Sea Blue Lens

And Then the Sun Came Out


Last night before I went to bed, I took this shot through the window with my iPhone:

IMG_2414Snow Mountain 170/365

This morning when I woke up, the neighbors’ landscaping looked like frosted desserts.

DSC_4381Snow Cones

Others, including us, have icicles hanging from the eaves — very pretty, though not good for the house.

DSC_4382Pretty But Perilous

DSC_4441Like Icing On a Cake

These could be dangerous if they fell, except that our snow mountain prevents our getting anywhere near them.

The sky cleared as the sun rose.

DSC_4407Look Out Below

Sunshine came streaming in through the windows, pale at first . . .

DSC_4393Treasure Chest

. . . but gaining strength.

DSC_4414And Then the Sun Came Out 171/365

DSC_4408Showing Her Age

I love that you can see the texture of the wavy old glass in the shadow on the wall. I believe this fanlight is original to the house, which would make it over 200 years old. No wonder the glass is a bit saggy and wrinkled.


Interior corners were illuminated, like my cabinet of natural wonders.


White snow, blue sky, and sunshine are such a beautiful combination. Unfortunately, it didn’t last for long. In the afternoon, this happened:

IMG_2417What, Again?

and by evening it looked like this out back:

IMG_2452Yup, Again.

But that’s all right. There are compensations.

DSC_4455And life really is good.

20 thoughts on “And Then the Sun Came Out

  1. I love the peek into your beautiful home! Old glass is such a treasure! We don;t light to many fires out here in So. Cal. It looks dreamy! Nothing like a fire when there is snow on the ground 🙂

  2. New England is so beautiful in the Winter! Great shots, Lee!

  3. Great winter series, Leon! There is something magical about your first shot — just beautiful! That fanlight is very special — so good that you appreciate it and the wonderful way it lets the light into your home. I’m so glad that you are finding life really is good in your new home — that cozy fire is very inviting!

  4. Thank you for taking me along through you day – I enjoyed the story and the photos.

  5. If only the sun would stay longer. I hope we all get relief soon.

  6. What a simply glorious set of photos, thank you for sharing your beautiful day.

  7. Nice post…well, nice for the sun part and the cozy owl eye fire. Love the glass window shot in the hallway. I’m hoping hoping hoping for some melt today. The piles along my driveway are so high, there’s no place to put the snow anymore. Bet you’re in the same predicament. Happy sun, for as long as it lasts.

    ps-love that new header too.

  8. What beautiful scenes these are, Lee.
    You have so much wonderful light in your house, and isn’t it wonderful to see the sunshine??? 🙂
    Happy day to you!

  9. Yep. It looks exactly the same at my house. 🙂

  10. A lovely story in pictures! All of our white stuff is seriously melting right now, as we prepare for more in a few days. Love that fireplace and can imagine the warmth. I hope you are adjusting well to your new home.

  11. Love it. Thank you for the tour. You have a beautiful home…

  12. So beautiful! love the snowy shots.

  13. Wonderful, gorgeous, creative photos and the White House charm is beyond perfect.
    Loved . . .
    Your white wonderland looks like mine . . . could it be Michigan, Indiana, Illinois . . .

  14. Lovely post…it all looks so pretty and that fire is so inviting and cosy. Stay warm. 🙂

  15. I loved following along with your day – and seeing how very much there is for one single day to encompass. You have captured the beauty of snow and winter and the joys of being indoors, warm and cozy.

  16. Seeing your lovely photos I’m almost wishing we’d had a snowfall this winter but nothings arrived so far!

  17. I feel as though I just shared a day with you. So many evocative shots. Especially love Treasure Chest and Life is Good… The owls!

  18. Your New England snow looks about like my CO snow! I’d imagine the Eastern ski areas are having a good season. I love the owl andirons. PS I had so much fun playing with Waterlogue yesterday! Thanks for the tip!

  19. So beautiful when the sun is shining on the winter landscape. You captured some magic pictures. I hope you like snow!

  20. Very nice compensations, I’d say!

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