and grey.


DSC_3669Spirits of Christmas Past

Sometimes, even for a grownup, a toy can bring joy. The other day I was browsing through a large display of stuffed animals in a store, picking up this one and that, thinking of various people who might like one. Suddenly I spotted this one, the only one of its kind on display. It looks so much like a dear little dog I used to have that it felt like a gift from her own sweet self. Now she sits on the shelf with my childhood books (we always got books for Christmas!), and I smile every time I see her.


DSC_3671Keep Calm and ….

Tea is soothing, warming, comforting, even healing. I love tea and always keep the makings close at hand.

That’s a wrap for this week. Have you tried Scavenger Hunt Sunday yet? It’s fun! Here’s the linkup for this week.

18 thoughts on “Snowy Scavenging: 12.15.13

  1. Wow! You got a lot of snow! We don’t have that much just cold and windy. I am so loving your new landscape that you are photographing. I can really feel the connect you have to this place. The stuffed dog is precious and you can never have too many books, especially childhood books.

  2. We got 14 inches? Wow. I didn’t watch the news, so I didn’t know what the count was. You seem to be taking it in stride much better than I am. Your new place looks so cozy. I love that you bought that little dog for yourself. How sweet.
    Now that you’ve been home and are settled and I’ve finished my damn class-it’s time. Let’s get together soon.

  3. Love the `not`B&W! But esp love your new pet doggy!!

  4. It is absolutely beautiful in your part of the world. Christmas card fantasy!!! Your snow looks like a canvas, gallery-wrap, tight and bright…..soon little birds will parade across it looking for berries. Your new little puppy is also very adorable, it wouldn’t occur to purchase something like this for myself, it is a very cool idea. Blessed holidays to you.

  5. Haha, I love how you clarified that the first photo wasn’t b/w. But, that ‘s what I love about the world when it’s blanketed with snow…pristine, white, gorgeousness :). Your photography is fantastic. Love the bookcase and the mantel shots.

  6. P.S. New follower 🙂

  7. Gorgeous photos. Green is lovely. I can’t believe how different all the weather photos are yours is by far the snowiest! Loving the bird beautiful creatures x

  8. pretty, pretty, pretty. I love being home during a storm. We didn’t get that much snow down here in MA.

  9. I too love these photos.

  10. You got more snow that we did, Lee, but I hope it’s not as cold there as it is here!
    It looks like we will most definitely have a white Christmas.

  11. Lovely photos, just love the first snowy shot!

  12. I’m not a fan of the cold, but the snow is beautiful, as is the house it’s snowing on. I also really like the picture of the raptor, good shot!

  13. It is definitve – you aren’t in California anymore 🙂

    Love your “black-and-white” that isn’t a black and white. Winter’s beauty! Love your new furry friend.

  14. You have great photos. I’d love to get that much snow here if we didn’t have to go anywhere. You ‘R’ shot is great. I never have my camera out when I see such things.

  15. The weather prompt was perfect for you this week! Love the raptor. How nice that you found that adorable little stuffed dog. Beautiful photography.

  16. Lovely photos for your prompts, Lee. My fave is the deck the halls — a classic image. Hope you are staying warm and cozy!

  17. A perfect indoor scavenger hunt. I especially appreciated the unintentionally, weather-driven monotone of your neighborhood.

    Nearly 10 years into our Florida experience, I must admit I gringe when I hear winter forecasts for other parts of the country–frigid temps in the upper Midwest states and way too much snow in New England. Definitely not for me, but I do appreciate that you and others embrace your environment.

  18. oh my goodness I can’t believe that snow!!! wow what a different world you live in from our heat here. Beautiful series of photographs.

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