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Photo-Heart Connection: December 2013


IMG_1917The Quiet Time

On a day very near the end of the year, I paid a visit to one of my favorite places, Laurel Hill Cemetery, for the first time since returning to Maine. We’d had a couple of good snowstorms by then, and I was suffering from a mild case of cabin fever. I’d intended to drive down to the beach to see what the snow looked like there — as a California native, I’m still bemused by the sight of snow on the beach. But the road to the beach passes by the cemetery, and on impulse I turned into the drive.

Most of the small lanes had been plowed, but fresh snow covered everything else. I saw only one or two sets of footprints leading off the road to a gravesite. It was very cold and very still. I stood for a long time beneath a tall tree, trying to locate the source of a quiet, intermittent tapping. A woodpecker, I thought, though I never could spot it. I saw a squirrel or two and heard, once, a flutter of wings and quick burst of birdsong.

At the edge of a hill sloping down to the river, someone had placed a wreath on a stake, just a simple circle of balsam twigs with a red bow, vivid against the black and white landscape. A remembrance, no doubt, though there was no headstone nearby nor any note attached.

I wandered along the narrow roadways for about an hour, breathing the clean, cold air and taking photos. The one above is of a spot I’ve visited often, though I’ve never seen it like this before. I love the dark evergreens, the latticework of leafless branches, the soft grey sky and pure white snow-covered ground, the river a shining sheet of ice in the background. I look at this image and I take a deep, relaxed breath, in and out, utterly at peace.

In a few months, this spot will look very different. The sky will be bright blue, the branches will be glowing with new, pale green leaves, and that entire slope will be blanketed with yellow and white daffodils. Hundreds of people will come to enjoy the sight, many of them to take photos of their own. I’ll be there then, too.

But for now, I will treasure this cold, fallow season, this quiet time, filling my heart with what is, as I wait for what is to come.

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19 thoughts on “Photo-Heart Connection: December 2013

  1. A wonderful photograph, and a perfect Photo-Heart Connection, Lee!

  2. I know right where you were standing. I’m glad you took a detour. That is a beautiful spot for contemplation-and I’m someone that’s not much of a contemplater.
    I’ll say again, I’m so glad you’re back in Maine. You totally belong here.

  3. I love the shot, Lee. Beautiful and it feels like a very special place.

  4. What a beautiful post! The image is gorgeous – makes me want to go there – and your words are equally lovely. So peaceful and reflective.

  5. It would be fun to take this shot in all four seasons. Love the quiet in cemeteries.

  6. This is such a beautiful post, image and words, as Jill says peaceful and reflective. A perfect PHC

  7. Such a beautiful view. I love how the line of pine trees draws my eye back farther toward the water. I could stand there a take a deep breath or two myself!

  8. Your words bring to life the quiet peacefulness you experienced on your snowy visit. I have seen the photos that you and Susan have shared of the hundreds of springtime daffodils that riot across these hills. It is good to see this place under its blanket of white – knowing what will burst forth in just a few months.

  9. Your image communicates a wonderful sense of peace, Lee. It sounds like a very special place, one that you know in all it’s seasons. A perfect photo-heart connection.

  10. Aren’t you glad when those sudden impulse stops bring such breath-taking moments! You’ve capture such a peaceful photo.

  11. A lovely image. I can really feel the quietness in the winter.

  12. It is nice to see a very popular place in spring in a different season – no daffodils but snow. I can imagine the daffodils if I like (and yes, I did that). Yours is a very calm photo that fits perfectly in this somehow slower season.

  13. What a gorgeous…peaceful winter image. I can see how it would speak to your heart!

  14. This sounds like a really lovely moment. so peaceful.

  15. winter… !! i dont have any winter season in my country 😦

  16. I agree, this is such a serene shot, looks os lovely

  17. Love the peace and stillness in this, and your words.

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